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Flu Claims 150 Lives in Washington

by Nolan James – Staff Writer

People are dying from the flu. Over 150 people have died so far from the illness in Washington State alone. While the reports are constantly being updated, the last data published was from Feb. 3, in which there were 151 reported deaths from the influenza virus, according to the Washington State Department of Health.

According to this report, of the 151 individuals, no one between the ages of five and 24 have died from the virus. Nearly 80 percent of the individuals who have died were of the age group 65 and above, but officials say the disease can still be a threat to younger people, especially infants. Since 2010, in Washington, over 800 flu deaths have occurred.

Officials at the Washington State Department of Health state that the best way to protect yourself from disease is by getting vaccinated. However, in recent years vaccinations have become rather controversial. In regard to this controversy, The Department of Health has claimed, “hundreds of millions of Americans have safely received flu vaccines over the past 50 years, and there has been extensive research supporting the safety of flu vaccines.”

Despite this claim, many individuals claim that vaccination can have damaging side effects. However, according to the Department of Health, the only side effects of the flu vaccine are that of “any medical product”, and can cause “soreness, redness, and/or swelling from the shot, headache, fever, nausea, muscle aches,” and sometimes fainting. They also mention, however, that a nerve-damaging disease, Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), has been connected to the vaccine, though “fewer than 1 or 2 cases of GBS per one million people vaccinated” have been proven, and GBS “also, rarely, occurs after the flu illness.”

The Department of Health did give symptoms to look for, such as “a high fever, behavior changes, or signs of a severe allergic reaction.” They also said that “life threatening allergic

reactions to the flu shot are rare. These signs would most likely happen within a few minutes to a few hours after the vaccine is given.” Another worry addressed is that of whether the vaccine can give you the flu, which the Department of Health claims it cannot. They also say that anyone past 6 months of age should get an annual flu shot.

If cost is an issue, the vaccination is also free for children 18 and under. Other ways to protect yourself and others, according to the Department of Health, is to “covering you cough/proper hand washing and staying home from school or work when you are sick.”

Different But the Same, Celebrating Culture

by Nolan James – Copy Editor

Kentlake hosted its third annual Culture Night on Thursday, Jan 11, and, like last year, it proved rather successful. While there was lower attendance and less booths represented, Culture Night was a fun event with plenty of activities and food. And it was all free, too, so that everyone has the chance to experience others’ cultures.

There were a lot of stands representing a plethora of cultures, from the Pacific Islands to Cambodia. Each booth had different activities and/or food. Cambodia features a guessing game with melon candy. In the game, there are different spots, each with a picture on it, and you place the candy on one of the spots. The attendant rolls a couple of dice, and if they show the picture you put the candy on, you get the candy. They also had fried rice there to sample.

Cambodia wasn’t the only country with fried rice; Vietnam had different rice, as well as a game. In the game, roughly translated to “cover eyes and catch goat,” in which everyone stands in a circle and one person is blindfolded. That person tries to catch someone, and once they do they have to guess their gender and then name. The attendant, Mai Le, mentioned how it was interesting to learn some of the similarities between her culture and some of the others. “Culture Night today is really fun. I learned a lot of things about other cultures, and some of the cultures have similar games but a different story,” said Le.

One of the other cultures she was talking about seemed to have been Germany. The attendant for Germany, staff member Christina Bovee, mentioned the similarities. “I think it’s interesting because you have different people, different experiences, and you can share those experiences,” said Bovee, mentioning that she talked to Le and found out their cultures have similar lantern festivals. The Germany booth contained a lot of information of the country, which Bovee grew up in.

Throughout the night, there were different performances/activities featured in the middle of the commons. Le’s Vietnamese blindfolded tag was the last of them. The orchestra played at 6:30, and the Pacific Islanders performed a dance at 7:20, followed by the band playing at 7:30.

The Pacific Islanders had a very full booth. They had a lot of traditional food. The food there was Musibi, pajipopo, coco rice, lumpia, pineapples, chop suey, guava cake and bananas. One of the attendants, Kyra McFarland, seemed to enjoy the festival. “I like being able to share my culture with everyone and share out food because it is a big part of our culture,” she said. She also mentioned that they should have it on a day with less activities, as there was a wrestling game going on in the Gymnasium.

Another booth with a lot of activities was Japan. It was their first year participating, and the Japanese teacher, Kei Tsukamaki, said about Culture Night that “it’s a great way for students to share part of their identity that maybe we wouldn’t see otherwise.” She also mentioned that “it would be great to see more students be able to come and enjoy the event.” Japan featured traditional basket-making, origami-making, and the rice food onigiri.

There were a lot more cultures beside that. The Bahamas featured a fishing game, where the prize was Twizzlers, and Mexico featured a game and Mexican food. If you want to experience Culture Night for yourself, you’ll have to go next year. Culture Night wasn’t as big as last year, which was a bit disappointing because it’s a great event. Hopefully it can be made a bigger event next year, and attendance can be higher. Those of us who attended seemed to enjoy the event a lot. The food was good, and the cultures were interesting to hear about. It’s one of the best traditions we have at Kentlake, and we can only hope it will continue to be a tradition here for years to come.

Keystone Pipeline Causes Major Controversy

by Nolan James – Staff Writer

The construction of the Keystone Pipeline XL has caused much controversy in recent times. The Keystone Pipeline already has three major constructions, built by TransCanada, and a fourth has been in the works for many years now. The plans, passed by the House and Senate in 2015, was later vetoed by President Obama, and the Senate failed to override him. However, during his first few days of presidency, Donald Trump decided to go forward with the plans to build the fourth phase, the Keystone Pipeline XL.

The Keystone Pipeline XL is a proposed project for a 36-inch diameter crude oil pipeline extending from Hardisty, Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska, according to TransCanada’s main website. There are many who oppose and many who support the construction of the pipeline, with arguments on both sides. The major group upset with the construction of the pipeline are environmentalists, who believe that the pipeline could potentially lead to much environmental damage and increased climate change.

The first issue environmentalists have is the potential spills of the pipeline. There are many different estimations for the potential spills, which include Dr. John Stanbury of the University of Nebraska, who estimates that the pipeline will have “91 significant spills over the pipeline’s operational lifetime” as opposed to TransCanada’s estimate of “11 significant spills […] over 50 years.”

Dr. Stanbury also claims that the potential damage on the surrounding areas could be devastating. “Contaminants from a release at the Missouri or Yellowstone River crossing would enter Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota where they would adversely affect drinking water intakes, aquatic wildlife, and recreation. Contaminants from a spill at the Platte River crossing would travel downstream unabated into the Missouri River for several hundred miles affecting drinking water intakes for hundreds of thousands of people […] as well as aquatic habitats and recreational activities.”

The second point of contention is global warming. Many environmentalists believe that the pipeline could potentially contribute to climate change and pollution. While even the existence of global warming and humans’ contributions are heavily debated topics, the government has concluded that the pipeline will have “carbon emissions (equal to) less than 1 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States,” according to the New York Times. However, when President Obama was considering the construction of the pipeline, the EPA concluded that “construction of the pipeline is projected to change the economics of oil sands development and result in increased oil sands production, and the accompanying greenhouse gas emissions, over what would otherwise occur.”

Environmentalists aren’t the only people upset by the potential construction of the pipeline, however. Many Native Americans protest the construction of the pipeline for its potential to leak into sacred territory. A few Native Americans have actively protested the construction of the pipeline. A story by the Huffington Post detailed the story of a group of Native Americans who set up teepees near the planned construction sites. They interviewed archaeological monitor Keith Fielder, who claimed that “the pipeline threatens culturally sacred lands.”

One of the major draws of the construction of Keystone Pipeline XL was the jobs it would create. TransCanada predicted that the construction of the pipeline would create 20,000 jobs – 13,000 in construction and 7,000 in manufacturing. However, the State Department has

estimated that only 3,900 jobs in manufacturing would be created, and that only 35 permanent jobs would ultimately be created, according to the New York Times.

Another obstacle has arisen in the construction of the pipeline. One of the other three constructions spilled, according to CNN, a total of 210 thousand gallons of oil. The pipeline was shut down immediately. Brian Walsh, who spoke on behalf of South Dakota’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources, claimed that “there were no initial reports of the oil spill affecting waterways, water systems, or wildlife.”

The pipeline has generally been positively received by the public. Polls such as that of Washington Post, CBS, the Pew Center, and USA Today show that the public generally approves of the construction of the pipeline. However, the most recent survey by the Pew Center, taken in February of 2017, showed that its popularity has dropped, with 42% for and 48% against. The Keystone Pipeline XL has had a lot of obstacles preventing its construction, and much controversy surrounding it, so it still is undeterminable whether it will be built or not.

Netflix Releases Well-Received Stranger Things 2

by Nolan James – Staff Writer

Stranger Things 2 was finally released on Oct 27, something many people are happy about. Stranger Things was a very popular eight-episode long Netflix program, and many fans were waiting for the release of its sequel. Expectations were high, and Stranger Things 2, luckily, did not disappoint.

Stranger Things 2 follows four friends named Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson, a close group of nerdy boys who go through weird supernatural events. In Stranger Things, Will goes missing and his friends and family, along with Police Officer Jim Hopper, spend the whole season looking for him. Along the way, they meet a mysterious girl with strange psychic powers called “Eleven”, who has weird ties to Will’s disappearance. This leads to a fight against evil creatures that exist in a parallel dimension known as the “Upside Down”.

In this season Will is back and part of the actual cast. The other characters are all very developed and likable, and Will was barely featured. Stranger Things 2 does a good job developing his character and making him a permanent part of the cast.

The other characters mostly do a great job, some even improving over the last season. Lucas featured the most improvement, as he spent the majority of the first season complaining about what was happening. He now has more motives, including a romantic interest, Max Mayfield.

Max, a new character, starts out as a bland romantic interest for the boys, but over the season she gains a lot of interesting and tragic development around her abusive stepbrother. Though she may be a likable character, except for fighting alongside the boys at the end, she

does not serve much purpose except to develop Eleven’s and Mike’s relationship, as Mike fears that she will replace Eleven in their group.

At the end of Stranger Things, Eleven disappeared into the Upside Down, leaving Mike heartbroken. It had been hinted at that she had managed to escape at the end of the season, which turned out to be true. She, however, spends most of Stranger Things 2 away from the boys, instead living in a cabin with Hopper, hiding from the public, which drags on rather long.

Most of the other characters are still just as good as they were in the first season. Dustin develops a friendship with Steve, Mike’s sister’s ex-boyfriend who helped them fight the creatures in season one, which works surprisingly well at adding depth to the two.

Probably the highlight character of the season was Hopper, who also did a great job in the first season. With Eleven not serving much of a role in this season, however, Hopper steals the spotlight with his parental role over Eleven and willingness to risk his life for the people of the town.

This season features the return of the creatures through Will, who sometimes fades into the Upside Down for short periods of time. In an Exorcist-like plot, a giant shadow creature possesses Will. This allows Will to see into their lair, but also allows them to see through his eyes. The characters must find a way to get the creature out of Will and seal the portal between the dimensions once and for all.

This story, while interesting, doesn’t feel quite as desperate and shocking as the first’s, though it’s still shrouded in mystery and is likely to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. In this season, there are nine episodes, one more than the previous season. Eight of them are good.

Sadly, episode seven was rather poorly written, and was overly similar to X-Men: First Class at times with its story. Introducing new characters, one of whom was well-written and likable, the episode features Eleven going to find her sister Kali, who had similar powers as hers. After the cliffhanger sixth-episode, episode seven is the definition of a filler episode. It had nothing to do with the main story and doesn’t progress it in any way except Eleven being convinced to go and help the boys with the creatures.

While this episode is not very good, there are still eight great episodes that fill up a mostly great season. While it’s comparable to the first, the first season is better, but only marginally due to its shock value and lack of filler episodes. This season is a must-watch for fans of the first, and any fan of mystery-thrillers and science-fiction should look no further than this series: they likely will not be disappointed.

Stephen King’s It Becomes Surprising Classic Horror Film

by Nolan James – Staff Writer

An unexpected hit, the new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel “It” was released Sept. 8, and has since broken many box-office records, now holding the record for the largest opening weekend in September. “It” (2017) is a horror/coming-of-age movie, and is one of the best King adaptations.

“It” is about a group of children called the “Losers’ Club,” who discover their town has been haunted by a great evil for decades, and they decide to fight back against it. This evil takes the form of many frightening creatures, but it most prominently appears as a clown known as “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” or “It”. Portrayed by Bill Skarsgård, Pennywise is a frightening villain and stands out as one of the many great performances in this movie.

While Pennywise is a great villain, the other villains, the bullies, are not. While the leader, Henry Bowers, is slightly more developed than most other typical movie bullies, the group is, for the most part, clichéd characters.

The main character, Bill Denbrough, is the stuttering leader of the Losers’ Club who loses his younger brother to “It” at the beginning of the film. Though Jaeden Lieberher does a good job playing the character, Bill’s refusal to accept his brother’s death, which was not part of the original novel, did not work well, and ultimately made an almost interesting character rather annoying.

Easily the best characters in the film are Beverly Marsh, who is probably the most tragic character, Richie Tozier, the most comedic of the characters, and Eddie Kasbrak, who suffers from hypochondria and an overbearing mother. All these characters are likable, and have developed personalities and story arcs, and though all the characters are good, these three are really the standouts of the movie.

The other members of the Losers’ Club are Stan Uris, Ben Hanscom and Mike Hanlon, and while they all have their personalities and backstories, have much less screen time than the others, and are much more forgettable.

While the children and their stories are interesting, fulfilling the coming-of-age part, the movie falls short in the horror section. While there are generally scary moments, and the movie does build up suspense well, its overreliance on jump-scares is quite disappointing, making few memorable scares.

The horror-aspect may not be that well done, but the imagery is. There are many creepy creatures that “It” takes the form of, all of which are interesting and well-designed creatures, such as a creepy lady in a painting that haunts Stan. The sets were also, at times, atmospheric and haunting, and created a sense of dread that worked to the movie’s advantage.

There are other problems with the movie. Bill’s dad’s only appearance is strangely over-the-top, and there are a few aspects that seem to have been left unexplained, such as the adults’ obliviousness to the creature. For the most part, however, “It” was done right, and was overall a successful adaptation of the first half of the classic novel.

Top Three Greatest Sci-Fi Films of All Time

by Nolan James – Staff Reporter


“2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) – An absolute masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick, “2001: A Space Odyssey” defined science fiction for all films of the genre released after it. 2001: A Space Odyssey stars Kier Dullea and Gary Lockwood, who play David Bowman and Frank Poole, astronauts aboard the Discovery One, a spaceship bound for Jupiter, along with a crew of astronauts in cryogenic sleep. The ship is controlled by artificial intelligence HAL 9000, who the crew affectionately refer to as “Hal.” HAL, however, soon starts malfunctioning, leading Bowman and Poole to decide to shut HAL off. Unbeknownst to them, however, HAL reads their lips, and starts terminating the crew in panic. Bowman soon finds out that HAL has been keeping their true mission a secret to them that their mission is to find and research a strange black monolith that has appeared multiple times throughout history. With a complex story chockfull of symbolism, and revolutionary graphics that are better than that of most modern movies, if any movie is to be selected to represent the science fiction genre, it should be “2001.”

blade runner
“Blade Runner” (1982) – The king of the cyberpunk genre, “Blade Runner” is a phenomenal science fiction movie directed by Ridley Scott, who also directed the famous Sci-Fi-Horror movie “Alien”. “Blade Runner” stars Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, an ex-bounty hunter who killed androids for a living. The movie takes place in Los Angeles in 2019 in a gritty, polluted world overrun with poverty. Androids, or “replicants,” as they are called, have been forbidden from living on earth, and are forced to migrate to Mars. Deckard is hired to kill, or “retire,” four rogue replicants who have come to earth. “Blade Runner” has a very morally complex story, dealing with themes of what it truly means to be human, as Deckard begins to question whether androids really are just machines that he should be able to retire, and the replicants try to find a way to extend their four-year life span. There are many different versions to watch, the best of which are probably the Director’s Cut and Final Cut, due to the many changes the studio forced Ridley Scott to make. No matter which version you watch, though, “Blade Runner” still proves one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time.

star wars
“Star Wars” (1977) – While some may point to this film’s sequel, “The Empire Strikes Back,” as the superior film, which is probably true, there’s no movie that has had as much of an impact as the original “Star Wars,” especially within the Sci-Fi genre. “Star Wars” features a memorable cast of characters, most of whom have become cultural icons, and a classic, albeit rather clichéd, story about a rebellion fighting back against the tyrannical Empire. While the movie’s writing and dialogue is rather dated and corny, “Star Wars” was a milestone for the Sci-Fi genre. It has a detailed, creative world and impressive visual effects, standards for any great science fiction movie. “Star Wars” is definitely amongst the great classic movies.

“Ghost in the Shell” Disappoints Audiences With Poor Attempt to Recreate Original Movie and Manga


by Nolan James – Staff Reporter

“Ghost in the Shell,” released on Mar 31, is a remake of the beloved Japanese animated movie and manga. The original “Ghost in the Shell” is famous for its complex and morally ambiguous story. This new movie, directed by Rupert Sanders, spits in the face of the original story with its dumbed-down and clichéd plot, adding another movie to the cyberpunk genre that does not contribute anything new.
“Ghost in the Shell” stars Scarlett Johansson as Major Mira Killian, a cyborg police officer trying to stop a criminal who hacks into the brains of people. However, the Major learns that the criminal is another cyborg like herself, and was the prototype cyborg discarded as a failure.
The Major soon learns of her past life, and that the government had taken her against her will and turned her into a cyborg weapon. This is not part of the original movie, nor should it be. The whole ‘turned into a weapon by the government’ cliché has been used to death by other movies in the cyberpunk genre, and is, unfortunately, the major focus of this movie.
While the story still falls short of the original movie, it is not all bad. There are a lot of touching, emotional moments that tug at the heart, like the Major visiting her mother from her past life, and all of the throwbacks to the original movie are fun to see when they occur.
One thing that this movie was definitely missing, however, was the legendary soundtrack from the original movie. While part of the original’s haunting soundtrack plays during the end credits, the movie itself was filled with bland action-movie music. It did not stand out at all, to say the least.
As far as it goes for the actors, they mostly did a decent job. Scarlet Johansson stood out the most, half of the time portraying the emotionless cyborg perfectly. Sadly, however, the Major had more emotional moments than in the original, so Johansson’s typical robotic acting stood out as awkward during those scenes.
One of the main aspects of a cyberpunk movie is the futuristic world, which, sadly, was not great in this movie. The design team threw too much in, so the world ended up too detailed to be realistic. With so much futuristic technology, the world was distracting instead of awe-inspiring like other films’ worlds in the genre.
The rest of the movie was not very interesting. The graphics were decent, but were not anything special, and the cinematography did not stand out at all. The majority of the movie felt this way, uninteresting and overall bland.
“Ghost in the Shell” showed a lot of potential, with the first act seemingly focusing on the dangers of technology, as people with robotic attachments were hacked by a terrorist. However, the movie instead decided to focus on the government using people as weapons, which does not leave much of an impact.
The movie was a failed attempt to recreate a classic story, trying too hard to be like other movies in the genre instead of like the original. Because of this, just another cyberpunk movie was born rather than anything significant or worthwhile. At the very least, there will always be the original movie to go back and watch time and time again.

Top Three Comic-Book to Film Adaptations

by Nolan James – Staff Reporter


“The Dark Knight” – “The Dark Knight” is the film that has defined this century’s cinema, apart from the “Lord of the Rings” series. The movie was an instant hit, and received critical acclaim for its dark, complex story and characters. It features an award-winning performance from Heath Ledger as The Joker, who is trying to spread chaos over the city of Gotham, as Batman, played by Christian Bale, attempts to stop him. The movie is a dark tale, with shocking character deaths and complex morals. Two-Face is a serious and dark character in this movie, quite unlike that other movie, with a deeply tragic backstory. The movie went out of its way to be one of the best comic book movies ever, proving that “DC,” at least at the time, could hold out against “Marvel.”


“Spider-Man 2” – Spider-Man is probably the most popular “Marvel” character of all time, so it makes sense that one of his movies would be within the top three. Directed by Sam Raimi, this sequel greatly improved upon the original, and focuses on deep themes about the complications of being a superhero. In the movie, Peter Parker struggles to balance his personal life and his alter ego’s life, ultimately damaging both. He ultimately decides to quit being Spider-Man, and focus instead on his personal life. However, complications arise, as the villainous Doc Ock starts killing people. “Spider-Man 2” ultimately deserves its place among the best sequels ever. Sam Raimi is very good at doing that.

iron man

“Iron Man” – Iron Man is the first movie in “Marvel’s” Cinematic Universe, and is probably the greatest, though “The Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” are close.  The movie stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, who basically defined the role, giving probably his greatest performance.  The movie is about Tony Stark, who is injured greatly while attacking Afghanistan with a new type of rocket he created.  After this, Stark builds a suit and becomes the superhero known as Iron Man, while trying to stop a villain named Obadiah Stane from taking his technology.  The movie is expertly done, and features great performances from its actors, as well as having a great sense of comedy, placing it on this list.

The Top Three Action Packed Films

by Nolan James – Staff Reporter

die hard

3. Die Hard (1988) – A huge pioneer for the action genre was Die Hard, an impressive film with an engaging story and relentless action. Taking the genre more seriously than previous action films, Die Hard spawned a long and profitable series, but the first film still stands out as the best. The film boasts a running time of well over two hours, which was very uncommon for action movies at the time, but the movie never lets up and keeps the viewer on their feet throughout. Die Hard stars Bruce Willis as a cop against the terrorist Hans Gruber, played by the recently deceased Alan Rickman, who has taken over the Nakatomi corporation tower. The film has aged remarkably well and remains a classic action film, and a very re-watchable one at that.


2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) – One of the most important films of all time with its groundbreaking CGI effects, T2: Judgment Day took what its predecessor did to a whole new level. While the first Terminator film is probably a better-made movie with a more detailed and cohesive story, Terminator 2 is a much more competent action film, with extremely fast-paced action and impressive stunts. Schwarzenegger returns as the Terminator in this sequel, but unlike his role as the cold, emotionless villain in the first film, Schwarzenegger’s Terminator plays the role of the protagonist in this movie, protecting Sarah Connor and her son, John Connor, from an advanced cyborg killer, the T-1000, played by Robert Patrick. T2: Judgment Day may not be the most story-focused movie, but there are plenty of touching moments throughout, and the ending will leave the viewer crying.

raiders 2

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – Out of all these movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark is the least of an action film. However, it is probably the best due to its great story, fantastic performances, and classic soundtrack by John Williams. Harrison Ford plays his iconic role as Indiana Jones for the first time in this action-adventure film, trying to stop the Nazis from finding and using the legendary Ark of the Covenant. The film is rather comedic, with many hilarious tongue-in-cheek moments, but it has plenty of serious scenes as well. Raiders of the Lost Ark boasts great performances from its actors, impressive, though sometimes gory, graphics, and a well thought out story. Its action scenes, though there are not as many of them in this film, are very impressive and exciting as Indiana Jones fights with his archenemy, René Belloq, played by Paul Freeman, who has teamed with the Nazis to find the religious Ark. This film remains a classic in a legendary series of action films.

Gymnastics Makes it to State As a Team

by Nolan James – Staff Reporter

Kentlake’s Gymnastics team were first in the league and third in the district, remaining undefeated throughout their regular season. They are now moving onto state to compete. “Our top six girls have been doing gymnastics our whole lives and have been working hard this whole season and have put a lot of time and effort into this season,” said Calista Webb about their undefeated season. “I’m hoping that we’re going to place at state and that we’ll be working hard and having fun on our last meet.”
The girls’ first game was a home game against Enumclaw, Kent Meridian and Thomas Jefferson, and they won with 154 points. Their next game was at Auburn, winning with 164 points, and they continued that streak for the rest of the season.
To continue to keep up the good work, Webb said that they will be “putting in more effort and really critiquing each other and getting points back from simple things.”
The team has been working very hard to get where they are. “It was definitely fun. There’s definitely togetherness. They’re all great to work with,” Webb said about the team and season. “I would like to really shine a light on a few of my fellow teammates like Cassie Padilla and Katie Beliveau,” she said.
The coaches, Sheila Clark and Lindsey Duerre, have also helped a lot. “One of our coaches is a judge, so she really knows how to get points back and really knows how to focus on the details for us,” said Webb.
There have been a few stand-out moments this season, according to Webb. “Our only competitors this year was Mt. Rainier, so our meet against them was rather nerve racking,” said Webb. Her favorite meet was the All-City meet. “We really excelled in that meet and really beat the other Kent schools and won the title for the twelfth or thirteenth year,” said Webb.
They just competed last weekend at Auburn Mountainview, getting only third place. However, they remain within the top fourteen in the state. This Friday, they are competing in their first State game, so let’s hope the best for them.