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Lunar Phenomenons Coincide for Rare Event

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

All around the world, people will be able to witness the Moon go through four phenomena all on the day Jan 31 in a special event known as the Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. This strange event has not occurred in one hundred and fifty years.

As the name suggests, the Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is the time when a Super-moon, a Blue moon, a Blood moon, and a Lunar Eclipse all happen within the same day, and on the 31 they happened at the same time.

The Super-moon, is a phenomenon when the moon looks very large in the sky, coinciding with the moon being the closest it can get to Earth with the occurrence of a new or full moon. The Blue moon is the second phenomenon by which the moon appears to have a bluish tint due to dust or smoke in the air. The Blood moon is the third phenomenon and it happens when the moon, in total eclipse looks to be red in its color as it illuminates by the sunlight, which is then filtered and arched to the Earth. Since the Blue moon and Blood moon occurred at the same time, the large moon, created by the Super-moon, had a bright orange look to it.

The final phenomenon was the eclipse which occurs when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, and on the 31, it was in darkness for one and a quarter hour.

Washington, being in the west, gave the perfect opportunity for people to witness this phenomenon, however, it was quite cloudy the night of the Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. “For the (continental) U.S., the viewing will be best in the West,” Gordon Johnston said, program executive and lunar blogger at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Set your alarm early and go out and take a look.”

Yemen Faces Humanitarian Crisis

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

The Republic of Yemen, is a country in the southern part of the Middle East near the Arabian Peninsula. The people of Yemen have been going through some harsh and terrifying situations recently. This is not only due to the actions of Saudi Arabia, but also due to the funding of The United States of America.

Saudi Arabia created a blockade that has made it nearly impossible for food and water to get to the civilians of Yemen. The blockade has halted humanitarian aid from reaching the people of Yemen. Because of this, the people of Yemen are starving.

Not only has Saudi Arabia been starving Yemen, they have also caused the worst outbreak of cholera in modern history and they are having a civil war with Yemen. Ever since 2014, when Houthi rebels of Yemen took control of the capital Sanaa, the military campaign has caused much suffering in Yemen.

Here is where the US comes in. During his presidency, Barack Obama decided to help Saudi Arabia with their civil war and start funding them. However, during his final days, President Obama did show some resentment by funding the war by stopping some intelligence sharing and postponing a key arms deal. However, since President Trump has come into office, he has been serious about funding Saudi Arabia’s war. Now there is more funding, arms, and logistical support going to Saudi Arabia. The war with Saudi Arabia has caused the deaths of over 5,000 deaths in Yemen.

While the war is hurting Yemen greatly, the blockade could be worse. Due to the blockade 80 percent of Yemen’s population has no access to food. The United Nations have estimated that 7 million out of the 28 million people in Yemen are facing famine. “That blockade has been partially wound down but not fully wound down. It needs to be fully wound down if we are to avoid an atrocious humanitarian tragedy involving the loss of millions of lives, the like of which the world has not seen for many decades,” said U.N. humanitarian affairs chief Mark Lowcock.

If the funding doesn’t stop, if the war doesn’t stop, and if the blockade doesn’t get removed, the people of Yemen have some painful times ahead of them.

Winter Wishes Promotes Kindness During December

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

Winter Wishes is an event held by Mr. Kaas’ 4th period leadership class. Winter Wishes is an event in which teachers and students from our school can make a wish to get a present for another Kentlake student or another Kentlake staff member. A select few of the students from Mr. Kaas’ leadership class work on the Winter Wishes program. The project leaders are Taeya Thompson & Gunner Ellsworth. To get someone a gift you had to fill out a “Wish List” form attached to the e-mail sent by Mr. Kass.

Now what is the point of the Winter Wishes program? When asked this question the kids in charge on the program all agreed on what it was all about. They all agreed that the point of Winter Wishes was to just think about the people you like and care for. It’s your chance to give them an opportunity to get something they like. It’s a reminder of thoughtfulness and helping out people in need.

How are the gifts for Winter Wishes payed for? When asked this question, project leader Taeya Thompson responded. “We pay for the wishes using leadership funds and sometimes we pay for the wishes out of our own pockets.”

The craziest wish the leadership class received was by, math teacher, Rick Chance. Taeya Thompson said “Mr. Chance wished for three kids to receive blow driers but instead of an actual blow drier, balloons. Chance said you would have to inflate the balloons and release it on their hair. It was a very unique but weird wish.”

The gifts were set to be delivered by the second week of Dec. depending on when the start shopping for the gifts. If you have not received your gift yet, all gifts will be delivered by the fifteenth of Dec.

The Snowman, A Chillingly Awful Movie

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

The movie, The Snowman is about a crazed serial killer who is obsessed with snowmen and the detective determined to stop him. The Snowman horrified the world with its presence on Oct. 20 and has been making viewers wish it did not exist ever since. Directed by Tomas Alfredson, this movie features Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Val Kilmer, and J.K. Simmons who should be sad because of this awful movie.

The story takes place in Oslo, a very cold city in Norway, which follows Harry Hole (played by Fassbender), a divorced detective as he sleeps on the streets because his house is being de-molded and he’s a drunk. When he returns to work, he meets a new detective named Katrine Bratt (played by Ferguson). After reports of a missing woman come up, Hole and Bratt team up to go investigate. They arrive at the scene and investigate, asking questions to the daughter of the woman and the person who reported her missing. Strangely at the crime stands a frowning snowman. Later more reports come in on another missing woman, however, when they arrive at the scene, the woman is there in a chicken coop. They leave and then get another call that the same woman is missing, they go back to investigate. The run to the chicken coop to find the woman beheaded. Hole then looks around for the head and finds it in a hole attached to the body of a snowman. Bratt then suspects that the snowman is a lunatic doctor who she saw assaulting a woman. She arrives at his house only to find him and the original missing woman dead. Hole then speaks to the original missing woman’s husband where he gives him the final piece to figure out the snowman.

The reason that this movie does not work is because it is all over the place. The movie constantly throws you everywhere, to the present, back in time, to a random party, and back to the present again. The parties few purposes were for loud music to cover up the screams of a murder, to give Bratt a reason to speculate that the doctor was a murder, and to have J.K. Simmons in the movie. Halfway through the movie, Bratt stated that they were getting close to figuring out the snowman even though all that they have done was get leads that end up being nothing and establishing that the snowman was the murderer. The flashback made no sense at all. It only showed past experiences of a detective’s experience with the Snowman that didn’t help them at all.

The only acceptable parts of The Snowman were that the music was good, the scenery was nice, and the way the explained the murderer made sense. However, this movie was not worth money and time. The title was boring, stupid, and barely had a plot. There was only five other people in the theatre and at one-point snoring could be heard. In the end The Snowman just couldn’t live up to what it wanted to be, a good movie.

Mosque Attack Devastates Sinai Region of Egypt

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

Sinai is a triangular peninsula in Egypt that lies between Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea. On Nov. 24, during daily prayers in an Egyptian mosque in Sinai, tragedy struck. In the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Egypt and one of the largest attacks worldwide, 305 people were killed and 125 were injured in a town with a population of roughly 800 people. The mosque of the attack had people in it who were praying for Sufism.

According to The New York Times, the Militants detonated a bomb inside the mosque and then unloaded a barrage of gunfire as the people fled. There were believed to be anywhere from 25 to 30 militants that executed the attack. The reportedly shot at cars to prevent people from getting away and even shot at ambulances.

CNN has stated while no group has claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack, the militants was reportedly carrying ISIS flags. People across the world were shocked by the militants’ choice of target. Not just because it was in a mosque but because the militants targeted Muslims. Experts believe that ISIS sees Sufism as a “mystical” form of Islam, or in other words, a “threat” to Islam.

The mosque has put Egypt on the edge. They have decided to take actions on those who have done them wrong. The Egyptian military has ordered airstrikes on militants fleeing the town. The President of Egypt did respond to this terrorist attack by promising to avenge those who perished that day by using what he calls “brute force”. He also restated that only he can guarantee Egypt’s safety. President Trump also responded to the attack, tweeting that the attack was “tragic”. Trump also used the attack as a chance to promote the border wall and travel ban tweeting: “We have to get TOUGHER AND SMARTER than ever before.”

Daisy Definitely Pulls it Off

by Taylor Bailey – Cartoonist

“Daisy Pulls It Off” is the story of a girl named Daisy Meredith who has been accepted into the private school of her dreams, Grangewood. After learning about a secret treasure hidden within the building, Daisy and her new friend Trixie Martin head off to find it.

Drama opened the play “Daisy Pulls It Off” Nov. 9. The plays Facility Director was English teacher, Sarah Wilson and its Facility Technical Director was math teacher, Alex Chopyak. The play featured actors Robyn Janssen, Hannah Williams, Lindsay Campbell, Hailee Stedman, Cade Rae, Anna Hartman, and Eden Daus in the cast.

Janssen did an amazing job as the role of Daisy. She put so much expression into her character that the audience could always tell she was having a good time acting. She had a great and powerful singing voice as well. Likewise, Williams was fantastic in her role as Trixie. She was so exuberant, always bouncing around the stage, and was “uncommonly” funny. Campbell (Sybil Burlington) and Stedman (Monica Smithers), were authentically villainous. Each put a lot of effort into hating Daisy and Trixie. Rae (Clare Beaumont) and Daus (Alice Fitzpatrick) and the rest of the phenomenal supporting cast really brought life to the show. The Kentlake set construction and crew brought the sight, sound and artistic realism of the play to its full potential. Their hard work certainly did not go unnoticed.

This play was an absolute blast. It was full of funny moments that had the entire audience laughing. It also had a few sentimental moments in it as well which was a good break from all the jokes. The only “bad” parts of the play were when it ran a bit slow, which wasn’t often, and that the twist at the end about Daisy’s dad didn’t make sense. The actors rarely slipped up when speaking their lines which shows they put a lot of effort into learning them. When the characters would step out frame and introduce themselves, characters in the background would have to freeze, and they all did a really good job at that.

“Daisy Pulls It Off” was a spectacular play. I highly recommend that you attend. The actors, the crew, the directors, and all of Kentlake High School Drama poured their heart and soul into this play.

By the time this article comes out, you will have two days to see the show: Nov. 17 and 18.

Freshman Retreat Evokes Mixed Emotions

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

The Freshman Retreat took place on Sept. 21 at Kentlake High School instead of Lake Retreat. The goal was for freshman to get to know each other, the staff, and the school. When students went to school that day, they first got into groups and took role. Freshman were then sent to the Preforming Arts Center for presentations on the Core values of a Falcon. They also listened to older student’s experiences at Kentlake. After that some students left to play games while the other students stayed and made a chant. Next, they had lunch and were sent back to the P.A.C. There they listened to more inspirational speeches and a pep rally. At the end, they were dismissed to go home. On their way out the got free shirts.

At first reactions to the retreat were mixed. Some freshman thought that the retreat was great, and some freshman thought it was terrible.

When asked if he enjoyed the retreat, Connor Runyon said, “No, all the games were just awkward ice breakers.” Then he said what was ironic was that, the day before the freshman retreat, Mrs. Pizzalato assured all freshmen that the games were not going to be just “ice breakers.” Pizzalato said, “I tried to warn everybody beforehand because I had talked to them in homeroom the day before and I told them the retreat is what you make of it.” While there were students who disliked the retreat, they did say that it had one redeeming quality: the free t-shirt.

Other students enjoyed the retreat. One of the main reasons student found the day enjoyable was because they liked their group members. Blue Woods said, “I enjoyed the retreat because I had fun with my friends and the leader was fun.” Additionally, Gavin Nicholson said, “Yes, [I had fun] because my group was really cool and made it fun.”

A big part of the freshman retreat is the games. Although all the games were popular, the one that everyone seems to love the most, was the sculpture building where students were supposed to choose a core value and represent it by building a sculpture. Students liked it because they had fun doing it with their friends, because they won, and because they thought it was funny. Adam Laws said, “My favorite event was the art activity because we made some cool artistic stuff with some junk.”

Another activity was the scavenger hunt which was an activity designed to help students know where things are located around the school. Gavin Nicholson said, “My favorite was the scavenger hunt because it was funny because of my teacher.” The gift activity was also one freshman liked. In the gift activity, freshman sat in a circle and nominated people to receive a gift, however, nobody knew what the gift was.

While students’ reactions were mixed, teachers thought the event was an overall success. Science teacher, Jessica Pizzalato said, “Actually, I thought it went really well, obviously it’s a loss to not be at Lake Retreat anymore, but having all the students in one day made it actually easier to feel like we could just go all out and have fun for one big day, rather than having it separated into two days.”