Make it Past January: How to Keep your New Years Resolution?

by Harris Yun – Staff Writer

Every new year, we have a tradition of making goals for ourselves that we want to achieve throughout or by the end of the brand new year. Usually it’s something we’d always wanted to do but never had the excuse to start, like going to the gym, or eat healthier. Other times it’s large lifestyle changes, such as going vegan or ‘stop procrastinating so much’. The one thing all of these have in common, though, is the fact that by Valentines day, over 80% of us fail to keep these resolutions.

With that in mind, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to switch from unachievable, oft-forgotten resolutions to more realistic, easily fulfilled resolutions. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, set up easier resolutions. Waking up 5 minutes earlier every day because you’re always late to class is much more realistic than raising all your grades to an A. Going to the gym more isn’t only the most failed resolution – it’s also extremely vague. Try walking for 30 minutes twice a week; it’s both easier and much more specific. Realistic resolutions are much more likely to have an actual impact on your new year, and they feel so much better because you know that yes, you actually can do this, and yes, you absolutely will.

Start 2018 right. Don’t make an impossible to achieve resolution, and instead start the year out positively. Push back against the global climate of negativity threatening to sweep over the nation and accomplish something this year.

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