Seniors Reach Final Stretch

by Jason Thiel – Staff Writer

Being a senior is all about perspective. For some people, high school is their nightmare, their worst enemy, and they couldn’t be happier to escape it. For others, it’s a dream, filled with love, wonder, and adventure. Of course, those are two extremes, and plenty of us fall right in the middle, where some days we’re on one side, and some days we’re on the other side. All I can really comment on is how I feel about seniority.

Kentlake has arguably changed more in the last 4 years than in any of the years past. My graduating class has, to some degree, seen the end and beginning of eras. In the four years I’ve been at Kentlake, many faces that defined Kentlake for years before my class showed up, have left. Chuck Stowell, Dave Harris, Dr. Potts, Scott Simmons, Pamela Cressey, etc. From my point of view, which is heavily influenced by arts and academia, it seems like a huge chunk of the Kentlake “roster” has changed. The policies and attitudes of the replacements for these staff members are different, and that change has been noticed.

Any of us seniors can tell you that throughout all that change, it was rocky. The road through high school, or really anything in life, is quite bumpy. But if you play your cards right, even the worst things can have some sort of positive impact on your life. High school, for many is a defining part of who we become. It’s an experience that, at least for me, has forced me to decide where right and wrong is in many situations, as well as decide what kind of life I want to live, both morally and for a career. Not everybody decides on those things in high school, but regardless of when it is, this experience impacts you greatly. I personally cannot wait to leave and pursue my dreams and passions, and many others feel the same. But whether or not you think high school was good or bad is irrelevant. It shapes who we are and is the beginning of everyone’s journey through the world.

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