• Madison Marko
  • Social Media Should Be Shunned

    by Madison Marko  – Head Photographer I am going to have to side with the adults on this one.   Since January, my life has been devoid of Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook—and I like it. It was not like a crazy New Years’ resolution or anything, I just decided I needed a break from the constant, exhausting, life-eating pressures of media consumption.  Whenever you open a social media app, you are […]

  • Madison Marko
  • Leizlyn Nicolas Places First

    by Madison Marko – Head Photographer One state fair and a film picture later, Leizllyn Nicolas (11) found herself with a category win in the Washington State High School Photo Competition. Nicolas won the Traditional Black and White category.   The contest, open to all Washington state high school students, received 3,914 entries from 66 schools across the state. Photos were judged based on artistic expression, […]

  • Elijah Monuteaux
  • ASL Music Project Proves to be A Success

    by Elijah Monuteaux – Staff Writer All the American Sign Language students take part in a yearly event called the “ASL Music Project.” All these hard-working persons work hard to prepare accordingly to perform their songs perfectly. It is taken very seriously by some, while on the other hand it is viewed as a more exciting, social experience by others. Either way it […]

  • Entertainment
  • Deadpool 2 Tops Box Office

    by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer The second coming graced the Earth on May 18, in the form of the thrilling sequel, Deadpool 2. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hildebrand, Shiori Kutsuna, and the voice talents of Stefan Kapičić as the Russian iron giant, Colossus.  After an opening montage of Deadpool, Reynolds, […]

  • Elizabeth Gerken
  • Tony Awards Nominations

    by Elizabeth Gerken – Cartoonist The Tony awards are the pinnacle of achievement in the theater world. Actors, designers, directors, technicians and writers all competing for the coveted trophies. On Tuesday, May first, Leslie Odom Jr. and Catherine McPhee announced the nominees for the 72nd annual tony awards and the internet has already taken to predicting the […]