Art Talent Found Outside Classroom Walls

by Elizabeth Gerken – Staff Writer

Walking down the halls, student art from the classes offered here are plastered in display cases and pristinely lit. However, there is more student art than just the pieces that are displayed from the kids in art class. Students across the school create art whether they are in the class for a variety of reasons. Art goes beyond just a required subject for these students, “It’s a way for me to escape reality as a kind of calming thing. If I’m drawing I am not listening to reality and I can get away with my own differences and things.” says Sophomore Kendra Lilley on why she is driven to draw. Lilley began drawing in kindergarten without much thought but soon realized that it was something she could improve on and be good at. As she aged it became an escape as well as an improvable talent so she keeps at it to this day. Although this is an escape for many some simply enjoy it. Take for example freshman Fiona Mason who says, “It’s my passion!”

This passion of may seem like an out of reach career but while it is difficult, it is not impossible. There are many careers in art from graphic design to animation to editorial illustration. “Yes, I hope so!” said sophomore Megan Young when asked if she planned to make her talent a career, but what exactly does she plan to go into? “Concept art but that’s a little… it’s a work in progress.” For those who don’t know, concept art is used to develop the visuals for characters, landscapes and anything else that exists in film or on tv. The process of becoming a professional artist is long and arduous but Megan is sure to succeed with her talent.

Despite their abilities, these artists often dislike their own work and struggle to be proud of what they have created. Mason struggled to pick a piece and said, “That’s a hard question. I like my drawings, but I hate them also.” This sentiment is shared among communities of young artists but as people age and improve they gain more confidence about the things they can do. Young explains it by saying, “Being an artist is a vicious cycle, because you get into these ruts where you think you aren’t improving at all. Whenever I feel like my art is at a standstill, it’s really degrading for my morale.” Getting stuck in these ruts is something that all people feel with whatever they choose to do and it is hard to combat but Young does this by, “Making a little chart documenting the progress of my art over the course of a year or two is really motivating because putting my art side by side makes the improvement really obvious. I’m never completely satisfied with my art because I know there is always something that could be improved about it, but I keep working hard and practicing.” These student artists are talented whether or not they are in art class and art is much more than a required subject to them.

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