The Snowman, A Chillingly Awful Movie

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

The movie, The Snowman is about a crazed serial killer who is obsessed with snowmen and the detective determined to stop him. The Snowman horrified the world with its presence on Oct. 20 and has been making viewers wish it did not exist ever since. Directed by Tomas Alfredson, this movie features Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Val Kilmer, and J.K. Simmons who should be sad because of this awful movie.

The story takes place in Oslo, a very cold city in Norway, which follows Harry Hole (played by Fassbender), a divorced detective as he sleeps on the streets because his house is being de-molded and he’s a drunk. When he returns to work, he meets a new detective named Katrine Bratt (played by Ferguson). After reports of a missing woman come up, Hole and Bratt team up to go investigate. They arrive at the scene and investigate, asking questions to the daughter of the woman and the person who reported her missing. Strangely at the crime stands a frowning snowman. Later more reports come in on another missing woman, however, when they arrive at the scene, the woman is there in a chicken coop. They leave and then get another call that the same woman is missing, they go back to investigate. The run to the chicken coop to find the woman beheaded. Hole then looks around for the head and finds it in a hole attached to the body of a snowman. Bratt then suspects that the snowman is a lunatic doctor who she saw assaulting a woman. She arrives at his house only to find him and the original missing woman dead. Hole then speaks to the original missing woman’s husband where he gives him the final piece to figure out the snowman.

The reason that this movie does not work is because it is all over the place. The movie constantly throws you everywhere, to the present, back in time, to a random party, and back to the present again. The parties few purposes were for loud music to cover up the screams of a murder, to give Bratt a reason to speculate that the doctor was a murder, and to have J.K. Simmons in the movie. Halfway through the movie, Bratt stated that they were getting close to figuring out the snowman even though all that they have done was get leads that end up being nothing and establishing that the snowman was the murderer. The flashback made no sense at all. It only showed past experiences of a detective’s experience with the Snowman that didn’t help them at all.

The only acceptable parts of The Snowman were that the music was good, the scenery was nice, and the way the explained the murderer made sense. However, this movie was not worth money and time. The title was boring, stupid, and barely had a plot. There was only five other people in the theatre and at one-point snoring could be heard. In the end The Snowman just couldn’t live up to what it wanted to be, a good movie.

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