Start Time a Blessing in Disguise

by Joshua Manning – Staff Writer

The new schedule has brought mixed reactions among students. As for myself, I think it is a step in the right direction for the way school should be scheduled. Most schoolwork, at least for me, is done at home so having two more hours to work at home every Wednesday helps a lot with the increasing homework level.

However, this schedule does have flaws. The most glaring problem is the fact that the late start day is on the same day as homeroom on the weeks we have it. The Wednesdays that have homeroom are often skipped due to them not being considered very important because every class is a mere thirty minutes minus the time it takes to get class started and pack up. The schedule is by no means perfect. Homeroom should be changed to another day of the week to accommodate this in my view.

However, the pros outweigh the cons for the new schedule. It makes school go longer, but only by five minutes, which is a miniscule amount when put in context of a six-hour school day. It allows for more time off school each week to help ease the flow of the average school week and helps with the increasing work load.

It is also admirable that the Kent School District is willing to experiment and try new things in terms of scheduling as opposed to just being formulaic and unwilling to improve. I think that change needs to be more welcomed as a concept in terms of education. I am not positing that every change is worthy of praise, but the concept of change needs to be less feared in the world of education. New ways of learning are being developed every day, one prominent one being the advent of technology, and because of this, much learning can be done outside of the classroom via the internet. Classroom teaching helps aid the learning process but much of the actual acquiring of information is done through the increasing homework load, so giving students more time off to better accommodate this shift in the way education is handled is definitely a positive one.

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