Featured Falcon: Mr. Valentine

by Sharita Jackson – Staff Writer

Bradley Valentine is the current boys’ basketball coach.

This is his second year as coach.

After Valentine finished high school, his coaching career started when he was offered an opportunity to coach a fifth grade basketball team. “I really enjoy teaching, coaching, and watching the students grow.” Valentine said.

From then on Valentine spent the next three years working with youth level sports before getting an opportunity to coach a freshman team at Kentwood High School for five years. “I spent the next five seasons as coach there,” Valentine said. Valentine started coaching for the junior varsity and as a head assistant for the varsity for four years.

He is now head coach of our boys’ basketball team. “The thing I most enjoy about coaching is the opportunity that every day presents, whether it is practice or a game; it is always a chance to be better than the day before. I also enjoy working our players every day.” Valentine said.

Outside of coaching, he is an instructional assistant with Joanna Schile and Kathie Weber, and he teaches one period of health class, each day.

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