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Swim & Dive Excited For New Talent

by Erin Bedry – Staff Writer

Winter sports are just starting up, and the boys swim team is excited to get going. Last season went swimmingly, with two relay teams making it to districts and even some swimmers went to state. These are great accomplishments, and they did not come easy. Lucas Montry said, “Last season was hard our team was relatively small so you would end up swimming quite a few events, sometimes one after another.” It is very impressive that they were able to achieve accomplishments with such small numbers.

The swim team has lost some key members since last season. Montry said, “Almost half of our team last year was seniors and we lost them, so I am looking forward to seeing the tiny team we are going to have this year and if we don’t get a lot of freshmen, we are going to be exhausted after every meet.” The seniors were not just benchwarmers either, Dylan Lockhart said, “All 9 of our seniors were very important and played big roles in our relay teams.” Despite these losses, the team is ready to work hard and overcome the challenges that come.

The coaches are Patty Swemburg and Erin Eronemo. When asked about the team’s feelings towards the coaches, Lucas Montry said, “I feel that the team likes them they are both fun and cheery but work us equally as hard.” Coaches are very important to the success of a team and having a bad one can very easily bring the team down. Good coaches keep the team engaged and wanting to learn. Even if someone does not have a lot of experience, Swemburg and Eronemo can help eager swimmers build up their fundamentals. The boys are excited to have Swemburg and Eronemo return.

The boys swim team is excited to see what new talent there is and where this season goes. They are hoping for a lot of new recruits this season as they are very low on numbers. There has not been a lot of support for our lesser known clubs in the recent years, so as a final comment, Lockhart said, “Go to swim meets.”

Journalism Takes on Seattle; WJEA Convention

by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

The Journalism Production team, consisting of Delaine Mesier, Angel Terry, Anna Hartman, Morgan Marko, Maddie Marko, and Jillian Felker, produces the Kentlake Falcon Flyer and recently competed in a Journalism Convention called WJAZA. They work hard to get a quality Falcon Flyer issue out on time, and do even more than that. The Journalism editors often have to stay after school to make sure all the articles are edited and the paper looks just right. At the Journalism Convention, they competed against other school papers and authors in a writing competition.
Four people from Kentlake competed at the convention, although only one placed. The talented journalist who placed was Madison Marko. Morgan Marko, her sister, said, “Madison won honorary mention for news writing. She was the only one who placed and as her sister, I am very proud.”
The convention has inspired new changes in the paper. Marko said, “Kentlake should definitely expect some changes in the issues to come, we intend to make the pages more eye catching as well as maybe even change the style of the paper next year, which will probably be the most noticeable change.” For example, journalism would like to try the news magazine layout, which is more modern and eye-catching than the traditional paper layout. Even though the exterior of the Flyer may change, the quality of the articles within it will be the same great quality or better.
Marko said, “Kentlake students should read the Falcon Flyer because it is 100% designed, created, and written by students. It is something that we as a student body have complete control over. It also offers up different viewpoints on hot topics and updates you on news around the school and around the world.” Our Flyer is a component of Kentlake that not every school has the privilege to have.
The Journalism Production team already works hard at producing the Falcon Flyer, but The WJAZA has struck new motivation into the current editing and reporting team to make the paper as great as it can be.

How to Stay Focused Through the End of the Year

by Erin Bedry  – Staff Reporter

As third quarter ends, it can often be hard to find the motivation to finish the year strong. Thoughts of the summer time start to creep into the minds of everyone and distract from schoolwork. We all want to get out of school and sleep in, but it is important to stay focused and keep your grades up. To help you keep up, here are some tips to incorporate into your daily life.
1. Stay organized: After you clean your room, it helps you feel better in general. It is the same for your schoolwork. Use dividers in a binder and separate your papers into each class. This way, you will never spend too much time trying to find that certain paper and you will be less likely to forget about an assignment you were supposed to complete.
2. Set a schedule: All the teachers and all the parents tell their students not to procrastinate, but they do it anyway. At least a couple days before the due date, try to make a schedule. Know when you are able to work on an assignment and when you will be too busy to do it. If you play a sport or are in a club, this is especially important. Tell yourself when you are going to do the work and then just sit down and do it.
3. Be consistent: The best thing you can do to keep your grade up is just turn in your assignments. It can take forever to make up for just one F in the gradebook. Instead of giving up on an assignment and just tossing it to the side, do as much as you can and then turn it in. Try to have the same level of work throughout all your assignments. If you turn in inconsistent work, you will not leave a good impression with your teacher.
4. Remain positive: Self-deprecation can be your worst enemy. If you do not believe in yourself, then it will prove very hard to do all your assignments and finish the year strong. Always look on the bright side of things. Having a good attitude will make the people around you friendlier and easier to deal with. This way, if you really need an extension on something, teachers will be more inclined to grant you this. Positivity makes everything easier on yourself.
If you follow all of these tips, it can help you stay on the right track for your education. Stay strong and keep working hard.

Video Games Spark Polarizing Debate Amongst Student Body

by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

Video games: beneficial or harmful? This argument has stood the test of time. Believers of each side are strongly stuck in their ways. On the harmful side, we have moms, grandmas, and some teachers, while on the beneficial side we have the game addicts and maybe some more game addicts. However, no matter how blindly each side supports it, there is no way to disprove the facts about video games.
We have asked students what effects they believe the games have on them. “I play video games because they prove to be a nice stress reliever, being able to play a character and experiencing things through their perspective is very fantastical,” said Justice Etafo. Matthew Silva shares the same point of view, saying video games, “Allow me to wind down after a long day, and cool down after a bad time or otherwise.”
On the flip side, Conner Chick said “Video games do have some harmful effects. They can be a waste of time. Whenever I play video games, I think to myself, ‘What am I doing with my life?’”
The one thing that they all agree on is the fact that video games can be very social and build teamwork skills.
Video games help build very critical mental skills. Even for the younger kids, games will help them follow instructions better and develop early problem solving and logic skills. “In a series of experiments on small numbers of gamers (10 to 14 people in each study), the researchers reported that gamers with previous experience of playing such action video games were better at perceptual tasks such as pattern discrimination than gamers with less experience.” In addition to this, countless other studies prove this exact same thing.
Moving to the harmful effects side, the most common argument is that video games can lead to violent tendencies and lack of exercise. According to Health Central, “Some studies have disputed this while others, indicate that young people who show more rapid desensitization to violent pictures are going to be more accepting of violence, which is dangerous to the community at large.” In addition, from the same source, they described the link to obesity from video game use; “In children, ages one to 12, ‘results indicated that while television use was not related to children’s weight status, video game use was.’”
So next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all your homework, or even stressed by some friend drama, maybe try pulling up a video game. However, don’t do it for too long, because you may begin to experience the harmful side effects.

Fastpitch Works Hard Despite Setbacks

IMG_4182 IMG_4202

by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

Our fastpitch team is just kicking off their season, with one loss and . They already had to reschedule their first game that was supposed to be against Decatur due to rain. Our seemingly prolonged winter weather has not been the best for our baseball and softball teams. The forecast for March 28th is not looking good, but we are all hopeful that they will be able to compete.
Last year, Mr. Kaas led the team to 2nd in their league. With that great season, their new coach, Melissa Stanley, has a lot to live up to. The team is confident in her ability to lead and coach. Brooklyn Zanazanian, a junior, said in regards to Coach Stanley that, “she keeps us working hard every day and keeps us in shape!”
The team has high expectations for the outcome of this season. Whitney Baglien, a senior, said “I expect to get back to districts again this year and then state.” Their confidence is exhibited because of their ability to succeed in the past. Zanazanian said, “Our biggest competition is ourselves. As long as we come out prepared, physically and mentally, we’ll be unstoppable.”
The girls are working hard to back up their statements too. “The weather has not stopped our hard work and determination-we practice inside to work on our hitting or we go outside in the grass. Even if they rain out a game, we are still working hard. The weather will never slow us down!” said Zanazanian. This mindset shows the determination necessary in order to be successful for the upcoming season. We will all be hoping for a win on March 28th. Baglien said, “We just have to kick our butts in gear and kick butt!”
As Kentlake students, we should all make an effort to go out and support our fastpitch team this season.

National Puppy Day Appreciates Unconditional Love Puppies Give Owners

by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

National Puppy Day is just around the corner, we must take a moment to appreciate the unconditional love that puppies give to their humans. It was founded on March 23, 2006 by Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist and author. According to, puppy mills produce over 2 million puppies each year. There are not enough homes for these puppies, if the puppies are not sold, they are either euthanized by the breeder themselves or dropped off somewhere like a shelter, where an estimated 1.2 million dogs are euthanized each year (ASPCA).
National Puppy Day is not just a holiday to give you an excuse to post a picture of a puppy you find cute, but rather an occasion to raise awareness to the horrors that puppy mills are guilty of committing. Jenna Lacey, a freshman, recently got a puppy of her own. Her puppy “helps me when I am sad and calms me down to help me solve problems,” said Lacey. Puppies are known for always having a smile and being happy, but they are sadly not given the most humane treatment that they deserve.
“Puppy mills are dog breeding operations that put profit over the health and well-being of the dogs” ( Not a lot of people are aware of what puppy mills are. This is why we need a day like National Puppy Day to bring awareness to the wrongdoings of many puppy breeders and promote adopting puppies from humane places like a local, ethical breeder or the shelter. Do not just take to Instagram this 23rd and post a picture of a cute puppy, write a caption that helps promote the message National Puppy Day stands for.

Rachel Lindsay Rightfully Becomes Next Bachelorette


by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

As the 21st season of the Bachelor comes to an end, the new Bachelorette has been chosen. In a surprise announcement on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was revealed that Rachel Lindsay would be the lucky girl. Lindsay will be the very first black Bachelorette or Bachelor ever. This is a great step forward in the media, as people of color have previously not been well represented in television or movies. In a USC study, they found that just 28.3 percent of characters with dialogue were from non-white racial/ethnic groups. Lindsay is excited to break down these barriers and find her true love. In a study conducted by The Huffington Post, they found that “The average age of the bachelorette is 27.” Therefore, at age 31, Lindsay is more mature and actually ready for a relationship.
Personally, I am happy that Lindsay is going to be the bachelorette because she is genuine. Previous bachelorettes, such as Jojo or Andi, have come off as very shallow and have no character, just a pretty smile. Lindsay has received great amounts of support from her cast mates and America. Even Nick Viall said, “I have met very few people who possess as much beauty, grace, and charisma as Rachel and after hearing that she’ll be the next Bachelorette I could not be more excited.” It is great to see such a low level of negativity for her. These shows can come off as dumb and scripted when they have the same kind of person every single season, it can get a little repetitive. There is always one crazy person who seems to stick around too long, or the one weird guy who you know never stood a chance. Lindsay will be something refreshing in the world of The Bachelor series.
It is also commonly known that the couples coming from this show typically never stay together for longer than a couple months. However, I do not believe that this will be a problem with Lindsay, because she will not be carrying in some type of emotional baggage, like children, and she already has a great, steady job, as a lawyer in her hometown Texas. Lindsay is the first Bachelorette I have seen that is actually ready to settle down and get married to someone she loves.
To sum it all up, Rachel Lindsay is going to be the perfect bachelorette because she is mature, genuine, and something new to enjoy on this long going series.