Aaron Carino: The Next Mr. Urmenita?

by Evan Swearingen – Staff Writer

Kentlake Pep Band is a program that requires great guidance—and last October, Senior Aaron Carino directed the pep band for the homecoming game. In November, he conducted Kentlake’s own wind ensemble during the veteran’s day assembly.

Carino has always been involved in our school’s band program, and as president of the band ASB staff it’s not hard to see that. He’s always has an interest in Kentlake having a field show too. Carino says, “Ever since I started watching drum corps international and also seeing other high school bands with actual marching bands, I wanted to start that new revenue into pep band, too.” Carino’s passion seems to be in field performances, and his enthusiasm shows it. Carino says, “The homecoming game was more my style”. He seemed to really enjoy practicing it at home. Carino says, “…I always practice in front of a mirror at home [for the halftime show]. I was ready for it.”

Of course, that’s not to say that the veteran’s day assembly wasn’t an enjoyable experience and an impressive feat for him. Carino says, “While the homecoming game was more about having fun and keeping time, the veteran’s day assembly was about showing emotion into how I conduct so that the whole band can replicate how I feel and how I can give that feeling out to them.” The homecoming game seemed to give Carino some time to have fun, while the veteran’s day assembly was more serious and allowed him to express not only his emotions about veterans’ day, but everyone’s through the band.

It is exciting to see that Kentlake’s band director, Mr. Urmenita, training a student in his craft.

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