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Archaeologists Uncover Egyptian King Psamtik I Statue


by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

Recently, archaeologists have discovered a statue of what was believed to be Pharaoh Ramses II that measures to be 26 feet in height. However, the assumed identity of who the statue portrayed had changed as archaeologists then human beings is Phyrgian.came to the realization that the statue actually portrays none other than King Wahibre Psamtik I, or King Psammetchus I, as named by the Greeks. .
Though, only parts of the statue have been found. The only pieces that had been found and studied were the torso as well as a portion of the head. Archaeologists have calculated that the rest of the body of the statue would be about 30 feet in length. The enormous statue was discovered in Cairo, engulfed in mud. German and Egyptian archeologists have done extensive research on the statue and have estimated that it is 3,000 years old. The mix up with the identification of the statue could have very easily related to the age of it, as well as the fact that the statue was found near a temple of Ramses II.
Pharaoh Ramses II’s reign ended in 1213 B.C., making the statue around 3,200 years ago, making it a perfect fit for the statue’s age. However, King Psamtik I’s reign ended in 610 B.C., which would make the statue around 2,600 years ago, an age that is also fit for the statue to be identified as it had been. The ending factor that had influenced the agreement that King Psamtik I was the rightful portrayal was a message encrypted onto the statue that had read ‘Nebaa,’ another name for the king.
King Psamtik I reigned from 664 B.C. to 610 B.C. Psamtik I had closely worked with the Greeks as he hired Greek mercenaries who’s helped him conquer his throne and the areas he’d ruled, which gives reason to the Greek name, which is what Psamtik I is more often referred to. Psamtik I is also known for his experiment, named the Psammetichus Experiment, where he had a natural concept of speech, which concluded that the inherent language of humang beings is Phyrgian, the language of an ancient kingdom that had once thrived in the area in what is now Turkey.
The discovery of this statue is both shocking and alluring. The find was an unexpected event that can now help navigate the past of Ancient Egypt, as well as spread light to interesting history and culture of it for people to learn.

Government Responsible for the Flint Water Crisis


by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

For the past three years, the water in Flint, Michigan, has been toxic. It began when the city, to save money, switched their water source in Lake Huron to the Flint River. Around eight months later, residents started noticing their good water turn brown. Caused by iron in the river, the discolored water is toxic and is dangerous for people to drink. The government should have never put their citizens at risk like this.
Although this is a crisis, the water was not immediately treated and with anti-corrosion materials. This is evidence of the neglect from the Michigan government because not using any anti-corrosive material for contaminated water goes against federal law. Not only is the government forsaking the situation and the community’s health, but also has been violating the law.
The government did not react soon enough to this unsafe hazard and their actions have shown irresponsibility and possible prejudice.
The city of Flint is dominantly African American, with a rate of 56.6 percent according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many say neglecting the water is a racist statement. The Michigan Civil Rights Commission has made a 129 page report for the crisis and explains that the predicament “is the result of systematic racism that was built into the foundation and growth of Flint, its industry and suburban area.”
Not only could this be a case of racism, but also a case of classism. Flint is a city that has a population that is 41.2 percent below the poverty line, another rate from the U.S. Census Bureau. The NAACP has even released a statement saying, “Would more have been done, and at a much faster pace, if nearly 40 percent of Flint residents were not living below the poverty line? The answer is unequivocally yes.”
Of course, this situation is mostly the fault of Michigan governor Rick Snyder, who has been in office since 2011, and has done nothing but help raise the profits of the bottled water industry. Snyder’s ignorance and lack of care for his community, as well as congress’s since they haven’t helped until late last year, has forced the people of Flint to bathe, cook, and clean with bottled water because the other option of tap water could be harmful or potentially life threatening.
In the case of Flint, our country has shoved aside people in true need of assistance and have lived on throughout our lives, while the citizens of this city have had their lives changed drastically by the switch of a water supply.
According to CNBC, an estimated $55 million dollars would be needed to fix the water crisis with new pipes. However, over time that cost was estimated to be around $100 million dollars. In December of 2016, congress issued a payment of $180 million to the city of Flint to fix the water, but the problem will not be truly fixed for another three years. It took congress 20 months to even decide to finally fix the water crisis, which is unacceptable.
Water is vital to human existence and should be given to people without a second thought. No one should be able to pick and choose who should safely and easily get this necessity to life. With the city of Flint, water is not being treated with as much care as it is needed. The government is putting their citizens at risk and it is unfair, because water is not given so much as a need as it is a luxury.
Money should have been given since the beginning. In other emergencies, such as forest fires and other natural disasters, money was sent right away. This makes sense, because those disasters were dangerous and injured or killed people, but it does not make sense that people who have been struggling to get edible and non-dangerous water have been neglected for several years. The government’s actions have been inexcusable. They have been failing at taking care of their citizens from the moment they willingly put their people at risk.
The government gave out its money the way hospitals give donor body parts—whoever needs something more urgently, they get it more urgently. Now, this would be okay, if there weren’t people who have needed urgent help for the last three years.
The government should be more willing to give their people what they need, and treat every state of emergency equally, and should ever delay help for this long.

Judo Team Provides Unique Experience for Students

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by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

Judo is an often underappreciated and looked over sport. When students think of spring sports, judo is not often first to come to mind, but that does not dismiss the fact that our judo team is hardworking and is prepared for success.
Coach Jeff Tibeau and assistant coach Douglas Graham lead the team to a hopefully successful season. “Things are looking good. We have a few returners and our first-year students are well ahead what they traditionally have been.” Sensei Graham said. The progress that has been accomplished has been more than satisfactory as the members have improved more than what has been expected in previous seasons.
Practice is where the coaches teach the students the judo aspects and techniques. “The spirit that’s going during practice, there’s no individual part of it that’s best. The students are very positive about their practice. They’re learning, they’re enjoying themselves, and they’re progressing.” Sensei Graham said. For their routine, the students divide into groups of two and practice the techniques they are shown. To display their teachings to the group, Tibeau and Graham gather all the teammates and show them what to do. Afterwards, when the teams are in pairs, flailing bodies hit the floor after their partner succeeds in learning newly taught routines.
To many people’s misconception, judo is not a martial art, but instead an Olympic sport. Judo originates from Japan and many commands are in the Japanese language, just as many English words are used in commands in foreign countries when playing an English or American sport.
The reason that judo is used, however, is so a person can know how to defend themselves. The intention in judo is not to harm someone, but to stop someone from doing any harm to you. During matches, judo members do this by either throwing their opponent down to the ground, force your opponent onto the mat for a matter of 20 seconds, or to choke your opponent into the crook of your arm as a ‘request’ for your opponent’s submission.
For many, judo has benefitted their lives. Judo is a sport that offers self-defense techniques, social skills, as well as a new way to adapt your body to certain situation, as new member Fedi Tadele explained by saying, “it made me hurt in places I didn’t know I could hurt.” Judo is an impressive and intriguing sport, and our judo team is looking forward to using their techniques to succeed this season.

Population Lacks Understanding About Saint Patrick’s Day

by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

Every year, March 17th rolls around and the world is divided into two—people who wear green and those who do not. However, the majority of the time, people do not know what they are or are not wearing green for. Primarily Catholics and the Irish know the truth of the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day, and not people of other backgrounds. Because of this, the thought of Saint Patrick’s Day brings people to a state of confusion for its purpose. Have no fear, I am here to teach you about the truth that is behind St. Patrick’s Day.
This holiday is celebrated all throughout the world for Saint Patrick, a missionary who was once on mission to achieve Christianity in a Pagan Ireland during the 400s. Along with celebrating the conversion of the country, people also celebrate Ireland and its heritage itself. Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for Irish culture and the history of the land, a history important to religious background.
Some of the customs attached to Saint Patrick’s Day may seem odd, but the reasoning behind them makes a lot of sense. For example, the celebration of shamrocks. Saint Patrick had reportedly used a shamrock to show the Irish what the Holy Trinity was. This is why shamrocks are seen as important to the holiday.
Another tradition is to wear the color green. This is because of another name that Ireland has for itself, “The Emerald Isle.” Since emerald is a shade of green, it is the color represented for the holiday as it celebrates the country. Yet another reason for the coloring choice is because green is used in the flag to represent the Catholics that Saint Patrick converted. However, the reason that the color is worn to prevent pinching is that the color was believed to camouflage or make individuals invisible to the leprechauns so they did not attack.
Saint Patrick’s Day is an important holiday for Ireland and the Catholic religion, and also used as a fun day for people around the world to participate in, regardless whether or not they have connections to the intended celebration. Saint Patrick’s Day is a day for unity, and that is something worth celebrating.

New Netflix Series “Crazyhead” Destined to be This Year’s Hit


by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

Normally, when there is a show about two friends who fight demons with the sheer force of girl-power, you expect either a dramatic teen show or a kids’ channels’ top hit. Instead, with Netflix’s new show “Crazyhead,” you, the audience, are delivered a humorous TV-MA tale that will make you only want more. The series is full of wry British humor, quirky characters, and a newly found respect for rafts.
“Crazyhead” begins with Cara Theobald, whom plays the character Amy, a woman in her early twenties that has suffered through numerous doctors and people in her life have her take medication to treat a mental condition that gives her the tendency to see regular people as demons-like creatures. After Amy is cleared to no longer be prescribed to her medication, she comes across another demon, as well as a woman named Raquel (Susan Wokoma), who experiences seeing demons as well. Raquel then reveals to Amy that the demons are actually there, and the two pair up to defeat the monsters alongside Amy’s coworker Jake (Lewis Reeves) who mainly provides transportation.
One of the greatest parts of the story is the friendship that forms between Raquel and Amy. The two are more similar than they are different, with their fierceness and compassion for those they care about. The upbringing of a powerful female friendship that builds more and more as the series goes on is a positive reminder that when you work together and motivate each other, that encouragement is what truly causes success. The moral of friendship in the series is a strong component for why the show is such a good representation of why accepting others and caring is good for us. Amy and Raquel’s friendship is the greatest thing this series offers: female-empowerment.
Overall, the storyline is well written and wonderfully composed. The characters have life, and lots of it. Howard Overman, who is the creator of “Crazyhead,” has done a spectacular job bringing humor, emotion, and suspense to a story.
From the moment “Crazyhead” debuted on Netflix on Oct. 19 of 2016, it is destined for success. Everything about the show is enjoyable, and it has quickly become a favorite.

Russia Hacks DNC, Tampering With Clinton’s Campaign

by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

Former president Barack Obama has recently made the accusations that Russia had an influence in the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The accusations, which were later proven to be true, were that Russia had hacked into Democratic Party to affect Clinton’s campaign, resulting in her loss and Trump’s win. The hack, which was authorized by Russian President Vladimir Putin, had leaked emails to sway the election away from Clinton.
After it was proven that Russia has hacked the Democratic National Committee, Obama has responded by saying that the U.S. will proceed against Russia, though Russia has denied retaliation. Obama has said to NPR, the National Public Radio station, that “we need to take action. And we will—at a time and place of our own choosing.” Obama has since sent economic sanctions and dismissed 35 Russian diplomats. Though retaliation was suggested, Putin has rejected the idea. In a statement, Putin said, “We will not create problems for U.S. diplomats.” Trump responded by praising Putin and saying “I always knew he was very smart!” in a tweet.
President Trump, who has received support from Russia, has brushed off the hacking and has made an argument against recently advanced technology, explaining how computers confuse people and the media after he denied that Russia was guilty of the hack. Trump and Putin have consistently shown support for one another throughout the election, though Russia’s motivation for the hacking was against Hillary Clinton, not to support Trump.
The United States’ and Russia’s diplomatic relationship has been at odds since the end of World War II, in which the Cold War began two years after. Though the Cold War ended in 1991, our foreign relations with Russia has only slightly improved, though Obama and Putin’s wary relationship has caused concern for the future, in which many have feared that it could cause a new war. Though Trump and Putin have formed a supportive alliance, the threat of a war breaking out between The United States and Russia is still a possibility.

Attack Claimed By ISIS Hit Night Club on New Years Eve


by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

While most of the world was celebrating a New Year, an attack later claimed by ISIS had hit a popular Istanbul nightclub early on New Year’s Day. Inside the club, named Reina, 39 civilians were killed and 69 were injured after the club was attacked by a gunman. ISIS did not claim responsibility until the day after the incident. Witnesses claimed there were multiple armed attackers, who began to shoot in the club after shooting and killing an officer outside of the club.
Though the area was guarded heavily by police areas since Turkey has been victim to multiple terrorist attacks throughout the last year, the attackers had still gotten in the club. The attackers had fired 180 rounds of bullets in total, and had utilized flares to light up the nightclub.
One of the attackers had escaped the scene, and there was a search for the attacker for over two weeks until he was found. The attacker, Abdulkadir Masharipov, was caught inside of the city of Istanbul, which relieved those who were worried he had escaped the country. He had moved to Konya, Turkey early in 2016, and reached Istanbul in December of the same year. Masharipov was found with his four-year old son.
Majority of the victims came from different nationalities and were foreign. Some victims had been from countries such as Canada, Lebanon, India, and Tunisia. Reina is a popular club that has long held a reputation for providing good entertainment as well as aesthetic value that has attracted those of foreign countries to visit. The club overlooks the sea, which was an escape route for many party-goers in the shooting after they were ordered to exit.
“He entered the club and attacked innocent people were there to celebrate the new year.” Said Vasip Sahin, the governor of Istanbul. With ISIS attacking Reina, it has become the first terrorist attack of the new year.

Educating About All Holidays Encourages Inclusivity

by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

As children, we are taught about other religions and their traditions, but yet Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan, and thousands of other religious holidays aren’t as widely recognized outside a classroom. Christmas is the holiday that gets the spotlight.
According to Gallup, a company that makes public polls, 96% of American adults celebrate Christmas. And though that 4% may seem small, people would be surprised at just how many people around them don’t celebrate the holiday.
A person can look all around them and find many people who do not celebrate Christmas. This person could also be unaware at just how many major religious holidays there are. It is unfair and shows ignorance and limited inclusivity when other religious holidays are not as widely recognized as Christmas and other Christian holidays.
On top of the lack of recognition of major religious holidays, it is also concerning as to how unknowledgeable others can be about different religious holidays. There are many misconceptions about many holidays, such as how Hanukkah is the “Jewish Christmas” when it is truly about rededication. The main reason it is recognized is because it is close to Christmas time, hence the “Jewish Christmas.”
What many don’t realize is that Rosh Hashanah is the more important Jewish holiday. The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah is followed by Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Most view Hanukkah as the more important holiday since it is the one that gets more recognition because of its almost simultaneous timing to Christmas. Also, many don’t know what Ramadan, the Islamic holy month where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, is.
These holidays reflect a major part of a person’s belief system, and an important part of a person’s life. The more we focus on one belief, the more we separate ourselves from learning and connecting to those who believe in different things. When we do this, we are creating a divide between us and our peers, our neighbors. If we continue to neglect other religions, we will only further isolate everyone. Society should become more aware of other religions and traditions so we can all celebrate and understand one another.

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AHS Season Six, corny compared to previous seasons


ahs 3AHS pt 2










by Lauren KillgrovePhoto Editor

The Emmy-award winning show American Horror Story has released its new season earlier this month. On Wednesday, Sept. 14, people gathered around their televisions to catch a glimpse of what story they would view next. Season six appears promising and impressive.
Nearly everything about season six has been a mystery until now. Writers have been rather secretive about what the new season will be about, and have not given a name to it until the season premier, titled Roanoke. There wasn’t much information except for the premier date, the recurring cast, and that the story will take place in the present.
Roanoke watches like a documentary. The story starts with the characters Shelby and Matt Miller (portrayed by Lily Rabe and André Holland) beginning their story.
The scene then shifts to a “dramatic reenactment” where the Millers are portrayed by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. As the episode continues, viewers only get introduced to a few of the main characters of the story. As they meet Lee Miller (portrayed by Adina Porter in the telling and Angela Basset in the reenactment), we see more of the background of the characters, and it becomes apparent that that is what the first episode really focuses on. It has been noticed that viewers mainly get a backstory to the characters, and not the house or the town.
This strategy of story-telling is admirable. The overall plot already seems similar to the series’ first season, Murder House, and telling the story in documentary style makes a similar tale refreshing.
This new way of storytelling is different, and not what fans are used to, and because of this it does not really seem like the other seasons. With every season like a movie, it’s difficult to be comfortable with watching this season in documentary format. It does not really feel like the classic American Horror Story at first because before, viewers got to see a story unfold in the eyes of the characters, but now it’s being told by the characters and doesn’t give off the same element of surprise as before.
Ultimately, the audience has high hopes for this next season. There is potential in Roanoke, although hopefully it doesn’t end up being a flop like Coven or Freak Show.


Tampon fees prove taxing for mentrual blood sufferers


by Lauren Killgrove – Photo Editor

As many may know, our country has 50 states. What many may not know, however, is that only 11 of said states do not include a tax that makes people pay to, frankly, have a menstrual cycle. This tax is commonly known as the “Tampon Tax” or “Pink Tax”, but its legal name is luxury tax.
Luxury tax is tax added to items that are not considered a necessity. Why is a tampon, pad, or menstrual cup not considered a necessity? How else are people going to clean up their menstrual blood?
Every month, a person with a period can lose anywhere from several teaspoons to a cup of blood. This blood needs to be cleaned up and taken care of, and why should people be taxed because of it?
Few states have ended the tampon tax directly. Those few states include Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Other states have no sales tax on any items, so “Tampon Tax” is immediately out of the picture.
The fact that only five states have ended the “Tampon Tax” out of fifty shows how our country views the menstrual cycle: unimportant and not a pressing matter. It is unfair that so few states view feminine hygiene products as a necessary product for people with menstrual cycles.
It is not a secret that the menstrual cycle is not the most respected bodily function out there. That needs to change.
It is bad enough already that periods are constantly joked about and laughed about, but the fact that using products to clean up menstrual blood is seen as a ‘luxury’ is ridiculous. What exactly is so luxurious about bleeding onto a wad of cotton? Periods are messy and sometimes unpredictable, so why is using products that help clean and maintain periods not seen as necessary?
Our states should be more fair and sympathetic to the menstrual cycle and not make people pay to clean up something that is a natural bodily function.