Gymnastics Has a Successful First Meet

by Jillian Felker – Entertainment Editor

Beginning the first gymnastics meet of the season, and the pressure is on. Weeks of practice following up to one of the most eventful meets of the season, and leading to a graceful and strategic win for the entire team.

Following the 2016-17 varsity season, which went to both districts and state, the present team remained hopeful for the first meet of the season to help lead them to another year of success. Haley Pond (11) said that she is most excited for “Post season and seeing how far we can take our team.”

The varsity team’s goals and hopeful attitudes were put to the test during the successful first meet against Tahoma, Kennedy Catholic, and Decatur. Beginning with Beam, all gymnasts in the event scored relatively high, notably staying balanced and landing with a steady and graceful footing.

Moving onwards to floor, the personality of all gymnasts was portrayed through song choice, routine, and the smiles on their faces, which shows easily how this event stands out among the others. One notable gymnast on floor being Cassie Padilla (11), who won floor with an accurate and entertaining routine.

Vault following floor showed a radical change in the gymnast’s performances in events. Floor being a much more free-flowing, and individualized artistic event, whereas vault was an event of pure athleticism. In which they ran at a great speed to land over the vault. Jenna Carlson (9), said “My favorite event is vault, because I have a lot of power and I like to go over it (vault).”

To conclude events for the gymnasts was bars, less notable of an event, yet it was a strong event to wrap up the first meet, ending with a winning total score of 155. The opposing teams, Decatur (147), Tahoma (146), and Kennedy Catholic (62) all falling short. Success during the regular season and throughout post-season has become a realistic goal for the gymnastic team, due to a successful first meet.

Leading up to the successful meet, has been practice almost every day following school, which includes conditioning, practicing routines, practicing events, etc. Symantha Edwards (10) said “…We stretch and do lots of conditioning so that we can be strong and then we get to work on the events that we choose and then get what we need to get done, done.”

Besides just the physical attributes of being a gymnast, the emotional and mental struggles are one of the most important factors. One of the two senior Captains, Alohi Barboza (12) noted one of the greatest struggles of being a gymnast: Self-confidence. Barboza said, “Self-confidence, because sometimes you practice and practice but sometimes you cannot get a specific skill, although that is happens…” But self-confidence is not something that stops these gymnasts, Barboza said that through her teammates she and others have gained a lot of confidence and made many friends through the sport.

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