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Halloween Makeup

by Jillian Felker – Entertainment Editor


(Candy Corn)

· Complete set of eye brushes (small, medium, and large round ones, blending fluffy brush, small angled brush, concealer brush)

· Light brown, natural shade, orange, yellow, white, and glitter white shades.

· Concealer (your shade)

· Brow powder

· Spoolly

· Very light cool toned highlighter

· (optional) false lashes and lash glue

· mascara

Candy Corn Eyes:

1) Begin by using the angled eyebrow brush and the preferred shade to fill in the lighter spaces of your brows for light eyebrows.

2) Use the spoolly and brush through both eyebrows for a smooth finish.

3) Apply a small amount of concealer onto the concealer brush, to lightly line and blend around the eyebrow. Continue to blend the concealer evenly across the eyelid.

4) After applying the concealer, apply the natural shade with the medium sized round eyeshadow brush across the eyelid to set the concealer.

5) Using the light brown shade and the medium sized blending brush, lightly apply the eyeshadow in the crease and outer corner only, lightly blending upwards towards the eyebrow, keeping the brown shade relatively low below the eyebrow.

6) Next, use the orange shade with the smaller rounded eyeshadow brush on the outer corner of the eyelid only, and lightly patting it into the outer crease.

7) Again, use the medium sized blending brush to evenly blend the orange shade into the brown shade that is already in the crease, being careful not to blend it too close upwards into the eyebrow.

8) Repeat step 6, with the yellow shade in only the middle of the eyelid, and follow step 7 again to blend the yellow into both the crease and orange shade.

9) Repeat step 6 again, with the white shade in the inner corner only, and following step 7 to blend the shadow into both the crease and blending it into the yellow shade.

10) Once the three shades are blended evenly, use the glittery white shade in the inner corner of the eye, applying it with the smallest eyeshadow brush.

11) Lightly brush through the lashes with the mascara want, evenly with about 2-3 coats.

12) (optional) Apply a small yet fair amount of false lash glue to the strip/band of the lashes, waiting for it to dry slightly and become tacky before placing the band closely to the lash line.

13) Using the light highlighter, apply and blend it across the brow bone.

14) Lightly finalize the look with setting spray to keep the eye makeup set.

Islamophobia still Present in America Today

by Harris Yun – Staff Writer

America is no stranger to prejudice. Ever since the conception of our country there has always been a group of people that gets oppressed and hated, for no reason other than the idea that they challenge the status quo. As a Muslim myself, you can believe me when I say that these days, that group is Muslims, and it is just as damaging to the country as when that group was African-Americans.

Post-9/11, Muslim discrimination was at an all time high, but over the past decade, it has slowly been ebbing away. However, in the past year, a huge resurgence can be seen. Thanks to things like the recent travel ban, which aimed to prevent people from mostly Muslim countries from traveling into America, or President Trump’s actively hostile stance towards Islam, America is slowly working itself back into a frenzy of Islamophobia and all the horrible things that happen as a result.

No matter where you look, there is rampant prejudice against Muslims. Online, you just have to look at any news article that even mentions them, and you’ll see hundreds of comments raving about Muslims and how they need to be ‘dealt with’ – for example, on articles about the recent bombing of a mosque in Minnesota you can find comments in the vein of “I hope it was full of Muslim trash” and “Burn em ALL!!!!!!”

This hate is not just confined to the internet. All over the US, Islamophobia has led to thousands of people protesting the spread of Islam, even in places as liberal as Seattle; several demonstrations at mosques in the past three months turned violent, forcing police officers to use pepper spray to break up the crowds. They cite the reason that they “don’t want America to be taken over by Sharia law”, but that is not what most American Muslims want, either. Most are refugees from the turmoil in the Middle East, escaping the so-called ‘Sharia law’ implemented by ISIL and other similar groups – the last thing they want is for it to come to America, the land where anyone can do anything. The real reason they protest is because they want somebody to blame, some group they can point their fingers at and say ‘Look at them – they’re the problem.’ Even here, in the Kentlake area, when my family members go out with their hijab on they get strange looks filled with suspicion and fear, and once we even got outright told that we do not belong here, that ‘our people’ are the reason America is facing all the problems it is today.

However, wherever there is hatred, there are people fighting against it. The vocal minority, however vocal they may be, will always be a minority. A few outspoken critics should not, can not, be taken as representative of America as a whole. If you are truly an American, you will understand that Americans come from many diverse backgrounds, and trying to exclude a group of people just because they have differing religious beliefs is not just rude, it’s downright unpatriotic. Represent our country, stand in the face of prejudice, and support your Muslim countrymen and women.

New Kentlake App Helps Keep Students Involved


by Emma Hartvickson – Staff Reporter

Created by the fairly new company A+ apps, locals and longtime friends, Mark Zhuk, Andrew Petrik, and Julian Tsvan wanted to share their vision, “to bring innovation into schools.”
Mark and Andrew graduated from Auburn Mountainview and Julian graduated from Kentlake.
Last January, the friends teamed up and formed a company with the intent to provide custom mobile apps for schools, Petrik said, “We truly believe that engaged students are growing students.” The number one thing that they consider when building the apps for schools is where the attention of the student body is. They ask questions such as, “How can we bring them value and save them time?”
They also take into account the school brand in the design. “It’s important for us to communicate that you are downloading the Kentlake app, not just an A+ app that contains multiple schools.” Said Petrik.
The app will improve high school, Petrik said, “We like to use the analogy that our app is like a gym membership, you have to use it for the improvement to happen. As we move forward with implementing the KLHS app, there are many areas that we can improve in the school.”
The app includes features that inform students of everything happening around school. There is a calendar that has dates on the upcoming events, students can receive notifications, and one of the most popular features is the social media feature of the app. Students can post and share pictures on the app of anything going on at school and also access the KL Facebook and Twitter pages.
Principal Dr. Joe Potts is excited about the new app and the impact it will have on our school. He believes it will improve our school, “I think the better we communicate with our student population about the activities and events and opportunities in Kentlake, it will help them immensely…and so the better we communicate effectively and efficiently the better off everyone is going to be.”
The “student” section in the app provides information about the culminating project, college, and running start. The app leads students to Naviance and connects them to information regarding after post high school experiences.
Sports and Drama news can be accessed as well where students can find photos, register for events, and look at scores.
ASB President, Tyson Wanger explains what sparked the idea of creating an app for our school, and why students should download the app, “A lot of people especially running start students get caught up in their school work and sometimes forget about school activities, So when trying to promote school spirit, it’s hard to get people involved, so we decided to have A+ app create the school app for us.” Said Tyson. He explained why everyone should download the app, and that the app was created for all falcon families, no matter what type of phone that’s being used, “It’s just more of a way to get people involved and to create a Kentlake community.” Said Tyson.
For any more questions about using the app you can contact: Mark, Andrew, and/or Julian through the A+ apps website .

Battle of 272: Falcons Claim Spirit Trophy, Beat KW


by Trenton Curtis – Staff Reporter

After a series of hard-fought battles, we have finally brought the battle of 272 spirit trophy back to its rightful home. It was not an easy battle, but the hard-earned victories are the best ones and what happened on that fateful night of January 26 was no exception. With both student sections ready to yell and scream and each pep band ready to play their hearts out, the Battle of 272 was set out to be a good one.
After our girls team beat-out Kentwood 53 to 13 the spirit section hype train was going full speed ahead, powered in part by our pep band. “…Everybody was great. The band was fantastic, the cheer team was fantastic, and the student section was fantastic.” Said Pep Band Director, Jonathan Urmenita.
Without a doubt there was an intense atmosphere coming into the boys game. Kentwood was the favorite coming into the game and quickly they gained a decent lead on our boys which lasted the whole game with the final score being 82 to 41. While it is unfortunate that our boys lost, our girls won and we also won the spirit trophy so the Battle of 272 was won by us.
The basketball games are technically the focus of the Battle but the students in the student section and pep bands are the focus of the battle for the spirit trophy. After two excellent halftime shows the competition for the spirit trophy seemed to be fierce, but the competition quickly died when the opposing team’s pep band as well as their cheer team left roughly halfway through the boys game.
Perhaps one of the most optimistic aspects of the Battle of 272, aside from our girls team winning and us taking the spirit trophy would have to be the pride that was showcased on that fateful night. Despite the Battle of 272 being on the eve before finals, a large portion of our student section and majority of our pep band alongside our cheer team showed up to support our basketball teams and show Kentwood who is the boss which is all you could ask out of your student body and we did it with flying colors. “I think it was very important to show who has spirit and to show how big it is to the falcon family.” Said Urmenita when asked how significant winning the spirit trophy was for Kentlake.
Without a doubt, bringing the spirit trophy back home means something for this school. The amount of enthusiasm and the intensity in our victory cheers showed not only to Kentwood but to our fellow students, our Falcon family that we truly care about our sports and do have spirit and pep for all of our sports teams. I would like to thank all members of the pep band, the whole cheer team, the members of the student section and all basketball players and coaches alike for truly showing off our Falcon pride at 272.

SAD Disrupts Mental Functions in People Everywhere

by Serena Carney – Staff Reporter

As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, many people begin to experience a change in attitude and mood, this may be due to seasonal depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that is most common in the winter months and is caused by a lack of sunlight, it is very important to get as many hours of light as possible during winter. Seasonal depression takes many people victim all over the world.
While the exact cause of SAD is still unknown many studies reveal factors that lead to SAD. Most SAD sufferers have a normal mental health state throughout most of the year, but experience depressive symptoms in certain seasons like the winter or summer. Although the majority of people suffer from SAD during the winter months, many people also suffer from SAD during the summer such as regions with shorter nights. People who suffer from depression year round may also struggle with worsening symptoms due to seasonal depression.
Seasonal mood variations are believed to be related primarily to daylight and the amount of vitamins received, not temperature, because of this SAD is common even in places with mild winters, like Seattle and Vancouver. People who live in colder regions are especially likely to feel blue due to the effects of shorter days and lack of vitamin D. SAD begins and ends around the same times every year. The worsening of the condition can be influenced by numerous factors such as the age of patients, their genetic structure, the presence or absence of a mental health condition and the natural chemical makeup of the body.
“A change in season can cause disruption in the balance of Melatonin, a natural hormone, which plays a role in regulating the mood and sleep patterns according to the Mayo Clinic’s research on Seasonal Affective Disorder.”
If seasonal depression is a concern it is important to see a doctor. Treatment for SAD may include light therapy physical therapy antidepressant medicines and talk therapy. In most cases, seasonal affective disorder symptoms appear during late fall or early winter and go away during the sunnier days of spring and summer, however some people with the opposite pattern have symptoms that begin in spring or summer. Symptoms may start out mild and become more severe as the season progresses in winter season.