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Letter From ASB President Tyson Wenger

by Tyson Wenger Guest Writer

Thank you my fellow falcons, for an amazing 2016-2017 school year. I have been honored to be your ASB President this year, and proud of what we accomplished this year, this truly is one of the finest high schools in the world.

Growing up I lived in the Kentwood boundary (yes I know) and to say the least I was excited to be a Conk, but in middle school I found out that I moved into the Kentlake boundary. As a student at Mattson Middle, many of friends were preparing to attend Kentwood and we were all excited to go to school together and feed our friendships and finish growing up together. Coming to Kentlake was hard at first, I didn’t know many people and felt a little lost. I had a few other friends come with me which helped, but for the most part I was overwhelmed, and I know there are students every year that go through similar experiences.

It was when I started embracing who I am and getting out of my comfort zones when I started seeing real success at Kentlake, when I started to love this school.

This is a school of opportunity full of staff and administrators that want all of their students to succeed. I’m glad I figured that out as an underclassmen, because when I started to utilize these opportunities I blossomed as a student. Getting involved in clubs, sports, music, is the easiest way to find rewarding and lasting friendships and the easiest way to truly enjoy high school. It’s made me who I am today, and I know it can help anybody. If it wasn’t for amazing opportunities at Kentlake, I would never be the President, I would have never been Mr. Kentlake, and I would have never been a part of the second-in-state baseball team.

High school is what you make it, I would just like to thank everybody at Kentlake for helping it be an enjoyable experience for me, and for others alike. I don’t regret for a moment coming to Kentlake, it’s been an awesome experience. I wish all the underclassmen good luck in your future years, and good luck to the incoming seniors, enjoy it because it goes by quickly. Keep it classy, Kentlake.

White Male Oppression at All Time High

by Ray Cyst Guest Writer

All you see nowadays on those fake news networks like CNN and the failing New York Times is how the minorities have it so hard – they write their stories about how African-Americans are being treated poorly by our poor police officers, and how the LTBG (is that it?) people are in so much trouble; they talk about laws our great president passed as being discriminatory to those in the Muslim faith, but when was the last time you ever heard about the true ‘Merican religion, Christianity? They complain about how women make $0.91 per dollar that men make, but it’s always been said that money corrupts people, so why the hell are they complaining?
We do have a serious problem going on here with all the fake news – they’re constantly lambasting President Trump and his poor supporters and praising the minorities, when really the Trump supporters ARE the minorities: he came in second place in the 2016 election by more than 2.8 million votes, receiving a mere 45.9% of the vote. We need a return to the good ‘ol days, when only the good white, God-fearing men, who didn’t love other men, were the ones calling the shots.
You can look at any of the news networks but, let’s use CNN (Clinton News Network?) as an example. We have Anderson Cooper, a man as flamboyantly rainbow as they come in charge, with a Jewish Jake Tapper on one side and a woman, Dana Bash, at the other. This kind of thing would never be acceptable 100 years ago in the good ol’ days, back when everyone was happy! This is total oppression in its rawest form!
Even right now, we just got finished with Black History Month and what do we have? Women’s Month! Who came up with these anyways? Why don’t take both of them and put them in December so all the insecure snowflakes won’t feel so bad about themselves? If we had a White History Month, or even better a Men’s Month, I wouldn’t be complaining.
It might seem like all this is on the national stage, disconnected from our mortal lives, but I see it starkly every day. I’ve been looking often at colleges in the past few months and all they have is their dastardly ‘Affirmative Action’ plot; last I remember the word affirmative was only used by our good white military men, not all them minorities they’re trying to educate.
And you know what all of this is building towards? A total take-over. You can’t deny their agenda. There is undeniably a gay agenda going on; no one thinks there isn’t. And according to the vastly popular, run by the unbiased Alex Jones, soon the Muslims are gonna take over the true religion of God, Christianity. On his site, it said that “by 2050 there could be near parity between the numbers of adherents of the two religions [Christianity and Islam] for the first time in history.” They also credited the rapid growth to the amount of children each Muslim has.
Ask yourself this; why would the press be so nice and accepting to all the minorities if they weren’t trying to dethrone us? My fellow citizens, this country was built on freedom and equality for all, but let’s take a close look: who was it establishing our great nation? Was it ‘minorities’? No! It was good ol’ straight white Christian men like you and me! If we want to kill this rising tide of oppression against the true Americans, we need to act now!
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Joining Freshman Band Provides Inclusion For All


by Sarah Thiel, Erica Little, and Brooklyn Lemieux – Guest Writers

Freshman Erica Little is just one of the many freshman students who has found a place to belong by joining the band.
“As a freshman this year, walking into the band room on the first day of school was like walking into a whole new world. I was overcome with excitement towards what was to come in the next four years in terms of music theory and skill. Music has been a significant part of my life since I started on clarinet in 6th grade, and it has only become a bigger part of my life since switching to the tenor saxophone at the end of 7th grade. Being able to say that I am a member of the Kentlake Band Program is amazing. You get dozens of high energy pieces of music for Pep Band, as well as a wide variety of Concert Band pieces.” Said Little.
Little outlined a bit of what the being a member of the concert band looks like. She said the routine basically includes students arriving at the band room where they begin by putting their instruments together, warming up, and then tuning their instruments. Band instructor Jonathan Urmenita (JU to many students) works with the band and individuals to help perfect the music they have… and cracks jokes. At the end of class, students pack up and head to their next class.
Freshman Maddy Kimmet is happy to have a teacher who is so knowledgeable about his subject. She said, “My personal experiences in freshman band, I play alto saxophone, so I was really excited to have a teacher who knows so much about my instrument in Mr. Urmenita. A lot of people think that he is going to be loud and get mad at you if you do something wrong but he doesn’t. As long as you do your best he is okay with that.”
Students in band classes also get the opportunity to play in the pep band and play for sporting events. They arrive at the sporting event to help set up and play songs during the breaks of the games. During the third quarter, the pep band takes a break and then returns to the stands in the fourth quarter for the end of the game.
Freshman Jacob Rogers said, “As a freshmen percussionist in pep band, it is extremely fun. There are many things that are very fun about pep band, but some of the highlights are going to football and basketball games to play at those. Most importantly are the songs, they are very fun to play and if you know them then it is very easy to get the groove of the music and it becomes very fun.”
Ultimately joining band gives students the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging as they arrive at school as a freshman and throughout a student’s four years. Band provides a wealth of opportunities.
“Concert band, Symphonic band, Wind ensemble, pep band, jazz band, travel for football games and basketball games and the big Victoria trip. All these opportunities’ in one program, all these amazing memories you will make in this one program. Freshmen year is difficult but so worth it, I can’t wait to spend the next four years in the Kentlake band program.” Said freshman Brooklynn Le Mieux.
Freshman Sarah Thiel said, “Band is something different than anything else available at Kentlake. I found that band in high school is so much more interesting and fun than before. In middle school, we only did 1 or 2 field trips that were a very big deal. Here, the pep band plays out of school all the time, and there are away playoff games, along with contest’s, mostly because JU likes to win. There are so many more opportunities open to you at KLB. All in all, staying with band is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Donald Trump a “True Builder” for our country


by David Ellithorpe – Guest Writer

The decision of who we choose as out next president will forever impact the country and how other countries see us, but the way to go about this is simple. We need a leader who will make us strong, safe, and frightening to the enemy. The candidate that will benefit us the most in this horrifying election is Donald Trump.
The United States of America, the birthplace of the American dream, and the home of the brave, is divided in a way that is more intense and tension-filled than we have seen in a while. So much of what used to make us strong has been absolutely thrown out of the window because of foreign issues and attacks from within. Trump may be an eyesore, but if we were to look past the blinding orange glow we would see his beliefs, and his plans for this malfunctioning country.
According to the Huffington Post, “The number of terrorist attacks each year has more than quadrupled in the decade since September 11, 2001.” The American people are frightened and nervous of what this once magnificent country will become.
We cannot afford to have someone like Hillary Rodham Clinton in office, for our country would become so corrupt, and so broken-down that we would sail into economic oblivion. In fact, Forbes said “weak economic growth” and “continued governmental gridlock” in Washington D.C. will be fast-arriving if Clinton takes the office, meaning that just like the Obama administration, we will only have new enforcements under executive orders.
Donald Trump sure wouldn’t solve our problems, but he would set us on the right path. For starters, he would build up our defenses. Trump said, “We need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly,” because, “killings, murders, crimes and drugs are pouring across the border, he means it. Our people would once again start to feel safe in public spaces such as theaters, streets, and schools, because our police force would be active and able to counter acts of violence and terror.
Donald Trump is a true builder, and would use his expertise to direct cash flow not towards government welfare or free college, but towards our roads, transportation, and economic well-being. The wages wouldn’t have to be higher, because merchandise and trade would be priced lower. Jobs would be created everywhere from truck drivers to school teachers, and the middle class would thrive while the lower class is brought up.
Trump’s campaign was nearly all self-funded, unlike Clinton’s, whose campaign funding consisted of outside donors. In an interview, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, even said she, “took money from kings of Saudi Arabia and Morocco.”
The proof is in the history of the candidates, and Trump built himself up in business, breaking ground on new buildings throughout his years. Newsmax said that, “Trump also suggested on Fox & Friends Sunday morning that he may ‘sell a building’ to continue self-financing his own campaign.”
Not only does his devotion towards the campaign and American people show here, but really provides any voters who are on the fence some evidence that economic skills will be put to use under a Trump administration.
America is a free country; you are permitted to do as you please under the law. As one united country, we can keep it that way, so that we can continue doing the things we love. That is why undoubtedly, the candidate with better economics, better history, and overall favorable plan for this country is Donald J. Trump.