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Immigrants: Know Your Rights

by Grace Frunk, Jillian Felker, Madsion Marko, Angel Terry

What is DACA?

DACA is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA is designed to help undocumented youth, who meet certain requirements, obtain temporary immigration protections such as work permits, and protection from deportation. “Its really hard for people to get all this documentation if they were out of school for a long time and then, now it’s almost a ten year requirement. In June it will be ten years that they have to show all the documentation and all they get out of this is a work permit that only lasts for 2 years.” Said Michele Suarez.
The Northwest Immigrant rights project (NWIRP) holds free workshops in Wenatchee and Seattle. These workshops help explain DACA requirements, and help individuals apply. It is mandatory to have an appointment to attend a free legal clinic; these clinics are for volunteers to help fill out forms for renewals.
Please note: President Trump threatened to remove the DACA program within the first 100 days of his presidency. Although Trump has yet to remove the DACA program, NWIRP does not recommend that new applicants apply for the DACA program. Individuals may apply for DACA at their own risks. “We are advising people, if you have any criminal history, Don’t apply, because there is a huge risk. It’s not just getting denied, but you can be placed in removal proceedings, meaning you might have immigration court and be deported.” Said Suarez.
“I have literary met people who, came here when they were eight months and have never left the United States. And now, they are in their early twenties and if they were deported…they would be going to a country they never knew… That is what I primarily work in, Deferred Action or Childhood Arrival, to help. A lot of people have DACA now, but there is still people who are eligible and under this administration, it is very difficult because Trump said he was going to end that program that Obama started. So then, what’s going happen with the million young adults who are like your age (high school aged). It’s literary taking you to a different country. As far as your roll, just knowing, and educating because that’s the best. Starting conversations with people don’t know…A lot of people even don’t that non-citizens or you can call them undocumented immigrants have the right to remain silent if ICE tries to approach them… There are just these basic constitutional rights in our constitution that says all persons; it doesn’t say you have to be a U.S Citizen.” Said Suarez.

Vawa Unit: (survivors of domestic violence)

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides representation to immigrants who are survivors of domestic violence. These survivors are looking for immigration benefits. The primary cases that the VAWA Unit handles includes U Visa Petitions; T Visa Petitions; VAWA Self-Petitions; and Petitions for Waiver to Remove Conditions on Residency; as well as Removal (Deportation) Defense in Immigration Court.
VAWA and Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (VTVPA) work to guarantee that a person’s immigration status does not make them dependent on their abusers. There are four groups of immigrant survivors who are protected by these laws:
Victims of certain crimes, including domestic violence and sexual assault, and their families;
Spouses, children, and parents of abusive United States citizens or lawful permanent residents;
Immigrant children in foster care who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned;
Immigrant survivors of violence who are in removal (deportation) proceedings.

Youth Immigrants’ Rights:

Immigrant youth have the right to avoid/escape mistreatment, such as abandonment, abuse, neglect, or anything other form of mistreatment by a parent. Special Immigrant Juveniles Status (SIJS) provides relief to children and youth who deal with mistreatments such as the ones listed above. You are eligible to apply for SIJS, if a state juvenile court determines that you cannot be reunified with the parent(s) who have abused, abandoned, neglected or mistreated. The court must also decide that the child should not be returned to their home country. When a child or youth is given SIJS they are then eligible to apply for a green card in the U.S.

Obtaining U.S. Citizenship:

All immigrants have the right to become a U.S citizen. Any immigrant can gain U.S citizenship by meeting the requirements as a lawful permanent resident. An immigrant may apply to become a U.S citizen five years after they become a lawful permanent resident. If they are married to a U.S citizen, they may apply after three years of being a lawful permanent resident. Immigrants must show that they have good moral character/no-disqualifying criminal record. They must pass a test demonstrating an ability to read, write and speak in English, and have an understanding of the U.S government. Gaining U.S citizenship provides the right to vote in federal, state and local elections. They have greater rights when it comes to filing petitions to reunite with family members. They are secure from being deported.

Facing Removal:

All immigrants have the right to be treated respectfully and with dignity. Detainees, although not limited to, are asylum seekers fleeing persecution in their own country, but end up landing in a detention facility after attempting to across the U.S border. According to the NWIRP website, “Detainees include breadwinners separated from families that depend on them, pregnant mothers, the mentally ill, members of the LGBT community and even U.S. citizens who are wrongfully detained.”

Keeping Families Together:

NWIRP helps keep families together. They provide assistance with family visa applications and represent family members facing deportation. Family Visa Workshops are held once a month in Seattle. These provide a 40 minute presentation for an overview of the family-based petition process. Each workshop can have no more than 40 attendants.
To sign up for a Family Visa Workshop and intake call 206-587-4009 if you live in western Washington, Call 509-854-2100 (Granger office) if you live in eastern Washington or 509-570-0054 (Wenatchee office) for individual intakes.

Immigration Raids:

Anyone who does uphold to having lawful immigration status and persons who have status, but have certain criminal convictions are at risk for being arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Trump Administrations claims to initially focus on deporting the following people:
People who have pending criminal cases AND/OR prior criminal convictions.
People with final orders of removal.
People who have committed fraud or misrepresentation in applications to the government.
Lastly, anyone who they believe poses a threat to public safety or national security.
To find out what ways ICE could know you, how to protect yourself from raids, and what rights you have when it comes to immigration raids, go to the “know your rights” section on the NWIRP website and scroll down the page until you find “How to Protect Yourself from Immigration Raids.”

Asylum: individuals who gain safety in another country who are escaping persecution in their home countries.

NWIRP’s asylum unit can help with assisting pro se applicants by guiding them through the application process. Every single immigrant has the right to seek a safe haven. International and U.S law entitles people who are in fear of returning to their home country, because of persecution or torture, eligible for asylum.
NWIRP assist with filing applications for asylum with U.S citizenship and they can represent asylum seekers with their interviews and immigration court hearings. NWIRP will defend asylees, asylum-seekers and refugees against deportation from the U.S in Immigration and federal courts.

Cuong Ngo (bingo): Vietnam

It’s almost time I have to say goodbye to Vietnam and moving on to a new country. That means I have to say goodbye to where I was born and grew up for my pass twelve years. All the good and bad memories, they will stay in my heart. I need to move on to a new country, they call United States. Everyone has a dream to live there, and to make their lives better. It makes me feel special. Even though I will miss all that I’ve known.
For the first time, I was on a plane. I was so excited to come to the USA – that feeling was indescribable. It makes me feel like I can fly, for the first time I had arrived in the US. The Seattle airport was huge and beautiful, with lot of people from a different countries in the airport. They were walking fast; I think they cannot wait to see their family, just like my dad wants to see my mom and I. However, my mom and I were lost because we did not know the way and we did not speak English. We were lucky, there was a Vietnamese guy who came to us and helped us out. After we got out of the airport. The first thing we saw was my dad and my dad’s family. They were really happy to see us, then they took us home. When I went outside of the airport, the sky was inky, rainy and cold. I smelled the fresh air from the rain clearing out of the city. In the city where I lived everyone knew they have the light, it means you can see all of the view, it looks like the morning, and in the US they don’t have that much light. I had never been on a freeway, freeway to drive home fast. To me it is like a new world, everything it’s different to me.
After I came to the US, I felt like I already ended one of my chapters of my life. In my new chapter, I have a lot of challenge to face with. My first challenge, was for me to learn how to speak English. My uncle had to find school for me, and what grade I was going in to. This was a hard challenge for my mom and I because, we did not speak English. My English was so bad, the only thing I knew how to say was “hello”, and “how are you?” I was feeling really down. I had no friends that can cheer me up, but finally, I made friends. I still cannot understand what they are trying say. I wondered how I can learn English, how long it takes me to understand and know everything like a person born in United States. I had a feeling that the challenge was getting harder for my mom and I. My mom had to find a job, learn to drive and learn to speak English just like me. We are must put more efforts to study, my parents, and I. They were just worried about money and their jobs too much, but they forgot that they need to study and spend time with their kid, and I think they just worried too much of everything to plan; buying cars and a house. I felt they are carrying a big world on their back just like the Greek God Atlas. Atlas carried the world on his shoulder, and so my mother. She has to worry about her family in Vietnam and worry about all my family problems in the United States. It makes me sad and worried about her. If I work hard more in school and understand all the paper bills, I can help her a little bit with her problem. Maybe it’s not a big thing but at least my mom will not stress out too much about English.
English is really hard, It has many ways to say one idea. I have a feeling that my mom and I had become newborn babies again. We had to start everything over, it was like a newborn baby when they are hungry or they want something they just cry until they get what they want. I had to learn English from the beginning, learning kid’s songs and trying to catch up all the missing work just like other friends. I have to study day and night, because that helped me understand English better, and I had to learn to speak. My parent push me a lot. They always said “You have to study and study, that is the only thing that can help you. No one can really help you in the future.” After one month in elementary school, I got a little better, and then summer came. My uncle made me study vocab words for months, days, weeks, years, and how to ask questions when I don’t understand. Every week he comes over and I have to do quizzes for all the lessons he teaches me. After three months, school began -all my friends were surprised that I got much better when they first saw me. But to me that was not enough, I have try harder and harder. I need to worry about my future, what I’m going to be. At that time, I was feeling down because I could not help my family. I was crying like a baby, just because I could not help and I am frustrated. I was falling and falling but I never give up, I have to stand up and tell myself I can do anything I want. I remember a quote about failing “If you are not failing, you never know what you did wrong and never learn the lesson.” I keep standing up every time I fall, but it helps me learn the lesson of what I did wrong. Just like a ten-month old learning to walk, they might fail but they always stand up by themselves. That is how they learn and also that’s how I learned my lesson. How I can make my dream come true? If I want to make my dream come true, I have to put more effort into my learning and studying.

Anonymous: Nepal

I came from Nepal. My family and I came here because the refugee camp we were staying in was not good—there was lots of fighting and people getting drunk. It was a hard life. At the camp we had no electricity, phones, cars, or technology of any kind. This situation is why we decided to come to the United States. Even though we struggled there, it has not been easy here either. When we came, we didn’t know English. But, there is definitely more freedom here than Nepal. I like going to school, and my favorite subject is science.

Anonymous: Ethiopia

I came to the United States from Ethiopia. I have family here that I came to join. We came in search of a better life and a better education. It took two days to get here by plane, and the rain was a shock. In Ethiopia there is nine months of summer, but here there is a lot of rain. I have been in the United States for two years, and the hardest part was learning English. It was difficult to communicate with people at first. My favorite part about Kentlake has been the students—they are very friendly, and my favorite subject is math. Although I like it here, I do miss my family in Ethiopia.

People March for Black Lives Matter Movement


by Grace Frunk – Ad Manager

Thousands of people came together to march in support of the Black Lives Matter movement On March 4th, at Seattle Central College. Immigration, Juvenile justice, President Trump, White privilege, white supremacy and several other topics were talked about. All ages, all races, anyone who was willing to support the cause, joined together and marched. People saw the march pass by their homes, and shuffled in to join while others just walked outside their doors to show support towards the movement.
Marching and chanting through the streets, constantly sitting down in the roads to explain in details the topics people marched for, this protest remained peaceful and lawful as it traveled through the city of Seattle. Police followed alongside the whole march with bikes, blocking off streets and remaining calm as marchers chanted against the police system.
An important topic that people marched for was to oppose the new youth jail in Seattle. In 2012, voters approved the plan to replace an already existing youth courthouse and detention center. “The design calls for more courtrooms (10, up from seven) and fewer detention beds (112, down from 212) than the existing complex,” said Daniel Beekman, The Seattle Times. The major issue revolved around the youth jail is the concept that black are the most likely to be incarcerated. The idea of a youth jail, through the eyes of an activist, it is negative because youth should be more involved in the arts, sports and education rather than locked away.
As the crowd passed through historic black areas of the City, it lead to the Umojafest Peace center. Omari Tahir-Gerrett spoke to the crowd a little about his life being a civil rights activist and mainly revolved around gentrification (he process of improving an areas so that fits the new middle-class residents’ taste) in Seattle. He elaborated on his belief that Seattle is pricing out long-term residents becoming a form ethnic cleansing. Gerrett talked about his years of work to reverse this “ethnic cleasing.” For example, he is going through the process of establishing an Africatown Seattle Cultural Center.
Uncle Ike’s marijuana dispensary is located behind Mt. Calvary Christian Center. Protestors seek the closure of this shop. Uncle Ike’s shows the injustice that the black community grieves within the criminal justice system. “Millions of Black men and women have been arrested and imprisoned for marijuana related crimes as a part of the war of drugs. Now that legalization is spreading throughout the nation, white owned dispensaries are profiting off business that imprisoned Blacks. Uncle Ike’s location adds insult to injury, nestled right next to Mt. Calvary Church, the shop is in violation of the law which forbids dispensaries to be within a thousand feet of a school, playground, library or church.” Said Amani Seawari from “Take a hike, Uncle Ike” Chanted hundreds as this BLM march brought this is important issue to life.
This march was one big step in the movement of BLM in Washington State. This event was educational to those who watched at home and those who experienced it. This movement was supportive to those who witnessed it and heard about it. This march, might not have comparable to the previous Womxn’s march, though it was just as meaningful and crucial. This movement happened to show the redeveloping USA that Black lives matter.

Popular Makeup Trends Started by Drag Queens

by Grace Frunk – Ad Manager

For as long as drag queens have been around, they have constantly faced unwarranted hate. Despite the amount of dislike drag queens face, we owe many of our favorite beauty trends to them. Drag queens have invented, augmented or just brought to life several popular beauty trends.

1. Contouring is the technique of using bronzers or brown tone bushes in any areas of the face that people desire to appear smaller or more defined. Drag queens would use bronzer to define or soften the appearance of cheekbones and jawlines. They also used bronzer to make the nose, forehead and Adam’s apple appear smaller. “Queens have been using these tricks from the very beginning… Contouring allows you to remove the man and reveal the woman by changing the shape of your face, removing the male jawline and even toning down the Adam’s apple.” Said make-up expert Ricky Boudreau/Ultra Violet the Drag queen. Kim Kardashian may have made this concept trendy, but drag queens who made the trend what it is.

stacking lashes
2. Since before the time of Cleopatra, cat-eyes has been one of the most desired looks. Eyelashes being longer on the outer corner of the eye is a classic look; it makes the eyes appear larger and more seductive. Drag queens would not be drag queens without lashes. “Stacking lashes” is taking two more sets of fake eyelashes, and applying one full set on the eyes, then cut the outer portion of the lashes away from the rest of the lashes. Apply these outer-only lashes on top of the already applied lashes.

lip makeup
3. As Detox the Drag Queen once said “The secret to the perfect lip is, surgery. If you cannot get surgery, over-line your lips until you can.” Kylie Jenner might have extremely influenced the big lip trend; however, drag queens have always ruled the world of lips. Lip-liner has been around for a long time and the idea of big lips was never a truly popular trend, until drag queens made it one. Since many drag queens try to conceal their masculine features, over drawing lips or getting lip injections, gave drag queens the opportunity give themselves a more glamorous and over the top look. drag queens brought this look to life in the 1980’s. Drag queens back then started to step outside the comfort zone and use every lip color there was. They made it look good! Their secret, lip liner.

cut crease
4. Creating a cut-crease is a technique that contrasts eye shadow color in the crease of your eye for a sharp, defined look. The idea of a cut-crease became popular by pop culture icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and even Barbara Streisand. The look of a cut crease is making a comeback, and drag queens are taking advantage of it. Drag queens normally like to take make-up to the next level. Their take on this classic look, is changing the game. Whether it is neutral browns, neon pinks, or any colored glitter, drag queens make cut creases all the more glam.

These are just a few of the current trends people have started to use more and more. The culture of drag queens was built around the concepts of theater. Drag make-up is exaggerated and dramatic. It can be hard, but stepping outside of the comfort zone and trying out these trends can be fun and something new. There are definitely more trends drag queens have created and surely will be more trend they will create. Keep an eye out on for these future trends by supporting the drag queen community. Try checking out some drag queen on YouTube or watching the newest season of Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Jo-Bros Should Bring Peace by Reuniting Their Band


by Grace Frunk Ad Manager

The Jonas Brothers is one of the greatest bands of all time. After becoming famous in 2006, the band grew to become the iconic band the world knows and loves. The band gained popularity after the release of “Camp Rock” in 2008. This Disney Channel Original Movie starred the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. Band member Joe revealed his true bad-boy self through his character Shane in this classic movie. After releasing three hit albums, “Camp Rock”, and the ultimate episode of Hannah Montana, the band got their own T.V. show “Jonas” on Disney channel. The show ran for two season over a span of one year. The Jonas Brothers brought happiness to millions. The crash and fall of the Jo-Bros brought pain to every single fan.
In 2008, Miley Cyrus released her hit song “7 Things” which showed a side of Band member Nick that no one could even imagine existing. Nick and Cyrus dated for 2 years. Cyrus was Nick’s first kiss and most likely his first true love. Their relationship ended in 2007, neither one of them hid the devastation of the break-up. In 2009, Cyrus released her book, “Miles to Go.” The book spoke of “Prince Charming,” which any true fan or either Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers knew this character was really band member Nick. The book not only spoke poorly of Nick, but her song exposed him more than anything. In “7 Things”, Cyrus says, “You’re vain, your games, you’re insecure. You love me, you like her You make me laugh, you make me cry I don’t know which side to buy. Your friends they’re jerks. And when you act like them, just know it hurts. I wanna be with the one I know, and the 7th thing I hate the most that you do, you make me love you.”
Taylor Swift called band member Joe out on “Ellen” in 2008. Swift claimed that her Ex-Boyfriend, Joe, Broke-up with her over a 27-second phone call. However, Joe explained himself immediately after the episode aired. With a post on his MySpace account, he explained to his fans that he was not the one to end the conversation abruptly. Nick and Joe were both exposed as heart-breaking bad-boys, this caused a strain on fans everywhere. There is never a way for fans to know which celebrity is telling the truth.
On an interview on Good Morning America Nick said, “Look, I feel like we’ve had some complications within the group for a long time without addressing them. I think this train will fall off the tracks without really getting real about some of the concerns and some of the limitations that we may feel as individuals in the group.” Nick was fine with moving on, but he appeared to be the only one. The Jonas Brothers make people feel something no other band had before, and it has become the craving that no one can deny or satisfy.
The band members are not the same boys we once knew and loved. When member left the band, they were leaving behind a version of themselves. Nick the sweet one, Joe the rocker, and Kevin. Nick became a bad-boy. Joe became the funny, relatable one, who was so desperate he joined a band called “DNCE” that has released music as terrible as the title of their singlular hit, “Cake by the Ocean.” Kevin has since become a husband and a father, and managed to get a show on Entertainment, “Married to Jonas” which ran for 2 seasons. They are no longer involved in all the childish drama, and they all have new imagines and have a new sound.
As a band, they released pop music, the best pop music to ever have been written. From “Year 3000” to the iconic “Lovebug”, the band had a sounds that spanned past Disney’s age-restrictive boundaries.
When the band broke up, Nick turned to contemporary R&B and pop rock. His hit songs “Close”, “Jealous” and “Chains” have established Nick’s solo career as successful. Joe has not been able to find such success. Kevin Jonas has not released any music since the break-up. It would not be a drastic change for these sounds to combine. The band was better than any other band because their variety of music and style made them the rock-pop gods that they were.
They are different people now, they are have moved on since the break-up. Millions of fans have not done the same. Their once truly amazing sound is constantly being replayed. New music from them as a group will stop millions of people from reliving the past on an infinite loop. It is time for the Jonas brother to re-unite. Joe, Nick, Kevin— get back together so I can stop crying into my pillow at night.

“Riverdale” Quickly Becomes Cable TV’s Hottest New Thriller


by Grace Frunk – Ad Manager

The CW has recently released a new T.V show, Riverdale, which is vastly becoming a new hit. The show contains the famous Archie Comic Characters. These character look the same, however their personalities are very different from the way any Archie comic fan remembers them being. The show features K.J Apa as Archie Andrew and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes a Veronica Lodge and Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy. The show appears inspired by the classic T.V. show “Twin Peaks.” The dark storyline draws viewers with each episode ending on a cliffhanger.
The storyline starts with the murder of Jason Blossom, the twin brother of Cheryl and son of Nathalie and Penelope. Their rich and manipulative family makes the murder of their son a greater mystery. The show takes place current day, in the town of Riverdale. Riverdale is a small town with a gloomy mood. The gang likes to hang at an old local dinner called “pop’s Dinner” which gives a retro feel to setting and at the same time giving the town a history.
Unlike the original Archie Comic, Betty and Veronica are not are spending too much time fighting over Archie. Riverdale includes everything from Student-Teacher affairs to just causal friends blossoming into something more. The show features football, cheerleading and the famous Archie comics “Josie and the Pussycats.” Original and copyrighted music help to better the experience of the show. Archie finds himself involved with music, football and working at his dad’s company, Betty and Jughead team-up to try their hand at solving the murder, and Veronica and the others find themselves slowing piecing together the truth behind the murder of Jason Blossom.
Jughead’s voice over throughout the show, likes to make sure the audience knows that Riverdale was always the picture of perfection, but as the show continues this statement unravels.

Women’s March Makes Statements Across the Globe

by Madison Marko and Grace Frunk – Editors

According to law enforcement, an estimated 120,000 people crowded the streets of Seattle on January 21, marching as one—one group, one voice, with varying outlooks but one desire.
The march, dubbed the “Womxn’s March” by organizers (the “x” representing the transgender community), was just one of many across the nation—all prompted by the inauguration of President Donald Trump.
This march to me meant standing up for myself, all the women across the nation, minority groups, and anyone who has felt disrespected or threatened by President Trump’s comments, claims, or actions. For me, it was the notion of screaming loudly, “We are here, we will stand up for ourselves, and you will hear us.”
As soon as I stepped off the bus in Seattle, I knew the experience would be something that would stay with me forever. People of all different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds surrounded me—and although we appeared so separate, there was a palpable, united, common energy that enveloped the entirety of the marchers.
I had never experienced this before. I felt connected to each and every person that fell in step beside me, danced behind me, and paraded ahead.
Looking around, I knew that these people stood with me, supported me, and believed in our future together.
It was quite simply the most empowering experience of my life.
If you cannot comprehend, cannot understand, why this many people flooded the streets, I am sure you have your reasons. But in my eyes, this was about setting the standard for what we expect from the leader of our nation. We will not let someone represent us who ceaselessly makes comments that objectify and belittle half of the population, reduce people to nothing but the color of their skin, their physical capabilities, or their religion. This was about showing President Trump that we expect, we demand, more.
I am proud to say that I attended Seattle’s Womxn’s March. To all of you that say it was pointless, I can ensure you it was not. I came back from the march knowing more than ever that I have the power, and right, to stand up for what I believe in, and that my voice can be heard. I am the future of America and I will not be silenced.

What Kentlake Couple Are You?

by Grace Frunk and Jillian Felker – Editors

  • 1. What’s your ideal date:
    A. Going to the Zoo to free the animals
    B. Reading Fine Literature
    C. Go to the dump, because hey one man’s trash is another man’s treasure
    D. Watching Toddler’s in Tiara’s and discussing politics


  • 2. You’re at a fancy restaurant with your partner, what do you Order THEM?
    A. Ditch the fancy restaurant and Order Take out from hooters
    B. Kevin Malone’s famous chili
    C. Racheal Green’s English Trifle
    D. A copy of the newest issue of the Falcon Flyer


  • 3.What is a deal breaker?
    A. Someone who plays the violin or participates in cross country
    B. Someone who licks their finger and sticks it in the sugar bowl
    C. Someone who uses puns to hide their crippling depression.
    D. Someone who has never read the falcon flyer.


  • 4. What do you do at the end of the date?
    A. Walk them up to their doorstep well talking about how American was better in the 1980’s, then open the door, invite yourself in and meet their ENTIRE family.
    B. Open the car door for them, but don’t stop driving.
    C. Put on your Richard Nixon mask and ask if they want toddlers in tiaras.
    D. Read the Falcon Flyer


  • 5. What Meme do you discuss at the dinner table?
    A. Bee movie
    B. Lazy Town
    C. We do not discuss memes, here.
    D. Any Meme from before 2012


  • 6. You’re invited to a distant relative’s wedding; how do you ask your partner to be your plus one?
    A. Will you BEE my plus one, then pull a dead Bee out of your pocket
    B. Hey Since Saved by the bell won’t be on this Tuesday, want to come to a wedding with me?
    C. Hey my distinct relative is having wedding on Tuesday, you can come with me, but don’t get any ideas.
    D. Pay $20 to put an Ad asking them to go to a distant relative’s wedding in the newest Issue of the Falcon Flyer


  • 7. Your partner asks you to move in with them, how do you respond?
    A. Badaboom Badabing, show me the ring.
    B. Slow your roll daddy-o
    C. Wow first I adopt 4 new German Shepard puppies, then my soul-mate asks me to move in, Thanks fate.
    D. Too soon Schooomby


  • 8.What endearing nickname do you give your Partner:
    A. Rich Uncle Penny bags
    B. ShakesPurrr (must roll tongue to say)
    C. Sugar Buns
    D. ChaChi Big foot


  • 9. What was the first thing you ever said to your significant other?
    A. “I have always had a thing for guys with mullets and tricycles.”
    B. “Do you like Raisins? How do you feel about a date?”
    C. “What’s your favorite episode of Family Matters?”
    D. “Hi my name is _____ and I am a member of the Falcon Flyer, Can I interview you.”


  • 10. What is the first thing you would do if you won $50,000?
    A. Take your Partner to Hollywood to see Bill Murray’s house
    B. Defrost Walt Disney’s Head
    C. Buy the most overtop wedding money can buy, like so over the top that you buy a professional make-up and hair stylist to make your boo look like George Clooney mixed with John Stamos
    D. Buy exactly 200 full page ads in the Falcon Flyer, each one devoted to how much you love you and boo as a couple.


  • 11. What celebrity would you break up with your partner for?
    A. Danny Devitio
    B. Mr. Rodgers
    C. Betty White
    D. Whoopi


A, D, C, A, C, A, A, C, C, B, C

The Bests
You got Doug and Susan Best! You and your partner are the IT couple. Although you have been together for a while, your relationship does not lack spice. Sometimes life is everything but dandy, thankfully your partner keeps your head up, and your days cheery. There is nothing better than thought of spending time with your lover.
B, C, D, D, C, B, C, B, D, A, D

Raine Picture
You got Rachel Raine and Chase Patrick! Netflix and Chill much? You guys may as well be on a Valentine’s Day card, because of how cute you two are. Your relationship is simple and comfy, but hold the most optimistic future. When life gets you down, your got a friend and partner to help you through it all.
A, B, A, D, C, A, C, B, A, C

Simmons Quiz Picture
You got Scott and Haley Simmons! You and your partner are best friends, and a better couple. Your relationship is happy, healthy and bubbly. The thought of your partner makes you light up, and almost anything they do makes you smile. There is no way to know what the future holds, but luckily you will have your best friend and perfect partner by your side for it all.
B, A, A, B, C, A, C, C, B, D, D

Cleary and Persinger1
You got Jolai Persinger and Scott Cleary! Opposites attract, like Science and English. An unlikely pair, perfectly creates a dream team. No adventure is too small or too big, because you two can handle it. When in doubt, remember that your relationship is a mixture of love, friendship, venture, and smiles.

Having a Happy Holiday Season With Anxiety

by Grace Frunk – Ad Manager

A new year often seems like the perfect time to make a change, or several. It starts out as a good idea, but often seems that around two weeks in, the change becomes too much work or too tiring. Making changes, whether big or small, should be easy and come with many benefits.
When it comes to finding a way to make changes stick, it can be easy as buying a planner from the Dollar Store. However, the first step is deciding what changes are desired.
Start by making two lists. One list is the things that need to be changed. Examples include procrastinating, or sleep habits. This list should include the things that cannot wait, things that are constantly affecting day-to-day life.
The second list should be the things that you want to be change. Examples include being more involved with friends and family, or trying to be more organized. This list should be the things that have been a burden on either the day-to-day life or could have an impact on the daily life if they do not change.
These lists then need to be put in order. Rank each change into most realistic to maintain to least realistic to maintain. This list will help break down everything and create, what is hopefully, the final list.
Now, you can begin the final list. Working on these changes can take time and be tiring, but by keeping the goal in mind, it will not be impossible.
Keeping a journal and logging the progress of the desired changes will help to not just remind yourself of the goal, but keep track of your improvements and how close you are to reaching the desired change.
If your goal is to stop procrastinating, then try writing out the time needed for homework. At 6:30 spend one hour on math homework. At 7:30, spend 10 minutes to take a break. At 7:40, start English homework. Putting a time limits on homework, work, community service, and other activities, will be very helpful to keep the mind on track and force you to stay on track with the timed out homework.
When it comes to things like sleeping habits or staying organized, try looking up YouTube videos or blogs that have different ideas on ways to help those issues. In a journal, it will helpful to keep track of what tips end up working and therefore can be used in the future.
Changes will not happen instantly; it takes about 30 days for a habit to stick. Always remember, that a habit can be lost easier than it can be gained. Writing in a journal may be time consuming and tedious, but it will help out in the long run, as you will be able to reflect throughout your journal.
Trying out new things and making changes can be difficult and may seem like it is not worth it. Sometimes a change is not, but at least it was tried. A change may not work now, but in the future it could.
No matter what, attempting to make a change will have some benefits. Even if no change is needed, it can be fun to try out something different. Changes come and go, but trying working towards different goals will help to find a new balance and help to create fresh energy in the new year.

Buying Ethical Gifts for Loved Ones Presents Benefits This December

by Grace Frunk  – Ad Manager

When it comes to buying gifts for loved ones, buying great, inexpensive and luxurious gifts should not be hard. However, finding what brands to support when buying your gifts can be.
Brands that are worth supporting are brands that are cruelty free, use ethnically bought products, and have some factor that is not only important to support, but also can add another positive aspect to the present.
Lush is a store that sells all the self-care products your loved ones could ever need. They provide a wide range of products for both men and women of all ages. Product prices range from low to high, around $10-30. Lush provides products that are handmade, fight animal testing, ethically sourced, and 100 percent vegetarian.
Finding brands that are worth supporting can be easy. Decide on a gift idea, for example cologne. Google “cruelty-free cologne” Then look at the “shop on google” section. A brand like Herban Cowboy will come up. From there, it is as easy as going to the website and taking a short glance at their page and finding out they are make “vegan certified organic grooming product.”
For those who have no gift idea in mind then the following are some brands that create unique products:
G-star Raw, Project vortex and Parley for the Oceans created clothing and accessories made out of eco-friendly fabric made out of fibers derived from plastic bottles found in the ocean. United by Blue creates outdoor clothing and accessories for both men and women. For every product sold, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways.
Woodzee creates sunglasses that for every pair they sell a tree is planted, the glasses are made out of recycled, natural and biodegradable materials. H&M conscious collection, Olivia Wilde’s collaboration with the brand H&M, created organic cotton, mulberry silk and sequins made of recycled plastic. Amour Vert provides made in the USA products that use non-toxic dyes, and sustainable fibers. For every tee bought they plant a tree.
If looking for a company to support, but unsure about purchasing gifts online, try buying local. Buying local is a great way to support people trying to start, or trying to maintain a business.
Finding a local business can be as easy going to downtown Kent. In Kent, there are stores like Moore than Rocks which sells various products such as crystals, and incense. Wild Wheat Bakery, in downtown Kent provides amazing meals and pastries. A gift card for them would make many loved ones happy. Both of these places are local, and are places to find wonderful gifts.
It is not hard to find good gifts that also do something good for the planet. Gifts do not have to be expansive. A good purchase is a purchase that helps to support a brand and help a cause. Friends and family will love these gifts because it is helping a cause, came from someone they love, and are overall great presents.