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Gymnastics Has a Successful First Meet

by Jillian Felker – Entertainment Editor

Beginning the first gymnastics meet of the season, and the pressure is on. Weeks of practice following up to one of the most eventful meets of the season, and leading to a graceful and strategic win for the entire team.

Following the 2016-17 varsity season, which went to both districts and state, the present team remained hopeful for the first meet of the season to help lead them to another year of success. Haley Pond (11) said that she is most excited for “Post season and seeing how far we can take our team.”

The varsity team’s goals and hopeful attitudes were put to the test during the successful first meet against Tahoma, Kennedy Catholic, and Decatur. Beginning with Beam, all gymnasts in the event scored relatively high, notably staying balanced and landing with a steady and graceful footing.

Moving onwards to floor, the personality of all gymnasts was portrayed through song choice, routine, and the smiles on their faces, which shows easily how this event stands out among the others. One notable gymnast on floor being Cassie Padilla (11), who won floor with an accurate and entertaining routine.

Vault following floor showed a radical change in the gymnast’s performances in events. Floor being a much more free-flowing, and individualized artistic event, whereas vault was an event of pure athleticism. In which they ran at a great speed to land over the vault. Jenna Carlson (9), said “My favorite event is vault, because I have a lot of power and I like to go over it (vault).”

To conclude events for the gymnasts was bars, less notable of an event, yet it was a strong event to wrap up the first meet, ending with a winning total score of 155. The opposing teams, Decatur (147), Tahoma (146), and Kennedy Catholic (62) all falling short. Success during the regular season and throughout post-season has become a realistic goal for the gymnastic team, due to a successful first meet.

Leading up to the successful meet, has been practice almost every day following school, which includes conditioning, practicing routines, practicing events, etc. Symantha Edwards (10) said “…We stretch and do lots of conditioning so that we can be strong and then we get to work on the events that we choose and then get what we need to get done, done.”

Besides just the physical attributes of being a gymnast, the emotional and mental struggles are one of the most important factors. One of the two senior Captains, Alohi Barboza (12) noted one of the greatest struggles of being a gymnast: Self-confidence. Barboza said, “Self-confidence, because sometimes you practice and practice but sometimes you cannot get a specific skill, although that is happens…” But self-confidence is not something that stops these gymnasts, Barboza said that through her teammates she and others have gained a lot of confidence and made many friends through the sport.

Wrestling Team Looking to Make Some Noise at the Dome

by Evan Williamson – Staff Writer

The wrestling team is looking for another strong season. Last season they finished third in the league, and third in the region.

Head coach Jeremy Williams is returning to coach the wrestling team. This year will be his 24th year coaching Wrestling; his 20th at Kentlake. The wrestlers have been getting at it and putting in work every day after school. They’re making improvements and learning new techniques. Coach Williams said, “I am excited about the hard work the wrestlers are putting in on a daily basis. This year they have stepped up their effort to the next level. I believe come post season time, they will be ready.”

The wrestlers have already completed three tournaments. Their first being at home against Kennedy Catholic in which they won 44-25. They also competed at the Decatur Invite. It was a good outing of the Falcons. Tony Heimann II led the team with an individual championship in the 182 pound weight class, Alex Lopez placed second at 145, and Robert Ashabraner placed 3rd. Also having strong performances for the team were Cameron Stewart, Roberto Alvarez, Cody Doerfler, Owen Foster, Kupono Planesi, and Andrew Hill. They travel to Bellingham this weekend for the Graham Morin Invite. Now they are hungry and searching for more.

The wrestling team’s next meet is the Graham Morin Invitational. It’s at Squalicum High School on Saturday, Dec. 16. at 10 a.m. They look to become better every day. “I expect another strong season, and to hopefully take that “next step,” says Coach Williams. “Last year we were 3rd in the League, and third in our Region. Now is the time for us to make some noise at the Dome (state tournament location).”

President Trump Targets NFL Players with Tweets

by Elijah Monuteaux – Staff Writer

NFL players continue to protest during the national anthem, and do not show signs of stopping. As some may know, protests are something that occurs every Gameday when the national anthem plays before the games. Whether this is right or wrong remains uncertain, but everyone has an opinion or view. Some stronger than others. Such as president Donald J. Trump who makes many comments about what’s been happening.

Trump made a comment saying that the NFL is “Out of control”, showing that he believes something needs to be done about these protests. Every other comment or tweet trump makes about these players and teams shows his view. It may not be that he does not support this movement, but maybe more of how it is being done.

Recently the NFL began holding games in Mexico. This year the matchup was between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. During the pregame ceremonies, the stadium joins together in the U.S national anthem and then Mexico’s national anthem. the Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch chose to rise for Mexico’s, but chose to remain seated for the U.S nation anthem. This in a way show’s he is not trying to disrespect a flag, but instead stand for what he believes in.

After this occurred President Trump took fast to social media to share his thoughts on the matter saying “Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican anthem and sits down to boos for our national anthem. Great Disrespect! Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of season. Attendance and ratings way down.” Showing his frustration with the Oakland Raiders running back.

Trump will continue to aim comments at players to image his frustration and what he believes is right from wrong, and players will continue to sit for the anthem to image their frustration with justice and what they believe is right from wrong. It’s hard to believe anyone will ever get their way in this matter, or that anyone will ever be made happy.

Seattle Seahawks Thrive Through Injury Plague

by Katharine Valerio – Student Life Editor

Injuries are bound to happen the NFL throughout the season, it’s just how football works. This season the Seahawks have had their fair share in injuries. With injuries all over the field, mostly on defense, they don’t seem to be slowing the team down. With a win against the number 1 ranked NFC, Philadelphia Eagles on December 3, 2017, it appears the Seahawks are still rolling into a signature late season run.

The NFL has had many injuries, but it seems the Seahawks have had their fair share. With key players like Pro Bowler Cliff Avril out with a neck injury since week four and was placed on the injury reserve, essentially putting players away for the season, All-Pro Cornerback Richard Sherman went out with a ruptured Achilles, All-Pro Strong Safety Kam Chancellor has been out for several weeks with a neck/stinger injury. Those are 3 big ones that have been ruled out for the rest of the season. There have been others throughout the season, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our offensive line is something that has been on and off, even when it is completely healthy. However, with injuries to Luke Joeckel and Oday Aboushi have Russell Wilson to running around more than a normal quarterback should. The identity of the Seahawks was a run first offense, well with the inept offensive line and fragile running backs, like Thomas Rawls, C.J. Promise and the still leading rusher as far as running backs go Chris Carson , who has been out since week 4 and the running game is now owned by Russell Wilson.

Many of the major injuries this season for the Seahawks started out as something that was small and escalated into something big. Richard Sherman who is one of the best athletes since entering the league in 2011, had been listed questionable in week 10 of this season with an Achilles injury, was listed as questionable throughout the week, but insisted on playing. This caused for the tragic injury that depleted the secondary of the Seahawks as something that isn’t the “Legion of Boom” is now known as the “Legion of Backups”, because there is only 1 of the 3 original members, Earl Thomas, is fully healthy and ready to participate this season.

Lingering injuries are not only injuries that are have influenced the Seahawks season, its also just injuries in general. The effects its had on the season haven’t been that drastic. Since Sherman’s injuries they have gone 2-1. People across the league have doubted the Seahawks after there injury plagued season, but the Hawks have proven them wrong through their performance over these past few weeks.

Mike Pence Sparks Drama: Leaves During National Anthem

by Katie Valerio – Student Life Editor

Since the beginning of the 2016 NFL season, players across the league have been peacefully protesting, their protests fighting for equal rights, and taking the nation by storm. People either support the idea of the peaceful protest or they consider to be disrespectful to the flag and the rest of of country. Colin Kaepernick was the first one to start this stunt, the White House had taken no part in the protests, until Oct. 8th, 2017.

On Oct. 8th our Vice President Mike Pence, former Indiana Governor, attended the 49ers vs Colts game, a day that should’ve been filled with positivity because it was also the day that the Indianapolis Colts were going to retire Peyton Manning’s #18 into the ring of honor. However right after the national anthem and the protest of about 20 49ers kneeling during the anthem, Vice President Mike Pence left abruptly sparking national talk.

People believe that Pence leaving was a political stunt, and in addition he used taxpayer dollars to go to the game. A tweet from Pence says, “I left today’s Colts game because President Trump and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our flag or our national anthem” People automatically began to think about how much money he had spent on that trip to Indiana and it ended up being around 250,000 tax payer dollars. 49ers safety, Eric Reid said after the game, “He knew our team has had the most players protest, he knew that we were probably going to do it again.” Many people and observers believe that the President and the Vice President were trying to use it as a distraction from the other political woes that are currently going on in the white house. Its believed that the Trump administration is trying to distract people from the fact that we are still dealing with hurricane relief not only in Puerto Rico but also still in the states.

Mike Pence leaving after the national anthem has caused some questions and some bitterness in the white house. People believe that Vice President Pence is using this as a way for him to peacefully protest and former Michigan Democratic Representative John Dingell said, “Cool national anthem protest @VP. Shame nobody else can do that.” Implying that the VP can do anything as terms as protest, but not football players.

The NFL is something that has brought our country together ever since the league was established in 1920. Division in our country is at an all-time high, let’s not find any other ways to be divided anymore.

Swim & Dive Excited For New Talent

by Erin Bedry – Staff Writer

Winter sports are just starting up, and the boys swim team is excited to get going. Last season went swimmingly, with two relay teams making it to districts and even some swimmers went to state. These are great accomplishments, and they did not come easy. Lucas Montry said, “Last season was hard our team was relatively small so you would end up swimming quite a few events, sometimes one after another.” It is very impressive that they were able to achieve accomplishments with such small numbers.

The swim team has lost some key members since last season. Montry said, “Almost half of our team last year was seniors and we lost them, so I am looking forward to seeing the tiny team we are going to have this year and if we don’t get a lot of freshmen, we are going to be exhausted after every meet.” The seniors were not just benchwarmers either, Dylan Lockhart said, “All 9 of our seniors were very important and played big roles in our relay teams.” Despite these losses, the team is ready to work hard and overcome the challenges that come.

The coaches are Patty Swemburg and Erin Eronemo. When asked about the team’s feelings towards the coaches, Lucas Montry said, “I feel that the team likes them they are both fun and cheery but work us equally as hard.” Coaches are very important to the success of a team and having a bad one can very easily bring the team down. Good coaches keep the team engaged and wanting to learn. Even if someone does not have a lot of experience, Swemburg and Eronemo can help eager swimmers build up their fundamentals. The boys are excited to have Swemburg and Eronemo return.

The boys swim team is excited to see what new talent there is and where this season goes. They are hoping for a lot of new recruits this season as they are very low on numbers. There has not been a lot of support for our lesser known clubs in the recent years, so as a final comment, Lockhart said, “Go to swim meets.”

Washington Football Teams are Fire

by Jett Gonzales – Staff Writer

Washington football fans have more than just the Seahawks to cheer for this year. For the first time in many years, both the University of Washington and Washington State are in contention for a run in the college football playoffs.

Going in to week seven of the college football season, both Washington and Washington State were ranked in the top 10, and unfortunately, both lost to unranked teams. The cougars were ranked eighth in the nation at the time and were on a roll. They were coming off wins over the Oregon Ducks and the number five ranked, USC Trojans. No one could deny that Washington state was for real this year. They have a star quarterback, Luke Falk, who is in the running for the award for the best college football player, the Heisman trophy. Luke Falk guides this team, and that is exactly the opposite of what happened week seven against California. The cougars were blown out by the bears thirty-seven to three. Last year Luke Falk had a career game against the bears with five passing touchdowns, this year he had another career game against them, but this time with five interceptions. The high-powered offense of Washington State was held to just three points and no touchdowns.

The fifth ranked Washington Huskies played against unranked Arizona State. The Huskies have a stout defense and an exciting offense. Many believe that the Huskies have the easiest schedule in college football, which made expectations high for them. It was expected for them to easily go undefeated, but Arizona State had different plans. The Washington defense was stellar, holding the sun devils to just 13 points. Unfortunately, the offense could only muster one touchdown, leading the huskies to their first loss of the season.

Both losses have huge impacts on the future of this season for the University of Washington and Washington state. They nearly take both teams out of the college football playoffs. The Huskies are now ranked twelfth and the Cougars are ranked fifteenth, meaning that it is going to take a lot for either team to make it back to the top five.

Although these two losses are devastating for both teams, they still have a very bright future and both teams look like they will be contenders for the next few years. Washington football fans should expect big things from their top colleges.

Soccer Team Sets the Bar High

by Morgan Marko – Sports Editor

The girls soccer team has started off the season competitively. With a two and two record, the girls have beat Kentridge, Kent meridian and many more. Those games going well for the tough teams they were lined up against, Captain and player, Alexis Newsom says, “The past games have been better than I thought they would be. Going up against KR, KW, Tahoma and Kennedy Catholic aren’t easy teams. For years we’ve lost and lost to them but this year we’ve hung in with them and that’s all that really matters; how we played, not the score on the score board.”

The team this year might just be the strongest we’ve had in four years, Newsom says, “Honestly, out of the four years I’ve played on varsity, this has to be the best team we’ve had. We’re strong, fast, positive, and all have great chemistry together. A lot of us grew up together so we know each other well enough to have fun and play the sport we all love.” Although every team has their weaknesses, the girls’ being more mental then physical, “Our strongest weakness is giving up, we tend to get in our own heads very often and it definitely sets the tone for usually just the first half.” Says Newsom

Each team has their goals and for our girls, it’s all about spirit. “For this team to succeed, I’d insure us to be organized and have the right mind set before we step on the field as well as throwing in a little pep talk to hold our confidence” says Newsom

They’re on the road to success, but the fight’s not over yet, they’ve got games on October 24, against Hazen and October 26 against Kent Meridian .

Mariners End Season Struggling

by Katie Valerio – Student Life Editor

The Mariners came into the season with high hopes and the mindset of making it into the post season. With key additions shortstop Jean Segura, 1st basemen Danny Valencia, outfielder Jarrod Dyson, starting right handed pitcher Yovani Gallardo, catcher Carlos Ruiz, and outfielder Mitch Haniger. The mariners started out zero and four and ended the first month of the season with a 17-15 record, but that was where the problems began.

The marines were a streaky team, meaning that they would go on winning streaks and then likewise go on losing the streaks. The Mariners had 2 .500 records, having the same amount of wins and losses over the whole season (June and July). At the All-Star break which is halfway through the season the mariners had a pretty good record of 43-47, that was the end of the seasons success

The Mariners had something that is known as an injury plagued rotation. They had one healthy starter rotation, which was Ariel Miranda, who was originally supposed to come out of the bullpen. James Paxton, who was considered for the American League Cy Young Award, missed weeks with injuries, Felix Hernandez was on and off the DL, disabled list, the whole season, Wade Smyly never even made an appearance on the year, Hasashi Iwakuma only pitched 31 innings and the other starter was Ariel Miranda who was the one healthy starter all year. The Mariners used MLB record 40 pitchers both in the starting rotation as well as coming out of the bullpen.

Yes, the season had many headaches but there were some positives. The young talent from players like Ben Gamel, Taylor Motter, Guillermo Heredia and Mitch Haniger have a reason for the Mariners to look towards the future. Nelson Cruz still had his boomstick and lead the league in Runs Batted In (RBI).

The Mariners have no made it to the postseason for 15 straight seasons, and sports analysts believed that the Mariners would end that drought this season. The Mariners first became a team 40 years ago and they have never made it to the World Series. The Mariners ended this season 78-84, and they failed to make the playoffs… again. With the offseason beginning Mariners fans are hoping that Scott Servais, the Mariners Manager, and the rest of the Mariner staff can make the adjustments for the Mariners to be successful next season.

Police Partiality Causes NFL Protests

by Elijah Monuteaux – Staff Writer

Police partiality is an issue in today’s society. It has been an ongoing issue for many years now and is becoming more common. A year or so ago, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began his “National Anthem protest”, which he would demonstrate by refusing to stand during the national anthem. As his protest continued, some rose against him, while others supported him. Other NFL players began following the footsteps of Kaepernick trying to bring justice. The NFL seemed to “water down” the protests.

Despite the efforts to stop them, these players do have the right to these silent protests. This season the protests have become more and more common amongst players all around the NFL. 2-time Pro bowler defensive linemen from Seattle Michael Bennett had an incident with two Las Vegas police officers. “the police were using excessive force saying they would Blow my head off if I moved,” Bennett said. After this incident Bennett has begun protesting during the national anthem, Fellow teammates standing by his side with hands on him showing support for him. Bennett has made no statement on how long he will protest, but he along with many other NFL players and people around the world want justice and equality.

In week three of the 2017 NFL season the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the Tennessee Titans. During the pregame national anthem ceremony when all fans and players are asked to stand and join for the national anthem neither the Seahawks or Titans arrived on the field. There is a lot of controversy over whether this was the wrong or right thing to do.

U.S president Donald Trump has made comments on these protests. “NFL owners and coaches are afraid of their players, but they got to be tough and they got to be smart,” President Trump said. and he believes that these protests need to be stopped. With all the opposing views on this, it’s hard to put a finger on what’s right and wrong, but each side has an opinion and each will stand for what they believe is right.

The NFL is not the only place where these protests have occurred, and remember that activism on the sports field dates back to the civil rights movement, but they are becoming more common around professional sports. These athletes realize that they have a voice and can make an impact in communities, and whether activism makes an impact or not, these people are standing up for what they believe in.