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Riverdale Builds Suspense with Second Season Premiere

by Megan Monahan – Staff Writer

The highly anticipated season premiere for the second season of Riverdale aired Oct. 11, leaving viewers stunned and begging for more. The new season jumped 400% in teen viewer audience with 3.3 million total viewers. The CW believes that this is because of the shows streaming on Netflix and its contract stating that a week after the season finale the entire season will be uploaded to the streaming site.

The much-anticipated season 2 premiere did not let fans down as it was packed with drama, romance, and death. Fans were left at the previous season finale wondering what was going to happen to Fred Andrews, Archie’s father, who was shot at Pop’s diner by the “Black Hood.” The Black Hood, also known the Angle of Death by Pop Tate is Riverdale’s newest vigilante killer who is not afraid to get their hands dirty.

As Fred Pulls through from his injuries he is taken in a dream like state where he relives all the memories and major events he would’ve missed if he had died from his injuries. Many viewers however found it odd that he mainly fixated on Archie’s relationship with Veronica instead of those of his wife, or even his short term affair with Hermione Lodge. The fixation on his sons life with his high school girlfriend emphasizes the fact that without Archie Fred is incredibly lonely especially since he and his wife were separated for a majority of the first season.

On the other end of the hospital Penelope Blossom is recovering from severe burns across her entire body and acute smoke inhalation. Which she suffered from running back into Thornhill to save a family portrait after Cheryl Blossom set the house ablaze to restart their family. As Penelope was recovering from her injuries in her hospital bed Cheryl threatens her by grabbing her breathing tube and telling her that she is only alive because Cheryl allows it, and very clearly makes her understand that the abuse of power that the elder Blossoms have, is over.

On the other end of town Ms. Grundy is strangled by the “Black Hood” with her own Cello Bow immediately after the end of her music lesson with her new student who is the same person that she is having an affair with like she was with Archie at the beginning of the first season.

One Direction: Life After Split

by Alicea Alford – Staff Writer

Since their hiatus, the members of One Direction have been finding success in their solo careers. Niall Horan, member of One Direction, is aware of the mass level of success One Direction had, and how as a solo act that height is unreachable. He said to Billboard, “Nothing I do will be as big as One Direction, but I have to try at least to get somewhere near it.”

Horan released his debut album, Flicker, on Oct. 20. The album debuted #1 on the iTunes charts, and has since rocketed to #1 throughout the U.S. Sonically, his album was influenced by the music that stuck out to him as a child with, “classic American-rock with that country/Americana feel”. He spoke about in his “About the Album” with Applemusic. Horan’s promotional singles for the album (This Town, Slow Hands, and Too Much to Ask) gave a good sense of his ideal sound for the rest of the album.

To promote Flicker, Horan is heading on the Flicker Sessions 2017-2018 World Tour. Being solo, Horan is reminiscing on his tours with One Direction, “With One Direction, the screaming didn’t stop. We’d all run around and there was always some explosion going off or prop coming on. Now, I just stand there thanking God for my guitar. When I put that down, I haven’t a clue what to do with my hands” Horan said to The Sunday Times Culture magazine.

Harry Styles, another member of One Direction, released his self-titled debut album on May 12. Harry Styles not only debuted at the top of the iTunes charts in multiple countries, but the Billboard top 200 albums chart as well. His first single from the album, Sign of the Times, topped the charts when it was released. Sign of the Times debuting no.1 made Styles the third member of One Direction to release a song and have it debut #1, along with This Town by Horan and Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik.

Styles’ world tour to promote his album has him currently on the European leg of his 2017-2018 tour. As of now, his success post-One Direction is the only one to span out of music and into movies. Styles was an actor in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk as Alex. In the World War II movie, Styles proves he didn’t get the part because of his star-power from One Direction.

Liam Payne, honey-voiced vocalist, has been busy in the studio. Payne has released Strip That Down, Get Low, and Bedroom Floor all with no hard information on the full album to be released. Strip That Down has got the most air-time of all his singles, reaching the top 10 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Liam is spending time promoting his singles with BBCR1 Teen Awards and X-Factor live performances.

Louis Tomlinson is not only releasing music himself, but he’s taking on more responsibility behind the scenes by creating his own record label, Triple String, and managing a girl band, Did Alice Call. His release of Back to You landed him #40 on the

Billboard Hot 100. The single won him a People’s Choice Award for “Solo Pop Star Will Rule Summer of 2017”. He is the only member of One Direction to have his solo single hit no. 1 without a radio or label single campaign. Although he’s doing his own thing and loves it, he is still waiting for the band to get back together he said he would, “wait the two years, five years, whatever it be until One Direction reformed” (

Although he left One Direction before they officially disbanded for hiatus, Malik released his solo album, Mind of Mine, in 2016. Now, he’s been doing more collaborations than he was when he first left the band. He’s had hits of I Don’t Wanna Live Forever with Taylor Swift and Dusk Till Dawn with Sia. He’s been busier with his movie soundtrack songs, while he’s working on his second album with what he said to US Weekly has more, “soulful R&B, club, and pop influences”.

Overall, through their solo careers and releasing their own music, their influence on One Direction is blatant sonically and lyrically. They all had their own piece that fit into the band. One Direction will always be a part of each of them, and Horan is always ready for the reunion, he said “If it comes tomorrow, I have my bag packed. If I have to wait till I’m 60, so be it. I’m serious. We’ll be like Eagles and never stop.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Sparks Hope for December Release

by Nick Shepard – Web Editor

After the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, was released on Oct. 9th, theories have spread like wildfire through all facets of media about the seemingly huge reveals in the trailer. There are multiple points in the two-and-a-half minute video where big plot twists are implied, leaving it up to the viewer to interpret how literally to take them. Far too many things occurred that could be hugely revealing to cover them all, so only the biggest will be touched on.

One of the focuses of the movie is expected to be Rey’s lineage – and the trailer helped to fuel this theory. Her voice is heard over images of Luke’s island, explaining how “something inside me has always been there, then I was awake, that I need help.” She appears to shock Luke by cracking an enormous rock face they’re on, prompting him to admit: “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then – it does now.” There are multiple things he could be talking about here – he could be directing his sentence at either Rey or Snoke, as it has been demonstrated that each of them are terrifically powerful and Force-sensitive. And when he talks about the one time before that he saw the raw strength, it seems like he would be talking about when he trained Kylo Ren in the Jedi arts. However, it is entirely possible and even maybe more likely that he was talking about his near-death at the hands of Emperor Palpatine. He got away from that with only a bad shock, and many theorize now that Rey could either be a descendant of Palpatine or the Skywalker family, or even a reincarnation of Anakin or Sidious himself. On a side note, her fighting style in The Force Awakens was hauntingly similar to Palpatines, in her repeated stabbing motions and sheer aggressiveness.

Ren’s future will also play a large part in the film; “Let the past die,” he exclaims as he smashes his helmet against a wall. “Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you’re meant to be.” His mother, General Leia, is shown looking off fearfully into the distance as he appears to contemplate taking a shot at her ship from within his TIE Silencer. What the trailer tries to hint here is that Ren is the one to bring about Leia’s inevitable end, but of course movie trailers are historically misleading.

Skipping to the end of the trailer, it cuts to silence, and as an image of Rey appears, she says in a shaky voice, “I need someone, to show me my place in all this.” Ren is then shown in similar lighting to Rey, holding out his hand as if offering her help. Again, this scene must be taken with a grain of salt, as if something huge like Rey’s corruption were to occur, it is unlikely it would be revealed in a trailer two-and-a-half months before the movie is released.

There are a boundless number of ways the movie could end up going – Rey’s corruption to the dark side, Kylo Ren’s redemption to the light, or both teaming up to go after Snoke. But at this point, the only thing certain is that The Last Jedi is going to leave fans across the world screaming, for good or for bad.

Netflix Releases Well-Received Stranger Things 2

by Nolan James – Staff Writer

Stranger Things 2 was finally released on Oct 27, something many people are happy about. Stranger Things was a very popular eight-episode long Netflix program, and many fans were waiting for the release of its sequel. Expectations were high, and Stranger Things 2, luckily, did not disappoint.

Stranger Things 2 follows four friends named Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson, a close group of nerdy boys who go through weird supernatural events. In Stranger Things, Will goes missing and his friends and family, along with Police Officer Jim Hopper, spend the whole season looking for him. Along the way, they meet a mysterious girl with strange psychic powers called “Eleven”, who has weird ties to Will’s disappearance. This leads to a fight against evil creatures that exist in a parallel dimension known as the “Upside Down”.

In this season Will is back and part of the actual cast. The other characters are all very developed and likable, and Will was barely featured. Stranger Things 2 does a good job developing his character and making him a permanent part of the cast.

The other characters mostly do a great job, some even improving over the last season. Lucas featured the most improvement, as he spent the majority of the first season complaining about what was happening. He now has more motives, including a romantic interest, Max Mayfield.

Max, a new character, starts out as a bland romantic interest for the boys, but over the season she gains a lot of interesting and tragic development around her abusive stepbrother. Though she may be a likable character, except for fighting alongside the boys at the end, she

does not serve much purpose except to develop Eleven’s and Mike’s relationship, as Mike fears that she will replace Eleven in their group.

At the end of Stranger Things, Eleven disappeared into the Upside Down, leaving Mike heartbroken. It had been hinted at that she had managed to escape at the end of the season, which turned out to be true. She, however, spends most of Stranger Things 2 away from the boys, instead living in a cabin with Hopper, hiding from the public, which drags on rather long.

Most of the other characters are still just as good as they were in the first season. Dustin develops a friendship with Steve, Mike’s sister’s ex-boyfriend who helped them fight the creatures in season one, which works surprisingly well at adding depth to the two.

Probably the highlight character of the season was Hopper, who also did a great job in the first season. With Eleven not serving much of a role in this season, however, Hopper steals the spotlight with his parental role over Eleven and willingness to risk his life for the people of the town.

This season features the return of the creatures through Will, who sometimes fades into the Upside Down for short periods of time. In an Exorcist-like plot, a giant shadow creature possesses Will. This allows Will to see into their lair, but also allows them to see through his eyes. The characters must find a way to get the creature out of Will and seal the portal between the dimensions once and for all.

This story, while interesting, doesn’t feel quite as desperate and shocking as the first’s, though it’s still shrouded in mystery and is likely to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. In this season, there are nine episodes, one more than the previous season. Eight of them are good.

Sadly, episode seven was rather poorly written, and was overly similar to X-Men: First Class at times with its story. Introducing new characters, one of whom was well-written and likable, the episode features Eleven going to find her sister Kali, who had similar powers as hers. After the cliffhanger sixth-episode, episode seven is the definition of a filler episode. It had nothing to do with the main story and doesn’t progress it in any way except Eleven being convinced to go and help the boys with the creatures.

While this episode is not very good, there are still eight great episodes that fill up a mostly great season. While it’s comparable to the first, the first season is better, but only marginally due to its shock value and lack of filler episodes. This season is a must-watch for fans of the first, and any fan of mystery-thrillers and science-fiction should look no further than this series: they likely will not be disappointed.

Stephen King’s It Becomes Surprising Classic Horror Film

by Nolan James – Staff Writer

An unexpected hit, the new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel “It” was released Sept. 8, and has since broken many box-office records, now holding the record for the largest opening weekend in September. “It” (2017) is a horror/coming-of-age movie, and is one of the best King adaptations.

“It” is about a group of children called the “Losers’ Club,” who discover their town has been haunted by a great evil for decades, and they decide to fight back against it. This evil takes the form of many frightening creatures, but it most prominently appears as a clown known as “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” or “It”. Portrayed by Bill Skarsgård, Pennywise is a frightening villain and stands out as one of the many great performances in this movie.

While Pennywise is a great villain, the other villains, the bullies, are not. While the leader, Henry Bowers, is slightly more developed than most other typical movie bullies, the group is, for the most part, clichéd characters.

The main character, Bill Denbrough, is the stuttering leader of the Losers’ Club who loses his younger brother to “It” at the beginning of the film. Though Jaeden Lieberher does a good job playing the character, Bill’s refusal to accept his brother’s death, which was not part of the original novel, did not work well, and ultimately made an almost interesting character rather annoying.

Easily the best characters in the film are Beverly Marsh, who is probably the most tragic character, Richie Tozier, the most comedic of the characters, and Eddie Kasbrak, who suffers from hypochondria and an overbearing mother. All these characters are likable, and have developed personalities and story arcs, and though all the characters are good, these three are really the standouts of the movie.

The other members of the Losers’ Club are Stan Uris, Ben Hanscom and Mike Hanlon, and while they all have their personalities and backstories, have much less screen time than the others, and are much more forgettable.

While the children and their stories are interesting, fulfilling the coming-of-age part, the movie falls short in the horror section. While there are generally scary moments, and the movie does build up suspense well, its overreliance on jump-scares is quite disappointing, making few memorable scares.

The horror-aspect may not be that well done, but the imagery is. There are many creepy creatures that “It” takes the form of, all of which are interesting and well-designed creatures, such as a creepy lady in a painting that haunts Stan. The sets were also, at times, atmospheric and haunting, and created a sense of dread that worked to the movie’s advantage.

There are other problems with the movie. Bill’s dad’s only appearance is strangely over-the-top, and there are a few aspects that seem to have been left unexplained, such as the adults’ obliviousness to the creature. For the most part, however, “It” was done right, and was overall a successful adaptation of the first half of the classic novel.

Must See Movies and Specials for the Halloween and Fall Season

by Cooper Lewis – Photographer

Fall is a season full of activity’s, drinks and food, and traditions. Halloween is a part of this. Everything from corn mazes, haunted houses or just getting seasonal drinks are things that everyone participates in. Still one of the best ways to kick off fall is by watching scary movies, but if that’s not your cup of tea, just classic Halloween movies.

The best Halloween movies you will find around are the movies they start playing in October on kid’s channels, such as Disney channel and cartoon network. “Halloween town” and the three sequels to it are possibly the best Halloween movies. Set in Halloween town, it portrays the life of the creatures and monsters that are part of Halloween myths and folk tale. Throughout the four movies it shows the characters growing and expanding their magic ability’s while introducing new characters and problems. It shows Halloween and its myths in their true form.

Older horror movies like “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is still a good horror movie despite the quality and age they made the movie in. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a movie made in 1983, the movie is meant to play with the perception of the brain, and it does this very well with the play out of what happens in between the dreams and real life.

While “A Nightmare on Elm Street” aims to trigger the physiological fear with the switching in and out of dreams and reality, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is just more of a gory movie. When the movie first came out in 1974, there was a widespread rumor that it was based off of a true story. Though the plot of the movie is all fictional, leather face was inspired by real life serial killer, Ed Gein. The movie was so gory it was banned from several countries, making this a perfect movie to watch for Halloween.

Baby Driver Uses Music to Enhance Film

by Nicholas Runyon – Cartoonist

Baby, played by Ansel Elgort is a young man in his twenties, working for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey) in Atlanta as a getaway driver. As a kid, baby was in a horrible car accident which killed both of his parents, and left him with tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in his ears. Baby is listening to music at all times to help drown out the ringing.

“Baby Driver” is one of the rare times that the film itself that almost seems like it is an accompaniment to its soundtrack instead of it being the other way around. The pacing and timing of the movie matches the Soundtrack’s pacing and timing perfect, especially with the songs “Bellbottoms” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s, “Harlem Shuffle” by Bob & Earl, “Brighton Rock” by Queen, etc. Everything around him moves to the music on one of his many iPods, and he has different iPods for different moods. Sometimes the world seems to respond to his choice, sometimes his choice seems to influence the world around him—either way, music is essential to the success of “Baby Driver”.

The director Edgar Wright came up with the idea for “Baby Driver” in 1994, and adapted the beginning of the movie into the music video for Mint Royale’s “Blue Song” that he directed in 2003, which starred Noel Fielding as a music-loving getaway driver for a group of bank robbers. A short clip of the music video is shown while Baby is changing channels.

With a budget of $34 million, “Baby Driver” made $220.7 million worldwide. The performances of the actors, plot twists, etc. all work, and if you see this movie and don’t leave wanting to watch it again, you watched it wrong.

The Dark Half by Stephen King Frightens Readers With Twisted Plot

by Fiona Higgins – Opinion Editor

It is nearly impossible to breach the topic of horror films and books without discussing Stephen King. He is a legend among authors, and the film adaptions of his books -famous ones include “Carrie”, “The Shining”, and “It”- have been called by many to be one of the scariest films of all time. It is only natural that even his lesser known stories should be terrifying too. “The Dark Half” is a perfect example. Though it has a film adaption, it is not nearly as talked about, which is unfortunate. An amazingly dark horror story such as this should not have to fly under the radar.

Set in Ludlow, Maine in the 1980s, an author, Thad Beaumont, publicly and symbolically kills off and buries his pen name’s persona, George Stark. Unbeknownst to him, though, anyone connected to the articles revealing George Stark’s retirement is being brutally murdered, and Thad has been fingered as the culprit. As the story continues, he realizes that all of these murders seem familiar. All of the victims have been murdered in the same way that his alter ego’s main character had done. In addition, a childhood nightmare is coming back to life; the sound of sparrows. Thad had a brain tumor as a child, and the sign that a seizure or fit was coming in was always the sound of sparrows. Now plagued by the possibility of his youth returning to get him at the same time as the possibility that someone acting as George Stark is murdering those that revealed him, Thad and his wife Liz can only wait and see what happens.

Though this story has a few of the classic Stephen King tropes, namely the fact that the story takes place in Maine and involves a strange supernatural element with some form of psychic, it holds well on its own without feeling like one of his other various stories. As well as this, it has an interesting tie-in into King’s life; King has written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, who often wrote darker and more twisted stories than King himself, much in the same way that George Stark wrote more gruesome stories than Thad.

A twisted, disturbing, and fascinating story, The Dark Half is the perfect book to curl up with on Halloween. It will not disappoint.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” Brings to Life Classic Comic Book


by Nicholas Runyon – Artist

“One of the coolest things about the movie is that we’ve seen the god (Thor), we’ve seen the soldier (Captain America), we’ve seen the billionaire (Tony Stark). Now it’s time to see the kid, and what he can do.” Says Tom Holland (Peter Parker/ Spider-Man).

Jon Watts the director, does a great job of combining elements a John Hughes coming of age film with a modern day Superhero movie, With 80’s vibes with the music, breakfast club/ Ferris Bueller’s day off references etc.

One of the main reasons people love Spider-Man is the fact that nearly everyone relates to him. He is a kid in school, has money problems, doesn’t have the “stereotypical family”, has trouble talking to girls, etc. The great part about “Homecoming” is that it shows Peter Parker’s human of the things lacking in the previous two Spider-Man movie series was Peter in high school. That is such a big part of this character’s history that they never really went over before, and it’s really cool to see that finally shown. Peter’s high school struggles feel more intense than his crime-fighting, and that’s exactly the way it should be.

Tom Holland is the perfect Peter and Spidey. Andrew Garfield was a great spider-man, and Tobey Maguire was a great peter, but Tom manages to nail both versions. It is really cool to see parts of Peter bleed through while he is Spider-Man and vice versa. The supporting cast is very diverse, (this is a high school in Queens, NY after all) but the filmmakers received a lot of backlash and death threats from fans, because of several race changes. Most notably Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson. In the comics, Flash Thompson was a blond, blue eyed  Football jock who bullied Peter, however in modern day, bullies aren’t like that anymore, so in Homecoming Flash is portrayed as the kind of bully who is rich, and will make fun of the fact that pater is poor, etc. and while it is drastically different from the comics, it fits and is well done

Spider-Man: Homecoming is not an origin story like previous movies. Peter has had his powers for at least six months by the time Tony recruits him in “Captain America Civil War”. There is no spider bite, or the death of Uncle Ben, because we’ve seen it twice on screen before. Everyone knows Spider-Man’s origin by heart.

Michael Keaton provides Marvel with one of their best villains; Adrian Toomes/ The Vulture. Toomes is a blue-collar guy sick of being pushed around by the powers that be, determined to provide for his family, however he can. If a normal kid can become a super hero, why can’t a normal guy who is upset with the world around him become a supervillain? He is perhaps the most relatable of all Marvel Cinematic Universe villains, trying to stay under the radar and engaging in an illegal trade only to provide for his family. The movie starts right after the battle in NY from the first Avengers movie. Viewers see the aftermath from that battle and Damage Control who are underpaid, overworked people whose job is to clean up the mess made by superhero battles. This is their big break with over 1500 tons of exotic alien materials, until Stark Industries takes over and they all lose their jobs. Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) decides that instead of returning the alien tech, they should keep it. The movie jumps ahead several years to current day and we see The Vulture aka Adrian has been stealing Chitauri technology, to start a scavenging operation in the form of a black-market weapons ring.

The way Adrian/ The Vulture was portrayed in the movie was interesting, unlike in the comics where he is basically an old guy in green pajamas and wings committing crimes. He was like an actual vulture but instead of scavenging for carcasses of dead animals, he is scavenging for alien technology.


In the third act of the movie, Tony takes the Spider-Suit back from Peter, which parallels Spider-Man 2 when Tobey Maguire’s Peter gives up being Spider-Man for a while and returns, to a normal life. Peter spent a few days like a normal kid again, and finally goes to the Homecoming dance with crush Liz Allen (Laura Harrier). As it turns out, Liz’s father is Adrian Toomes. Toomes threatens Peter not to interfere with his work or he will kill everyone peter cares about. Peter leaves the dance and changes into his old homemade costume from before Tony makes him the tech suit. He tracks down the vulture hoping to stop him before he hijacks a stark jet with Avengers’ tech and weapons inside. Peter ends up being crushed and trapped by the roof of the warehouse that they were in. With Peter trapped under the rubble. Hearing him scream and cry for help shows that even though he is Spider-Man he’s still a kid he’s still able to get hurt just like the rest of us. Peter finally lifts the rubble an homage to the famous “Amazing Spider-Man #33.”

Michael Giacchino’s soundtrack is beautiful, especially with an orchestral version of the classic 60’s Spider-Man cartoon theme. the score fits the tone of the movie perfectly, and so do the other songs included like “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones. Hardcore fans were excited when a Ramones song was finally use in a Spidey movie, because both Peter Parker, and the Ramones are from the neighborhood of Forest Hills in Queens NY, so it was a cool Easter egg. “Oh Yeah” by Yello (the iconic song from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) was used during a scene which almost recreated a scene from “Ferris Bueller’s day off”.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is definitely the best Spidey film in years, almost equal to with Spider-Man 2 (2004). And when you realize you have to wait until 2019 for the sequel, the only logical response is to quote Aunt May; “What the FU–!”

Taylor Swift Releases Controversial Single “Look What You Made Me Do”

by Symantha Edwards – Staff Writer

Taylor Swift ended summer 2017 with a dramatic introduction to her new album and apparent new reputation. It had been almost 2 years since her last single had been released, and we quickly realized that this is not the same Taylor swift.

As an artist, Swift has evolved from country singer to girl-next-door, and it is hard to keep up with it all. Swift has yet again changed it up on us with her new album called “Reputation”, set to be released in Nov. Fans can only assume that this is another phase, but what we don’t know is how long this “bad girl Taylor” will last. Who is this new Swift?

On Aug. 18 fans were shocked to realize that Swift had deleted every trace of pictures or posts from every social media account with no warning and no explanation whatsoever, leaving fans wondering what it meant. On Aug. 21, a picture of the tail of a snake with no caption had people checking her accounts by the hour, making theories and asking questions. Two days later, a picture stating “First single out Tomorrow night” sent fans into a frenzy. The next night, Aug 27, her first single off her new album was released titled “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Swifties worldwide began to dissect the song for any references to her former feuds with Katy Perry or Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West, and they were not disappointed. In the very first verse, Swift sings ‘I don’t like your tilted stage’ which is a reference to Kanye, famous for his tilted stage in his recent Saint Pablo tour (2016). The feud between these two artists started when Kanye stormed the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 because he thought Beyoncé deserved the Best Female Video prize instead of Taylor. Fans also seemed to notice that Perry also had a tilted stage during her Super Bowl performance.

What was surprising about the video was the criticism that she rained on herself. In one scene in the video has Taylor as all her former selves and personalities, including her ‘you belong with me” persona. In this she is literally mocking the media for everything the they have accused her of, like acting too surprised when she won awards, or acting as the victim when things don’t go her way.

She also addressed her recent suing of DJ David “Jackson” Mueller who allegedly groped her during a 2013 fan meet-and-greet. Swift sued for only $1, to simply make a point and to empower girls around the world who don’t speak up. In one shot of her music video, a single dollar bill is shown amidst hundreds of diamonds and jewelry.

So now we all wait anxiously for Nov, when we can really see what more Swift has in store for us. Fans continue to ask the questions that might never be answered, and it leaves them to wonder, what if the thing Taylor Swift “did” is something she hasn’t even dropped yet?