• Angel Terry
  • Immigrants: Know Your Rights

    by Grace Frunk, Jillian Felker, Madsion Marko, Angel Terry What is DACA? DACA is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA is designed to help undocumented youth, who meet certain requirements, obtain temporary immigration protections such as work permits, and protection from deportation. “Its really hard for people to get all this documentation if […]

  • Entertainment
  • The Hamilton Mixtape Features Award Winning Voices in New Spin

    by Madison Marko – Op-ed Editor “The Hamilton Mixtape” transcends any specific genre, reimagining familiar songs and tunes with the help of all-too-familiar artists. Released on Dec. 2, the album puts the score and story of the Broadway hit “Hamilton” into a new light. “The Hamilton Mixtape” is an innovative, inspired telling of one of our […]