The Walking Dead Disappoints Comic Book Readers and Series Fans

by Alicea Alford – Staff Reporter

It’s safe to say The Walking Dead has steadily lost fans and viewers since the Season 7 premiere, when Glenn was killed off the show. The Season 8 mid-season finale, has set the show up for yet another unjustified death.

Carl Grimes, played by Chandler Riggs, was set up to be killed off The Walking Dead. The show has a history of writing characters dying for shock value, rather than character development and an interesting plot the show has not recycled. The only way the show knows how to develop one character is by killing another. The show has killed characters to develop Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, many times before, but Carl has always been safe from dying, until now.

The death surprised the entire cast, Lincoln most of all, to Vanity Fair he said, “I always thought that the kid would be the future, and that was the whole point of this—that I was going to hand over the revolver and let him walk off into the distance… you can’t write a character like Rick Grimes—whose engines are his wife and his son—and you take away the wife and you’re left with the son…that got him off his deathbed in the first-ever episode, and you take that away.”

Carl’s death has not happened yet, but is inevitable. He was bit by a walker, or zombie, in the stomach. The bite is barely noticeable in the scene it occurs. If he must be killed off the show it should be a substantial moment, not a hastily written in walker-bite. He has survived too much to be killed from one bite viewers could hardly see happen.

There is no way Carl can get out of this, like some fans have theorized. Riggs had been fired by showrunner Scott Gimple. Gimple confirmed Carl’s bite will play out the way bites have in the past, meaning Carl will die. Before Riggs read the midseason finale script, Riggs he had been told his job was safe for 3 years, so he purchased a house in Georgia where the show is filmed. Then he was fired 3 days before his 18th birthday through messy writing in the midseason finale script.

Carl was the future of the show, and killing him off kills more of The Walking Dead’s fanbase and future plot points where he played a major role in the comics.

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