Winter Wishes Promotes Kindness During December

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

Winter Wishes is an event held by Mr. Kaas’ 4th period leadership class. Winter Wishes is an event in which teachers and students from our school can make a wish to get a present for another Kentlake student or another Kentlake staff member. A select few of the students from Mr. Kaas’ leadership class work on the Winter Wishes program. The project leaders are Taeya Thompson & Gunner Ellsworth. To get someone a gift you had to fill out a “Wish List” form attached to the e-mail sent by Mr. Kass.

Now what is the point of the Winter Wishes program? When asked this question the kids in charge on the program all agreed on what it was all about. They all agreed that the point of Winter Wishes was to just think about the people you like and care for. It’s your chance to give them an opportunity to get something they like. It’s a reminder of thoughtfulness and helping out people in need.

How are the gifts for Winter Wishes payed for? When asked this question, project leader Taeya Thompson responded. “We pay for the wishes using leadership funds and sometimes we pay for the wishes out of our own pockets.”

The craziest wish the leadership class received was by, math teacher, Rick Chance. Taeya Thompson said “Mr. Chance wished for three kids to receive blow driers but instead of an actual blow drier, balloons. Chance said you would have to inflate the balloons and release it on their hair. It was a very unique but weird wish.”

The gifts were set to be delivered by the second week of Dec. depending on when the start shopping for the gifts. If you have not received your gift yet, all gifts will be delivered by the fifteenth of Dec.

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