Final Exams Cause Stress for Students

by Fiona Higgins  – Opinion Editor

Take a deep breath. You smell that? That’s finals season.

Final exams are always set at an unfortunate time. One the one hand, we get a long break in between our lessons before our finals in the form of Winter Break, letting us have a lot of rest and relaxation beforehand. However, that’s a whole two weeks with very little homework and absolutely no lessons before we’re immediately thrown into finals preparation, catching us all off guard.

So after studying our little unprepared brains into shape for the tests, they arrive. Or do they? There’s always a couple days right at the end of the semester that are reserved for finals; both of those days have two hour long periods that are meant for our last tests of the semester. That thought can be a ton of anxiety already; two or three tests all in one day? It sounds too draining. But a lot of teachers choose to spread their finals out around different days in the week or two before the end of the semester. That’s all well and good, but in a way, we might feel better if it was all in one or two days -at least that way, we could just get it over with.

At this point, we all know what will happen; we’ll walk in on the scheduled day for finals, steeling ourselves for any tests we may have, but are instead greeted with two hour doses of teachers attempting to get a jump on the next semester by doing two hour lessons. We get lulled into a false sense of security, only for one teacher to remind us that yes, indeed, we do have our final on the finals day. Frustrating, to say the least.

When I walked into high school as a freshman, I already knew that finals were going to be terrible. That’s what everyone tells you, that’s what the media tells you, and it’s the truth; they’re awful. The one thing you never hear is that their scheduled terribly.

We all have our own respective issues with finals, no matter what age, grade or gender. What can I say that all of us don’t already grumble under our breath while we’re studying for these things?

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