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Locker Distribution Does Not Help Students


by Abril Serrano – Staff Reporter

School lockers are useful in many ways by giving students a chance to store their personal items as well as school supplies, such as heavy textbooks and laptop chargers. Unfortunately, the way the lockers organized, combined with low passing period times and physical restrictions, make it nearly impossible to use a locker during school.
Personally, I went through the struggle of maintaining a locker during my sophomore year. Having my locker on the other side of the school from my 6th period made it almost impossible to get to my locker. Every day I rushed to my locker, weaving my way through other students to get into my locker, and then running to get to the bus mere seconds before it took off.
The locker location is determined by the student’s grade level. For example, the senior’s lockers are located upstairs on the left wing of the school and the juniors lockers are located upstairs the right wing of the school. Freshmen and sophomores are located down stairs freshmen on the right, and sophomores on the left.
If the locker layout situation is not already bad enough, the short passing period time only makes it an even bigger minefield. Compromising the student stress levels, the school offers students under five minutes to get from point A to point B, giving us students barely enough time as to get where we need to be.
As students, we are only allowed to go to our lockers during certain time. Students would think that one of those times would be during lunch, right?
Wrong—not if your locker is located upstairs. The school would prefer if students would not walk or head upstairs during lunch if the students fourth period is not upstairs. This means students are given even fewer opportunities to be able to use lockers and this prevents students from having to carry large and heavy items like bags or school projects.
The current locker situation simply is not working—what we need is change.
School lockers could be useful if the school would change the rules and give us an opportunity to pick the lockers that better fit our class schedule. We could be given the opportunity request a specific locker if you wanted one at the beginning of the year, after we had time to analyze our schedules, and older students would be given priority if two students wanted the same locker. We would be able to make one simple, quick stop between classes, instead of having to go out of our way to relieve ourselves of a few pounds of student burden.

Day Without Immigrants Sends Powerful Message


by Abril Serrano – Staff Reporter

A Day Without Immigrants, based on the 2004 movie directed by Sergio Arau, “A Day Without A Mexican”, became the center of attention on Feb. 16 in many cities across the U.S. Thousands of immigrants came together nationwide to protest the discrimination and violation of many undocumented and documented immigrants’ lawful and human rights.
We acted to get a simple message across: we contribute more to this country than you might think, and we will not continue to sit back as we are devalued and violated.
The boycott called for the closing of businesses, not attending work or school, and abstaining from shopping to show how much immigrants contribute to this country no matter their immigration status.
The movement was formed through social media following the accusations President Trump has made against immigrants throughout his political campaign and presidency.
In his inaugural address, Trump said, “While there are many illegal immigrants in our country who are good people, this doesn’t change the fact that most illegal immigrants are lower-skilled workers with less education who compete directly against vulnerable American workers.”
This statement is in opposition of previous statements in which he said DACA recipients were, “incredible kids.”
One of the most influential factors of the strike that took place in Tacoma, Washington dealt with the detention of a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient. Daniel Ramirez Medina who was arrested by immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) agents on Feb. 10 in Seattle.
Ramirez was sleeping at his father’s house when an ICE agent came to the house looking for Ramirez’s father. He was not at the property during the time, so instead they decided to arrest Ramirez and take him into an immigration detention center. Ramirez explained to the agents that he had a work permit under the DACA program, which granted 750,000 undocumented immigrants a two-year protection from deportation and work permits in 2012.
The agents violated Ramirez’s rights of protection from deportation as well as his arrest without a warrant taking him into the immigration detention center in where ICE is still trying to strip Ramirez from his DACA protection. The case of Ramirez is open waiting to see a judge in order to determine if he can be granted permission to stay in the States or if he will be deported. The news of Ramirez spread rapidly leading many DACA recipients to wonder if their rights will also be violated under Trump’s administration
The fear of countless undocumented families of being separated brought them together to prove that they are more than just “illegal” in this country. To imagine a life without 11.1 million undocumented immigrants is the idea of a Day Without Immigrants. We stood to prove that undocumented people help contribute to this country and that no matter our immigration status, we are all human beings fighting for our ideal American dream.

Ceelo Green’s New Persona Shocks Viewers at Grammys

cee lo

by Abril Serrano – Staff Reporter

The Grammys 2017 were full of exciting moments, one of the most memorable moments occurred during the red carpet when the appearance of a husky, short man coved in a full gold body tunic with a strange designed golden helmet covering his face notably appeared getting the notice of celebrity news outlets.
Many were quick to assume that the person behind the extraordinary suit was Cee Lo Green because of the similar features both outrageous men shared.
TMZ quickly caught up with Green a few days after the Grammys to ask him about the whole idea of the suite he wore to the Grammys in which, Green said, “That’s somebody else altogether, man.” Green followed up by explaining that the man everyone saw that the Grammys was not exactly him but in fact was his alter ego Gnarly Davidson.
Gnarly Davison is green’s new persona he developed to promote as a new artist, going so far to creating new social media accounts released under Davison’s name. The red carpet appearance of the Davison was an attempt by Green to promote Davidson’s new remake single called “Jay-Z’s girl” originally “Jessie girl” by Rick Springfield from 1981.
Unfortunately, for Green, Davison’s rise to Fame is not turning out to be, as Green would hope, with Davison’s music video for “Jay-Z’s girl” only getting 437,000 views on YouTube. On the other hand, the golden tunic and helmet look turned into an internet meme over night with people comparing the outrageous look to a delightful Ferrero Rocher chocolate.
It was clear the whole red carpet look was no more than a crummy attempted publicity stunt that no one asked for.