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Israeli Activist Arrested After Video Goes Viral

by Cooper Lewis – Photographer

The last couple of years have been booming with human rights activists blowing up on social media. Platforms like twitter and Instagram have spread the word about thousands of problems through out the world and the people standing up against them. This time the activist was 16 year old Ahed Tamimi.

A video of Tamimi has gone viral of Tamimi slapping and kicking a guard standing outside her house, after the guards forced themselves into her home and shot her brother. After the video had spread through Israeli media, people had started calling for her arrest. A few days later soldiers had evaded the Tamimi household at three in the morning and brutally arrested Ahed Tamimi, while flipping the house upside down.

Ahed wasn’t the only one to receive a punishment for this though. Her father, Bassem Tamimi, was arrested at her court trial, her mother and cousin who where both featured in the video got arrested later that morning. Ahed’ s detention was lengthened 10 more days. Ahed currently has 12 charges against her ranging from throwing rocks at soldiers to kicking and hitting them.

This isn’t Tamimi’s first time going viral on the internet. In 2012 Tamimi was recorded throwing rocks at a soldier after they had arrested her older brother, then again three years later biting and slapping a soldier who had tried to take his little brother. Tamimi is seen as a unique symbol in the middle east, being a light skin, light eyes, and light hair, she has stood up for much of her and others rights.

“We are proud of our daughter, Nour, who has been raised to resist the occupation and the injustice, an extension of her parents and grandparents, and take pride in her struggle against this terrorist state, and we warn these thugs not to touch or endanger her.” Said Bassem Tamimi. Her father who is also a human rights activist and has planned and been apart of many protests. Bassem Tamimi is proud of her daughter and the path for justice and basic human rights she has pursued.

Mental Health a Prevailing Problem in Today’s Youth

by Cooper Lewis – Photographer

For young adults ages 15-24 suicide if the third leading cause of death, and for kids 10-14 it is the second. It is unbelievable that kids as young as ten want to kill themselves. Depression plays a huge role in this. 20% of teenagers are affected by depression and only 30% of them get treated for it. Now these numbers seem relatively low but in the case of death it is terrifying. Kids and teenagers are the key to our future.

Depression is a mental illness that can occur naturally but can also be caused by things such as family situations and social life however the most leading reason is drug addiction. While some people turn to drugs in times of depression (which just worsens the problem) certain substances such as alcohol and cigarettes have chemicals that when constantly taken in high doses can alter the chemicals in your brain. People who abuse these substances are six times more likely to commit suicide than non-drug users, and 90% of suicidal teens abuses some sort of substances.

The problem with suicide isn’t necessarily a substance its self but the addiction and the moderation the drug is taken in. Even without a mental illness drugs and alcohol are the second risk for suicide, depression and other mental illness being the first. The problem is that people are not getting treated for their problems. One in seven people become addicted to drugs but only one in ten get the treatment they need, it is the same with suicide (30% going untreated).

“If you only treat the depression without treating the chemical dependency, you will not be successful in really helping the person.” Dr. Jeffrey Bornestein says. The solution for depression is to treat it and promote awareness of depression and substance abuse. Signs of depressions are low self-esteem, sluggishness, disinterest of most things, lack of eating or sleeping and of course substance abuse. These are just a few signs of depression and if you or anybody you know show these signs seek help from a therapist or doctor or call a suicide hotline. (1-800-273-8255)

Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas

by Cooper Lewis – Photographer

Its December which means it time to celebrate. December is full of religious holidays and traditions that are celebrated all around the world.

Kwanza is a seven-day holiday celebrated specifically for African and African American culture. It was created in 1966-67 by Maulana Karenga. Since then the holiday has been spread to other places like Canada and Great Britain. The holiday starts on the 26th of December and goes till the first of January, and celebrates the seven principles of Kwanzaa, or the seven principals of African heritage. The seven principals are unity, self-determination, responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. The seven symbols are objects used to represent the aspects of life. The seven symbols are Mazao, Mkeka, Vibunzi, Mishumaa, Kinara, Kikombe, and Zawadi. Karenga originally thought that Christianity was a whitewashed holiday and looked down on it but later stopped claiming that so to not discourage black Christians to participate in Kwanzaa as well as Christmas.

Hanukkah has many different names such as the festival of lights and festival of rededication. It is an eight day holiday that usually falls during December, on the twenty fifth if kislev. It is to celebrate the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem after its defilement from the Syrian Greeks in 164 BCE. The heart of the festival is the nightly Menorah accompanied by a reciting of special blessings and prayers. One being the Hallel which is repeated everyday. The menorah is placed under a window or doorway. There is special music sung after the lighting of he candles. Since the hanukkah miracle involved olive oil a lot of the foods are fried in oils. It is also traditional to play with a dreidel, the game is normally involves coins or nuts which are won or lost.

The most main stream religion is Christianity. Christmas is technically a religious holiday and is to celebrate the birth of Jesus (even though there Is no proof he was born on that day) on the twenty-fifth of December. While many people do celebrate Christmas because its religious meaning but a large amount of people who are not religious also celebrate Christmas. For example, Japans main religion is Shintoism and Buddhism but Christmas is still celebrated. Of course, it is different around the world. In Germany they have the Krampus run, which Is a festival where young men run through the streets dressed as Krampus. Krampus is a demon goat that punishes bad children, the contrast of saint Nicholas. This legend is told in multiple places such as Austria and Croatia. In Mexico the celebration of Christmas is much longer and from the 16th to Christmas eve children will perform “the posada”, these are to celebrate the part of the bible where Joseph and Marry where looking for a place to stay. Holidays are uniquely celebrated around the world with each family celebrating there own way with there own customs.

Gun Control Remains Issue in America Today

by Cooper Lewis – Photographer

Gun control and whether we should have it or not has been an issue for a long time now. Guns, as everybody knows by now, are dangerous weapons and have been a part of many deaths and injuries in the U.S. and around the world.

Places like Australia have completely banned guns from citizen use after a mass shooting. In 1996, a 28-year-old man named Martin Bryant started the deadliest mass shooting in Australia. Bryant was caught the next day, but by then 35 people had been killed, 23 left wounded.

People make the argument that since then there has been little to no crime in Australia since, and because of the lack of violence the U.S. should ban guns. While gun control should definitely exist and the purchasing and trading of guns should be looked at and kept strict, guns should not be completely banned.

Guns are the most popular weapons used for murder among both men and women, but it is not really the gun that kills. It is the person. If a person really wanted to kill someone, they would. Whether guns are banned or not, that person has the intent to kill. They will find a way to get what they want. Poisons, knives, even a person’s brute strength as well, are all different forms that one could easily use to kill someone. By taking the publics rights to guns away, it is just putting them in danger. Sure, there are other weapons that could help them defend themselves, but just like guns are the most efficient for murder, they are also the most efficient for protection.

On top of that, even after guns are banned, criminals can still get ahold of them, the same way people still get ahold of drugs and the same way teenagers get ahold of alcohol. There is never a completely sufficient way to get rid of something and guns are no exceptions.

So in the end, guns are just an object. It would be a waste of the government’s and people’s time to completely ban guns. Instead, gun control should be kept strict so less people with bad intentions can get ahold of them.

Must See Movies and Specials for the Halloween and Fall Season

by Cooper Lewis – Photographer

Fall is a season full of activity’s, drinks and food, and traditions. Halloween is a part of this. Everything from corn mazes, haunted houses or just getting seasonal drinks are things that everyone participates in. Still one of the best ways to kick off fall is by watching scary movies, but if that’s not your cup of tea, just classic Halloween movies.

The best Halloween movies you will find around are the movies they start playing in October on kid’s channels, such as Disney channel and cartoon network. “Halloween town” and the three sequels to it are possibly the best Halloween movies. Set in Halloween town, it portrays the life of the creatures and monsters that are part of Halloween myths and folk tale. Throughout the four movies it shows the characters growing and expanding their magic ability’s while introducing new characters and problems. It shows Halloween and its myths in their true form.

Older horror movies like “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is still a good horror movie despite the quality and age they made the movie in. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a movie made in 1983, the movie is meant to play with the perception of the brain, and it does this very well with the play out of what happens in between the dreams and real life.

While “A Nightmare on Elm Street” aims to trigger the physiological fear with the switching in and out of dreams and reality, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is just more of a gory movie. When the movie first came out in 1974, there was a widespread rumor that it was based off of a true story. Though the plot of the movie is all fictional, leather face was inspired by real life serial killer, Ed Gein. The movie was so gory it was banned from several countries, making this a perfect movie to watch for Halloween.

Legacy of Big Time Rush Deserves Global Recognition


by Cooper Lewis – Staff Reporter

The boys of Big Time Rush are our gods. In 2009, Nickelodeon brought to the world a masterpiece. Four boys: Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow, and Carlos Pena. Together they created Big Time Rush, the best boy band to have come out of their generation. The television debut began with them being discovered by a selfish manager and brought to L.A. to produce an EP and potentially more.
Before they completely formed a band, Gustavo Rocque, their manager, had to whip the boys in shape. Kendall became the leader of the group, Logan the smart one, James the handsome one and Carlos the goofy one.
When asked who his favorite member was, Noah Reitan (9), said, “Carlos because he has a helmet”. Carlos, unpopular with the girls was very favorited amongst male fans due to his child-like attitude and helmet he always wore. But, for many choosing a favorite has been proven impossible. Britany Torres (9) said, “I do not have one. That is like making me choose between my children.”
The show “Big Time Rush” was a hit. Kids around the world loved it. The television show was nominated for ten Kids’ Choice Awards and ended up winning four. To this day, the kids that have grown up watching “Big Time Rush” are still passionate about them.
Not only was their TV show so great, but they created amazing music and released four albums. They have made collaborations with some of America’s biggest artists such as Snoop Dogg, in their song “Boyfriend.” This song was an especially great hit and continues to make its mark on our everyday lives as you may often find yourself humming, “Your boy, boy, b-b-b-b-b-boyfriend.”
Then came the downfall of America entertainment. The television show ended. Marley Hattori (9) went as far as death to express her emotions. Hattori said, “I wanted to kill myself.”
As for the band itself, in an interview for CelebSecrets4U, Schmidt said, “Big Time Rush hasn’t ever broken up, so I suppose whenever a good tour comes around we will be there.”
It has been 4 years and the boys have not made a public performance. “I thought it was really sad but I mean you know all good things come to an end,” Charlie Zentner (9) said.
The four boys still keep in touch, but continue with their own life. As depressing as it might be, we should keep on supporting them and carry on their legacy by continuing to listen to their music and re-watch the episodes.
Big Time Rush has done many important things with their music career and television show. We look back at all their music, episodes and even The Beatles covers they did, trying hard to put it from our minds that nothing great will probably ever come from them again.

Girls Baskteball Season Improves to the Dome

IMG_4382 IMG_4528 IMG_4817 IMG_5132

by Cooper Lewis – Staff Reporter

For the second season in a row, the girls’ basketball team is heading to the Dome.
In order to get to the state competition again, on Feb 14, the girls had to beat Tahoma. They won 59-37 with senior Kiley Johnson scoring 14 points and senior Gabby Bruno scoring 12.
The game before they lost to Kentridge 53-36.
The first playoff was against Puyallup, at home, because they were the second seed. After a slow start, they beat Puyallup 57-26. Emma Jackson 17 points off the bench.
At 20-4, the team has experienced many successes so far this year. Often time coaches have 2-3 players they use throughout the entire game, but Hilburn plays all nine-varsity girls, keeping everyone fresh. The team is deep with ability.
“If this is what he [Coach Hilburn] wants me to do, and what the team needs me to do, then I’ll be happy to do it.” Basketball captain, senior Jada Leonard said.
It seems as if all the basketball team girls this season have lived by Leonard’s motto. Currently, they are ranked 9 by the Tacoma Tribune in the NPSL 4A Cascade League behind Kentridge High School.
Leonard said, “It’s just a result of all our hard work over the years that we put together to get in this position…it feels really good. We have an amazing coach (GC Hilburn) and he lead us to state last year when it was his first year coaching us. And this year he’s kind of putting it on our shoulders. [He wants us] to be selfless and like reach our potential and do everything that we can to make it a team effort.”
Sydney Petersen said, “Hilburn is really good at knowing where to put people. He’s a smart coach. He takes advantage of mismatches.”
This year, 12 teams go to state. Teams are ranked according to their RPI (rating percentage index) instead of seating. Because the Falcons’ RPI puts them at #2, their first regional game is against Todd Beamer High School. Regardless of what happens against Beamer, the girls will compete against Bellarmine Prep High School after that. If they win against Bellarmine Prep, they receive a bye, which would be beneficial because the next game is loser out and the bye would automatically get them further.
Leonard plays for her teammates, “I definitely just like the love of the team, I’ve been playing with Sidney and Kylee since my freshman year on varsity and honestly, if they weren’t playing I’m not sure if I would be.”
Gabby Bruno is proud to be on one of the best teams in the state. “It feels amazing, coming in new to the team, and being so successful is a great feeling. All of these girls are amazing players and work hard to continue to play on college teams.”
Senior Sydney Petersen has sat the season out because of an injury; however, she has still taken an active role in the team. Petersen said, “I’m more of a cheerleader and coach this year. I help the team stay positive. After the games, Hilburn asks me what I saw during the game, and what I think worked. He looks for different perspectives. I’ve learned a lot about the game; I have a new perspective on it.”
After Bellarmine, every game will have to be earned.