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Pro vs. Con: “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Nothing Wrong With the Holiday Classic

by Vitaliy Berezhnyy – Staff Writer

Alright, alright, alright, I get it. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is RAPEY. Harrumph. I feel an empty pit in my stomach: something does not seem right. I mean, it is an old song (written in 1944), and rape was accepted back then… gosh, that just does not seem right, either. This calls for a ‘putting on of the proverbial super-sleuth-glasses and a reaching for the cracked magnifying glass’—oh, how dusty the two are. Blow the dust, and begin.

This song is almost always performed with a man and a woman, and because that is how it was intended to be, I will refer to the two as such. Looking through the lyrics… I’ve got to say, there is nothing rapey that I can find. A man seduces a woman who is playing hard-to-get. That is what I see. I see the woman retaining a ladylike composure, concerned over what “the neighbors might think,” and oh, “There’s bound to be talk tomorrow,” but at the same time, she wants him to want her. ‘I do not want it to look like I am sleeping around (change), so you have to be the right guy. Convince me to stay.’ None of the excuses she gives has to do with what she thinks, only what others might think: her brother, her mother, her sister, and the list goes on; what she wants, and what others want, does not align. Everyone else wants her to come home, but she wants to stay.

Within the first two verses, she gives in a little to his pull (“…maybe just half a drink more.”) Boom. Bananas. Almost sounds like she’s interested in staying, eh? Shortly after that, she jokes, “Say, what’s in this drink?” Yes. Jokes. Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Dolly Parton, and countless other artists have covered this song: are all of them are pro-rape? No. Clearly, they got the joke, they got the meaning of the song—the subtle romantic overtones that manage to slip away from today’s politically-correct, rape-culture hunt. Bottom line, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is not rapey; it is a lovely look into a sophisticated, yet light, play of love that was once widely accepted as romance.

Baby, It’s Date Rape and Really Concerning

by Anna Hartman – Feature Editor

Picture this: It is a cold December night, snow is falling outside, and a man and a woman have enjoyed the evening together at his house. The woman is headed out for the evening, but the man tries to convince her to stay. Despite the woman, protests, the man is persistent and will not let her leave, as he makes advances on her without given consent and eventually end up slipping something into her drink to get her to stay.

In 2017, a story with this narrative would be quick to be called out for depicting sexual assault, or being generally demeaning to women, however, in 1944, this very narrative flew under the radar wrapped in a catchy little Christmas package known as Baby It’s Cold Outside.

The song in question has garnered much debate through the years, however, I believe that the song, although catchy, is extremely dated and worthy of an update due to its negative and concerning portrayals of women.

Its depiction of women within the song are congruent with the beliefs of the time, that women are nothing more than objects to be advanced on by men. This belief no longer aligns with the way that women are seen today. Today, women can be scientists, engineers, actors, and are free to make their own way in the world, and should not be reduced to such negative depictions any more.

One could defend the old tune by saying that they did not know any better at the time, as women had gained the right to vote only 24 years before the song was written, however, just because they did not know better then, does not mean that we do not know better now.

We should correct our actions by either updating the lyrics of the beloved Christmas carol so that it sounds less concerning in general, and indicates the woman giving consent, rather than having the advances of a man forced upon her. If this does not happen, however, given the current political climate, we as a society should at least recognize the negative light that this shines on women, and do everyone a favor and greatly reduce its radio air time.

There are many things about internalized misogyny and constructs of our society that we cannot change, however, a silly little Christmas song is something that we can. If we can make little changes like this in other facets of our society, we can make a step forward in achieving true equality for women.

Movie Remakes Unnecessary, yet common attempt by Disney

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by Anna Hartman – Student Life Editor

No matter where you look today, Disney remakes are somewhere. As soon as the giant movie company finishes one remake of an iconic film, they seem to start production on at least two more. The only real question at this point is; where does it end?
Disney already has many live action movies already on the agenda. So many, in fact, that the list never seems to end. “Mulan”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Dumbo”, “Snow White”, “Pinocchio”, “The Sword in the Sword”, “Peter Pan” and “Winnie the Pooh” are all rumored to be in production, by multiple sources and we will most likely see these films in theatres within the next several years.
Remakes of classic films are like a fine spice, all right in moderation, but can become excessive very quickly. These live action films are riding on the coattails of recently successful Disney remake, “Beauty and the Beast”, however the sheer mass of live action films capitalizing on this trend only serve to make Disney appear unoriginal.
Disney has shown repeatedly that they can make quality, original films, as was exemplified by the release of Moana in November of 2016. The movie was met with widespread critical and commercial success, and will stand with the best of Disney classics throughout the rest of film history. Instead of making more original creations like this one, however, Disney focuses on making an excessive amount of remakes, only doing well at the box office due to the success of the original films they were based on.
Although, yes, these remakes do have some benefits compared to the originals, such as increased graphical capabilities and additional character dimension being added to the classics. However, the effort being put into these remakes could be better spent on making new, original stories, rather than an excessive amount of remakes.
While there is nothing inherently bad about the quality of these remakes, there is nothing exceptional about them either. They are nice to look at, and nostalgic for many fans, however, at the end of the day, very few of these movies live up to the originals, and do not have the same atmosphere, and do not bring back the childhood fondness of the original movies.
These remakes do not show off the best Disney has to offer, and instead are a cheap way for the company to keep making money, but without having to come up with original ideas for stories. Disney has put out so many quality movies in the past, and could continue to do the same through the years, but instead insist on bringing these classics back, though they would be better left alone in favor of original stories.

New York Fashion Week Introduces Spring Fashion Trends

by Anna Hartman – Student Life Editor

New York Fashion Week, a week long fashion exhibition, is often a good indicator of the trends to come for the upcoming spring season, and this year’s looks had no shortage of wearable pieces and adorable options to add to your spring wardrobe.
First and foremost, continuing the trend from the winter months, the athleisure trend will continue to go strong. Leggings, sweatshirts and spandex provide options for those interested in maintaining comfort, as well as dressing on-trend.
It’s no secret that 2017 has been a divisive political year, and most people have a lot to say about the happenings in the government this season. This is why we can predict that slogan clothing and graphic tee shirts may see a comeback this season, as clothing tends to provide a canvas for expression, particularly in things like politics.
The one trend that seems to recur almost every spring and summer season is the use of bold colors, such as vibrant, reds, oranges, yellows and blues. This year, however, we can expect to see these vibrant colors paired with black and horizontal stripes.
Though this trend may not be appropriate to wear to school, bras under jackets were big during NYFW, and may be more practical for the warmer weather of states like California, rather than the rainy springs we tend to see in the Pacific Northwest.
In general, we can expect to see a lot of clothing from the 1980’s and 1990’s making a comeback, as we have seen through 2016. This can partially be attributed to the rise in popularity of used clothing shopping among millennials.
We can expect to see an adventurous 2017 spring full of people embracing the individuality of fashion, and enjoying the trends presented at NYFW.

“Hamilton” and Other Smash Hit Musicals to See During Paramount Theatre 2017-18 Season


by Anna Hartman – Student Life Editor

In a world of nonstop information and fresh trends that sweep the media like waves, then vanish as quickly they came, there are very few pieces of entertainment that have truly made enough of an impact to be considered a “cultural phenomenon”. Hamilton is one of these rare exceptions.
Hamilton has captured the ears and hearts of many young people in a way that no musical has in the past, prompting many who previously had not been interested in theatre to purchase tickets for the 2017-2018 season in order to guarantee a chance at seeing the iconic musical. Those who purchased tickets without much prior knowledge of the other shows included in the season, however, are in for a wonderful surprise.
The season starts off with a classic, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. The ever-popular musical was created in 1965, and centers around Maria, a young nun who struggles to find her place taking care of seven children in Nazi-era Austria. The story is heartwarming and timeless, and a fantastic way to begin the season when it starts up in September.
Following this show is Aladdin, the critically-acclaimed musical adaptation of the classic Disney film, which will not fail to entertain audiences young and old with its well-loved story. The Bodyguard, the next show on the roster, is a new musical making its first trip through Seattle. It is based off of the 1992 film featuring Whitney Huston. Elf is a Christmas treat that should bring tons of holiday fun to your standard holiday routine, a musical based off of the modern Christmas classic movie of the same name, starring Will Ferrell as the lovable Buddy the elf, trying to make his way in the real world.
Though not included with the original season package, the hit musical written by the geniuses behind South Park, The Book of Mormon is a must-see. This show, however, about the misadventures of Elder Price and Elder Cunningham on a missionary trip to Uganda, is not for the faint-of-heart. The show is littered with jokes about the political climate of Africa, Mormons, and organized religion in general. If you are not offended by these things, though, this show is a necessity for your season.
Finally, the show that needs no introduction, Hamilton. The story of one of America’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton told through rap, hip-hop and R&B music. Making its first sweep through Seattle, Hamilton is an incredible feat of musical genius that is by far the most anticipated show of the season.
Next up in the season is the sequel to one of the most iconic musicals of all time, The Phantom of the Opera. Love Never Dies opened to mixed reviews in New York, and has not been able to rise above mediocrity since. The original Phantom of the Opera, though, is offered as an add-on to the season, similar to The Book of Mormon. For those who need the original tale of Christine Daae and the mysterious phantom, this add on is a perfect choice.
The last show in the standard season, Les Miserables, is the critically acclaimed story of Jean Valjean, an ex-prisoner during the French revolution, and his attempt to escape capture by Javert, and take care of Cosette, the daughter of the prostitute Fantine.
Though Hamilton may be the star of this season, there are so many other fantastic musicals featured, that purchasing season tickets will prove to be more than worth it to those who purchased only thinking of Hamilton. Season ticket holders are in for a wild ride with many Tony-award winning shows that are bound to go down in musical theatre history for years to come.

Cute Love Bug Craft for Valentine’s Day

by Anna Hartman – Student Life Editor


  • Pipe Cleaners or colored copper wire
  • Google eyes
  • Small plastic or wax Dixie cups
  • Heart stickers or mini pom poms
  • 2×4 piece of cardboard
  • Red, pink, or white yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue or glue dots


Step 1: Wrap the yarn around the piece of 2×4 cardboard between 100 and 200 times depending on the thickness of the yarn


Step 2: Once you’ve wrapped the yarn, slide the ring of yarn off the cardboard. Hold it at one end, tie it with another piece of yarn and cut at the other end so that you have something similar to a mop.


Step 3: Glue the yarn to the top of the upside-down Dixie cup. This is the body of the monster. Once the glue is dry, trim the yarn around the bottom of the cup so it is even.


Step 4: Glue some antennae made out of pipe cleaners or copper wire to the top of the yarn, and two eyes to the front, and you are done with this simple and fun Valentine’s Day craft. Enjoy your new Valentine friend!

Late Start Calls Made Too Late to Ensure Safety


by Anna Hartman – Student Life Editor

Late starts. Every student wakes up on a cold, winter’s morning and hopes to be blessed with one of these glorious, four-hour school days, however, the poorly handled icy morning on January 9, left many students upset.
On that morning, the roads were wet and frozen over, and made for very dangerous walking and driving conditions. However, the district wasn’t aware of the conditions right away and didn’t make the call for late start until after 7:00 AM, after the busses had left the lot with kids on board. Many of the teachers had already arrived at school.
This meant that most students and teachers ended up at the school almost two hours early, and the faculty had to scramble in an attempt to get the kids in line and sort everything out by moving the kids into their homeroom classes and trying to keep kids from leaving.
Though mistakes at the district level are understandable, it not excusable that kids drove or walked to school in these conditions. Once at school, many students and teachers had stories to tell of their slippery drives in an attempt to arrive on time.
Sophomore Serena Carney fractured her arm on her walk to school from the Kentlake Highlands, slipping on the sidewalk on her way to school.
Carney said, “I feel like the school should have just cancelled school or put more precaution into what the students would go through with the ice, because they did not really consider the affects that the ice would have on the students.”
Despite this, Carney said, “I don’t blame the school, but I do feel like the school could have prevented it. I feel like the school could have done stuff to help the students be safer. I feel like that is their job, but at the same time, I could have been more careful.”
In addition to the concern and injury caused, the faculty was unprepared on how to deal with the late start. They made an attempt to keep kids contained in their homeroom classes, however, many either left or did not have an open homeroom classroom, leaving the whole situation a disorganized mess.
To add to the chaos, the school’s heater broke, leaving the students and teachers in the cold, some classes reaching temperatures below 50 degrees. To be fair, this was not a human error, however, it made the experience much more miserable for everyone involved.
That evening, though, the district issued a two-hour delay due to icy conditions for the next day at about 9:00 PM, possibly due to the complaints received from everyone about the day.
The district should have been more on top of the cancellations in order to prevent student injury and inconvenience for everyone involved. What about saying they HAVE to make the call before people have already left their houses.

Hairspray Live Falls Flat Among Viewers


by Anna Hartman -Student Life Editor

Hairspray Live, the latest installment in NBC’s series of live TV musicals, aired December 7th, 2016, to a mixed bag of reviews and opinions from many critics.
NBC established its traidition of airing a live musical around the holiday season beginning in 2013 with The Sound of Music, continuing on with Peter Pan, followed by The Wiz, culminating in Hairspray this year.
Many viewers would agree that, compared to the other mediums Hairspray has been presented in, such as the original stage production and the two movie adaptations in 1988 and 2007, NBC’s live version was underwhelming to say the least.
“It was not as good was I was expecting it to be,” said senior Tessa Carroll, “I was hoping for it to be a lot better. It wasn’t up to my expectations.”
Drama teacher and drama club director Pamela Cressey also had opinions about the mistakes made in Hairspray Live.
“Hairspray Live should be buried and dead,” Cressey said, “I turned it off in the first five minutes. But then again, I saw the real live version before it went to Broadway and won many, many Tonys.”
The production was littered with mistakes, such as mic issues and other technical difficulties, as well as many actors breaking character and many missteps that took away from the overall quality of the production. Many of the mistakes made in Hairspray Live are not unheard of for stage productions, but on TV these mistakes were glaring and distracting, as the broadcast did not have anywhere near the heart of intimate connection with the audience that can be found in a stage production.
There were silver linings, though, despite the technical issues that greatly hindered Hairspray Live, most of these silver linings within the cast. Though some members of the cast fell flat, some shone brightly as their characters.
“I thought that it was not great,” said senior Kiera McCurdy, “But I thought that Seaweed was probably my favorite.”
Ephraim Sykes, who played Seaweed J. Stubbs, did an exceptional job in his role after being a part of Hamilton’s company on Broadway.
Jennifer Hudson as Motormouth Maybelle was also a definite standout of the production, bringing down the house with her emotional rendition of I Know Where I’ve Been, a powerful song about racial tension and conflict in the 1960s.
Hairspray itself will stand the test of time as an important reminder of how far we have come with social issues and how far we have to go, though Hairspray Live will not be the form of the iconic show that will remind future generations of the ever-energetic Tracy Turnblad and her quest to dance on TV and in the process fight for equality in her hometown of Baltimore.
Overall, Hairspray Live had many more faults than positive aspects and disappointed many fans of the original show. Hairspray itself is a fun and energetic live production that everyone deserves to see on a professional stage, however, Hairspray Live isn’t the adaptation that people should watch to familiarize themselves with the story of the show. Hairspray is much better suited to the live production due to its catchy songs and powerful message, not a live television broadcast littered with mistakes.

Esgar Hernandez-Chavez fosters creative expression through fashion

by Anna Hartman – Student Life Editor

Students often discover their passion in high school. For some students, that’s art, or it’s music, or reading, math or writing. But for Esgar Hernandez-Chavez, his passion is fashion design.
“I’ve been designing clothes for about a year now. What motivated me to start designing was that I always had like a sense of fashion, and just knowing that you look good is just a good feeling,” Hernandez-Chavez said on his beginnings in fashion.
Hernandez-Chavez did eventually decide to expand his hobby in fashion beyond just design, and with his line he names Divine, he moved into selling his clothing online, and has no plans to stop there.
“Right now we’re online and right now we’re in the process of starting a website, so yeah. Right now we’re waiting for our clothing to get here. We already ordered about 120 shirts, and we’re going to start selling them online first, and then we’re going to start progressing to selling them in the stores.” Hernandez-Chavez said on his expansion of his fashion line.
He also commented that Divine, primarily designed for those interested in men’s fashion, is inspired by contemporary music artists such as Kanye West, Chris Brown and Jay-Z.
Although Divine’s website is still getting off the ground, Hernandez-Chavez has been thinking about selling his clothing for quite some time, since freshman year, in fact.
Outside of high school, Hernandez-Chavez has big dreams for his brand.
“I want to go into the designing world and sewing, actually, and get more professional,” Hernandez-Chavez said on the future of his line.
“Just knowing that when someone’s wearing something that you made is just like, just exciting. It just motivates you to make more and it’s just a good feeling knowing that they’re wearing something that you made and that no one else has.” Hernandez-Chavez said on what motivates him to design.
Hernandez-Chavez isn’t only driven to design for himself, though, but inspiring others drives his line forward as well. “Just don’t give up and don’t stop. Keep your head big and think outside of the box. Make some designs and you never know when a little sketch can turn into something else.” Hernandez-Chavez said.
Hernandez-Chavez has the drive and the talent in order to make his dream of designing professionally come true. His website will be up soon, and will be sure to attract people from all walks of life with a passion for high-personality, high-fashion clothing.