Looking to the Future: 2018 Predictions

by Josh Manning – Staff Writer

We are only half a month into the new year but that won’t stop people from making predictions for it. Some of the predictions that are frequently brought up is the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea. While the words North Korea might sound like white noise to some at this point, the reality is that nuclear war is only becoming more likely by the day. Their nuclear missile technology is increasingly strengthening and widening their range, they are now more than capable of launching an attack against several North American cities, easily destroying them in the process.

Another rather pessimistic prediction is that the current trend of the increase of scam sites, clickbait, hyper-partisan media, and media hoaxes isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. Because of the increasingly polarized media and overwhelming presence of bias present in the media, many moderates and disaffected members of both main bipartisan parties are continuing to distrust the media. Many like to joke about CNN and fake news, but unfortunately the problem extends to both sides of the political spectrum in terms of reporting dishonestly. The problem is too deeply rooted in narrowcast media in general which, unfortunately, isn’t going away anytime soon.

Artificial intelligence is another technologically driven prediction. As far as completely intelligent AI, it isn’t predicted to come by 2018. However, as for how far we’ve come in terms of AI, for example Siri, Cortana, Google Assist, etc., the companies responsible for them are expecting to make great strides in terms of making more and more human like responses to questions. We might be able to have an entirely human-like conversation with the AI in our phones by the end of the year.

Virtual reality is also on the rise as of recently. Even though it is the next frontier of modern video gaming, only the upper middle class to rich can really afford it, but at the rate that it is progressing and the rate at which new virtual reality consoles are being made, it is predicted that virtual reality gaming will become something mainstream, joining the ranks of the Xbox and the PlayStation.

Politics will likely become an even more sensitive subject. Whether we will see an impeachment is hard to say, due to the prediction of impeachment usually just being a clickbait and controversial way for the media to seek attention. However, the reality is that Trump’s approval ratings are the lowest of any modern president after one year in office, which could factor into the midterm elections that are quickly approaching in November of this year. Essentially, in terms of impeachment, the likelihood is the highest it has been in a while.

I think this year shouldn’t be looked at too bleakly, it should just be expected that many changes will take place as they do every year but just slightly more with some higher consequences. These are also just predictions, not prophecies, all the bleak predictions could end up just being false alarms, but unfortunately to know the truth of what will really happen this year we can only experience it for ourselves.

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