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Music and Artists Success in 2017

by Elijah Monuteaux – Staff Reporter

To put it simply, 2017 has been one of the hottest years for music with popular artists like Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Lecrae, and Sam Hunt all releasing some of their biggest records. Across the board all the artist did exceedingly well with the records they released. Some artist even found 2017 as the year they would blow up and gain millions of fans. It makes the anticipation for 2018’s music build up with many musicians announcing drop dates for their upcoming albums.

Some of the hits for the hip hop world came when Migos released their album Culture in late January including hit single Bad and Boujee with the bouncy sound of trap music capturing all who listened. Later in March Drake dropped his album More life fallowed by Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN. Around a month later which quickly became one of the best albums of the year. Later in the Year a quieter artist, Lecrae let out his album All Things Work Together with hit single Blessings which features Ty Dolla sign.

R&B gave us a few surprises as well with a good amount of releases through the year. A few of the top releases were seen by SZA when she released Ctrl, Miguel when he dropped War and Leisure and Jhene Aiko showing off her style with Trip Although there are many more R&B artists who put out songs and Albums through 2017, these are the ones to highlight.

In The genre of pop, there were more singles that grabbed attention than the albums themselves. Such as ex-fifth harmony member Camila Cabello’s single Havana which featured young thug, and Imagine Dragon’s singles Thunder and believer. This is not to say that the albums were not artistic and hit worthy, but rather that the singles seemed to captivate listeners more than the album released afterwards.

Finally let’s of course peek at country music’s top releases! With hits Like Backroad by Sam Hunt, You Broke Up with Me by Walker Hayes, Five More Minutes by Scott McCreery. Country music shows us it’s typical sound with stories of past relationships, big trucks, and females. Although 2017 was a big year for other genres such as Hip-Hop and Pop, country seems to be up there with these artists hits.

President Trump Targets NFL Players with Tweets

by Elijah Monuteaux – Staff Writer

NFL players continue to protest during the national anthem, and do not show signs of stopping. As some may know, protests are something that occurs every Gameday when the national anthem plays before the games. Whether this is right or wrong remains uncertain, but everyone has an opinion or view. Some stronger than others. Such as president Donald J. Trump who makes many comments about what’s been happening.

Trump made a comment saying that the NFL is “Out of control”, showing that he believes something needs to be done about these protests. Every other comment or tweet trump makes about these players and teams shows his view. It may not be that he does not support this movement, but maybe more of how it is being done.

Recently the NFL began holding games in Mexico. This year the matchup was between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. During the pregame ceremonies, the stadium joins together in the U.S national anthem and then Mexico’s national anthem. the Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch chose to rise for Mexico’s, but chose to remain seated for the U.S nation anthem. This in a way show’s he is not trying to disrespect a flag, but instead stand for what he believes in.

After this occurred President Trump took fast to social media to share his thoughts on the matter saying “Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican anthem and sits down to boos for our national anthem. Great Disrespect! Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of season. Attendance and ratings way down.” Showing his frustration with the Oakland Raiders running back.

Trump will continue to aim comments at players to image his frustration and what he believes is right from wrong, and players will continue to sit for the anthem to image their frustration with justice and what they believe is right from wrong. It’s hard to believe anyone will ever get their way in this matter, or that anyone will ever be made happy.

ASB Auction and Dinner Labeled as Success

by Elijah Monuteaux – Staff Writer

With Budget cuts making school money scarce, students are having to take action to raise

money for their clubs and other activities. On Saturday October 21, Kentlake ASB held an auction

fundraiser to support these clubs. There are many clubs here at Kentlake, and each has things they’d like

to accomplish.All these clubs and teams were given an opportunity to donate a basket to the Kentlake

ASB auction fundraiser to help add to the amount of money raised in the outcome of the fundraiser.

Whatever each club donated would become a 70/30 spilt with Kentlake ASB. 70 percent went to the

club who donated the basket and the other 30 percent went to Kentlake ASB.

The Kentlake ASB Auction Fundraiser made over seven thousand dollars from selling over 70

baskets during the auction. It seems that the auction was a success. Some items sold include Huskie

tickets, a 42” TV, a spa night and a Barbeque. All these things were donated by clubs from Kentlake.

After the auction Kentlake ASB president Jordan Fong said “It was pretty successful for the first time!

We sold over 80 baskets.” Since the auction was a success this means clubs have received funds to help

them achieve their goals, and afford things to better their club. There will be other fundraising

opportunities in the future for clubs and teams so don’t miss out!


“Me Too” Movement Reaches Thousands

by Elijah Monuteaux – Staff Writer

A woman named Tarana Burke sat with a thirteen-year-old girl who had previously been sexually assaulted. Listening to her story of the events left Tarana speechless, and after this conversation the “Me too” movement was born. Intended originally for girls of color who had been sexually harassed or assaulted, it is now I more broad movement. It’s been about ten years since the “Me too” movement began, and sexual assaults have not been a huge part of the worlds conversations at all, but now it seems as if it is becoming more common to speak out about. This is a good thing.

Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment has seemed to set off a ripple effect across the country by triggering the “Me too” movement. Although it was started many years ago it became popular in the span of a few days. Many male celebrities have been found guilty, or have been accused of sexual assaults. This is not to say that male celebrities are predators or that males in general are. This is not a male thing, female thing, Hollywood thing, or political thing. It happens everywhere, every day.

Objectification is key to why a lot of these assaults have happened. Objectification is degrading someone or something to the status of a mere object. In this case women have been objectified. It is one thing to want a bigger, and faster car. It is a total different thing to turn a human being into an object for one’s satisfaction. Objectification for something that is obviously an object is not bad, but objectifying a human being and then harming that person is. Those are two entirely different situations.

Another good point to why this is happening is the fact that girls are taught from a young age that boys are stronger. This seems to be a part of why female victims of sexual assault find it hard to speak out about it. It is important now that since we have people speaking out about it in numbers that everyone takes advantage and speaks out.

Therefore the “Me Too” movement is very meaningful. It is standing for something that needs awareness. Many female celebrities began to start sharing their stories of encounters with Weinstein, and as soon as this happened an uproar on social media of hundreds of women sharing their stories set off the “Me too” movement to more than just and activist’s dream to raise awareness.

Police Partiality Causes NFL Protests

by Elijah Monuteaux – Staff Writer

Police partiality is an issue in today’s society. It has been an ongoing issue for many years now and is becoming more common. A year or so ago, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began his “National Anthem protest”, which he would demonstrate by refusing to stand during the national anthem. As his protest continued, some rose against him, while others supported him. Other NFL players began following the footsteps of Kaepernick trying to bring justice. The NFL seemed to “water down” the protests.

Despite the efforts to stop them, these players do have the right to these silent protests. This season the protests have become more and more common amongst players all around the NFL. 2-time Pro bowler defensive linemen from Seattle Michael Bennett had an incident with two Las Vegas police officers. “the police were using excessive force saying they would Blow my head off if I moved,” Bennett said. After this incident Bennett has begun protesting during the national anthem, Fellow teammates standing by his side with hands on him showing support for him. Bennett has made no statement on how long he will protest, but he along with many other NFL players and people around the world want justice and equality.

In week three of the 2017 NFL season the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the Tennessee Titans. During the pregame national anthem ceremony when all fans and players are asked to stand and join for the national anthem neither the Seahawks or Titans arrived on the field. There is a lot of controversy over whether this was the wrong or right thing to do.

U.S president Donald Trump has made comments on these protests. “NFL owners and coaches are afraid of their players, but they got to be tough and they got to be smart,” President Trump said. and he believes that these protests need to be stopped. With all the opposing views on this, it’s hard to put a finger on what’s right and wrong, but each side has an opinion and each will stand for what they believe is right.

The NFL is not the only place where these protests have occurred, and remember that activism on the sports field dates back to the civil rights movement, but they are becoming more common around professional sports. These athletes realize that they have a voice and can make an impact in communities, and whether activism makes an impact or not, these people are standing up for what they believe in.