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Band Accepted to Play in Portland

by Morgan Marko – Sports Editor

The band has recently gotten the news that they were accepted into the Grand Floral Parade at the Portland Rose Festival. This news was long awaited, as it took either two to three months to arrive. Cayla Dreisbach, a junior in band had a huge role in the outcome.

The tryouts for the competition involved a promotional video of the band, a few photos of the band, and drum majors. Dreisbach made a short compilation from 2014 to 2017 and sent it in for the promo video. Dreisbach said the wait was especially nerve wracking because, “I would have personally felt at great fault if we weren’t accepted, mainly because the promotional video I put together kind of determined our outcome.” Thanks to Dreisbach and all their hard work, the band made it in.

After a rough year last year, with the cancellation of the Victoria field trip, the band is pumped and ready to get back into the swing of parades. “our band wants to show everyone that we are strong and can come together to man an amazing sound no matter where we play.” Said Dreisbach

To ensure success the band needs to be “organized and ready to fire” said Dreisbach. It’s more than just the music that goes into the parade, costumes also play a key factor. Mr. Urmenita, the band instructor said, “[the band] needs to make sure they have something that puts them over the top, something different. We can’t play the marching band game, everyone’s got uniforms or a drum line, since we don’t have those things what do we have? We’ve got the costumes, we’ve got the custom music.”

With the competition set for June 9th, the band has lots of time to prepare. And there are a few things in mind, “Always the quality of sound, the marching, although that’s not a huge priority in our program. We’re more of a street brass band kind of thing. And definitely showman ship, I think high school kids like to be the center of attention as long as they’re not the center of you put eyes on ‘em every kid shuts down. We got to get more of that Johnny U inside of them, like the entire school’s looking at you and you’re still going to act like that. Over the top showman ship, it’s that big vibrato showmanship, without that you don’t have a show,” says Urmenita.

The theme for the Grand Floral Parade is Super Smash Brothers, and the band can’t wait to smash the competiton.

Soccer Team Sets the Bar High

by Morgan Marko – Sports Editor

The girls soccer team has started off the season competitively. With a two and two record, the girls have beat Kentridge, Kent meridian and many more. Those games going well for the tough teams they were lined up against, Captain and player, Alexis Newsom says, “The past games have been better than I thought they would be. Going up against KR, KW, Tahoma and Kennedy Catholic aren’t easy teams. For years we’ve lost and lost to them but this year we’ve hung in with them and that’s all that really matters; how we played, not the score on the score board.”

The team this year might just be the strongest we’ve had in four years, Newsom says, “Honestly, out of the four years I’ve played on varsity, this has to be the best team we’ve had. We’re strong, fast, positive, and all have great chemistry together. A lot of us grew up together so we know each other well enough to have fun and play the sport we all love.” Although every team has their weaknesses, the girls’ being more mental then physical, “Our strongest weakness is giving up, we tend to get in our own heads very often and it definitely sets the tone for usually just the first half.” Says Newsom

Each team has their goals and for our girls, it’s all about spirit. “For this team to succeed, I’d insure us to be organized and have the right mind set before we step on the field as well as throwing in a little pep talk to hold our confidence” says Newsom

They’re on the road to success, but the fight’s not over yet, they’ve got games on October 24, against Hazen and October 26 against Kent Meridian .

Live Action “Beauty and the Beast” Brings Life to the Classic Disney Animated Film

new bb

by Morgan Marko – News Editor

Tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast is definitely not a new story line. The live action film is a re-creation of the 1991 original cartoon, directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. The newly released film is adorned with glitz, fresh costume designs, and a wonderfully creative setting.
Say goodbye to the animation and say hello to Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The casting might have been the worst part of the film. Dan Stevens did the hairy beast justice, although straying from the popular opinion, Emma Watson fell a bit short, her performance was mediocre and her voice was about as electronic as the most recent Kidz Bop album. All around, she just really did not scream Belle to me, another actress could have done the beauty just as well. Though there were a few characters who were cast perfectly, such as the ever-so-muscular, Luke Evans for Gaston, and although Josh Gad’s character Lefou (whom was announced as Disney’s first openly gay character) wasn’t exactly a dancing rainbow flag, he sure redeemed himself in the end.
The setting definitely hit the target when it comes to elegance. There were about 84 chandeliers in the ballroom, talk about over achievement. Aside from the ballroom, the whole setting seemed to have some-what of an animated feel, it all seemed too beautiful to be reality. The designers looked even farther past the setting and dug into some lighting work. Throughout the film, lights played a key role in portraying the magical atmosphere. With purples, greens, blue and many more colored lights.
Though Beauty and the Beast may have been a re-make, the film managed to sneak in a few significant changes, such as the song, Evermore, sung by Dan Stevens. This song was a wonderful addition to the list of masterpieces and happened to be the one stuck in my head for hours after watching the movie. On top of the music, a few of the characters were given deeper backstories, such as Belle’s mother and the Beast himself. One extremely vital change that had a negative effect was how hard it was to decipher the different personalities expressed by the intimate objects, Lumiere had so much more personality in the animation. Where as in the film the only thing I can vividly remember is about the fiery candle stick was the smooching and PDAing displayed all over the feather duster.
All in all, the movie was definitely something worth watching, though I wouldn’t go as far to say it was remarkable. All the hype building it up the movie might have been what killed the it in the end. Although the film was refreshing and the songs were beautifully written, there wasn’t much that really made memorable, it was a mediocre resurrection of a classic Disney tale and was not much more than that.

Boys Soccer Prepares for New Season


by Morgan Marko – News Editor

Though the weather may not agree, spring sports are now in full swing. If someone could let Mother Nature know, I am sure the soccer team would appreciate it. They have already been set back due to a snow-covered field. Varsity Coach, Barry Smith said, “The snow affected us more than other schools except maybe Tahoma. While we could not see our field under the snow, most other teams were able to practice. We are definitely behind. Mentally and physically, the team is ready but I wish that we had a few more days to prepare. Finally, when we get to the league schedule and all of our players are eligible we are going to be a much tougher and more experienced team. 10 of our 18 players were not on the Varsity or any team last year. It will take a little time to come together as a team.” Smith state that one of the new players to watch would be Freshman, Carlos Moate
Regarding the team this year, every player has their strength. “We have a good mix of guys and we should be pretty fast and competitive this year,” said Returner and Senior, Tyler Padilla. If there were anything to throw them off, it would be the amount of young players that came out to play this year, “We are young, so we may not compete physically with the other teams yet, but if everyone continues to come out we have an extremely bright future in the years to come,” said Padilla. Predicting a successful season (if not this year) in the years to come. Though their young age does have its disadvantages, it also has its advantages, sophomore, Tyler Hopp says, “We are a very young team developing to an even better team.”
One of the main differences between this season and last season would be the balance between each position on the field. Smith said, “We are better balanced between our forwards, midfielders and defenders. We will have a stronger attack this year and overall I think we are better skilled.”
As the new season takes off, the boys feel a mix of emotions, Hopp confident, “I am looking forward to this coming season and feel confident in our school and hope we get a good attendance.”
Both Padilla and Hopp agreed that a greater attendance from supported could help to push them through the season and hopefully into post-season. “We need more supporters from Kentlake to attend our matches.” Said Hopp.
Their next match is on April 10 against Kentwood

Whitening Strips: Are They Worth the Money?

by Morgan Marko – News Editor

Tired of your yellow, grimy, teeth? Journalism has the solution for you! Crest 3D Whitening strips, after just 30 minutes you can turn the grime to shine.
Although many people have said that sensitivity is a common side-effect to have after applying white stripes for 30 minutes. I experienced no sensitivity long term other than directly after. My teeth felt slight sensitivity though it quickly went away after about ten minutes.
While using a white strip the only pain I genuinely experiences was once, the very first use, when I accidently applied the strip too high and it touched a mass of gum tissue. I felt a quick sting and then I never felt much pain after that.
The thing that I noticed the most about the strips is that although the effect is satisfactory and I definitely felt like I had noticeably whiter teeth. All of it wears off. I honestly only felt like my teeth were whiter for the first two days after application and then I felt like I needed to apply another one to achieve white teeth again.
On top of that if you accidentally got a taste of the gel in your mouth it tastes awful. It tastes like unflavored dental fluoride. Take my word for it, it Is disgusting.
At the end of the day I cannot really decide if these strips are worth $40. The effect lasts maybe two days and though it’s nice to have white teeth, the nasty taste and uncomfortable wear make those 30 minutes not a pleasure. If you desire white teeth for an event I’d say they’re definitely a good route but if you’re looking for life long white teeth, the money you will be putting into the whitening strips on a monthly basis would just be too much. Though the box looks huge, you only get about 18 wears out of one box.

Transgender Bathroom Rights: Personal Choice

Transgender bathroom cartoon Jan. issue

by Morgan Marko – News Editor

For the cisgender community, choosing which bathroom to go into is second nature. This may not be the case for many people in the transgender community. The choice in which bathroom to use can depend on which one they are more comfortable using or where they feel the safest. It is an issue that may also aid in strengthening their identity with themselves.
When North Carolina passed a new bathroom law on March 23 of last year, it stirred up a lot of publicity regarding the transgender issue surrounded public restrooms. The law requires transgender people to use the public bathrooms that corresponds with the biological sex stated on their birth certificate. Former President Barack Obama, represented the other side of the story. He considered North Carolina’s take on the issue to be “state-sponsored discrimination.” Members of the LGBTQ+ community have had to constantly fight for the rights in which they believe in, such as gay marriage. Yet the war for transgender rights continues, which may possibly be an even more controversial topic. In the end, transgender people should be able to choose whichever bathroom they are most comfortable using.
A more favorable option that surrounds this issue is to have a gender neutral bathroom. One that you may go in no-matter what sexuality or gender you identify with or your biological gender. A single unisex bathroom will not only accommodate the needs of the transgender community but must also accommodate the needs of someone with disabilities. This option suits the needs of all parties. Unfortunately, not every public building has the facilities to support multiple extra bathrooms.
Some may feel as though allowing transgender people into the restroom of their choice creates an easier way for rapists to enter the bathrooms of their victims. Without raising any eyebrows as to why someone suspicious had entered the restroom. In reality, if someone really wanted to rape someone in the restrooms, and get away with it, they will find a way in no matter how the bathroom issue ends.
In the end, the issue surrounding public restrooms and the Transgender community cannot come to an easy conclusion. It is extremely hard to accommodate, and keep both the LGBTQ+ community and the cisgender community happy and comfortable.

Girls Basketball Anticipates End of Season

by Morgan Marko – News Editor

As the regular season for our girls’ basketball team is coming to an end it’s time for them to prepare for post-season. Currently in their season they have gone 15-1, their only loss being to the Central Valley Bears. The team is currently ranked number two in the state.
Starting off pre-season the girls are sitting pretty, senior, Kylee Johnson believes they have a good chance of making it past pre-season and into play offs, “I think that if we keep working really hard and we stay determined we have a pretty good shot at making it, that’s obviously our goal is to get back to the place where we were last year and I think we have a good shot,” said Johnson.
One of the things that helps the team stay at the top is their surprisingly their stubbornness, “We’re very stubborn, which sounds like a bad thing, but if we’re down by let’s say 10, since we’re all pretty stubborn were like ‘no, we’re not going to lose this game, no matter what it takes, we’re not going to lose it.’ And sometimes it’s a road block in practice, but in the games it helps us a lot,” said Johnson.
The girl’s success didn’t fall from the sky, Johnson for example has been playing basketball since she was in the third grade. They take it one day at a time, “Every day, reaching our greatest potential, it varies every day, some days it’s ‘hey I’m going to work on re-bounding to the best I can.’ Or ‘we’re going to perfect our plays- we’re just going to do the best we can every day and reach the greatest potential that we can.” Said Johnson. Along with their physical talents they also hold a solid team bond, “As cheesy as it is, we’re really a family. Sometimes we’ll be doing drills and by the end of the drill we’re going to like punch each other in the face, and then, other times, we’re always there for each other even if its basketball related or life related, we’re always listening to each other and always supportive of each other.”
Although they still have a few games in regular season, the girls still have to face their toughest competition on Jan. 20, Kentridge. “For our league, Kentridge is probably our toughest competitor, just because we’ve known them for so long—we’ve played against them for so long and they have a lot of skill.”
Be sure to come out and support our basketball girls in one of their last regular season games! Upcoming games, Jan. 20 against Kentridge, Jan. 24, HOME, against Kennedy Catholic, Jan. 26, against Kentwood.