Riverdale Builds Suspense with Second Season Premiere

by Megan Monahan – Staff Writer

The highly anticipated season premiere for the second season of Riverdale aired Oct. 11, leaving viewers stunned and begging for more. The new season jumped 400% in teen viewer audience with 3.3 million total viewers. The CW believes that this is because of the shows streaming on Netflix and its contract stating that a week after the season finale the entire season will be uploaded to the streaming site.

The much-anticipated season 2 premiere did not let fans down as it was packed with drama, romance, and death. Fans were left at the previous season finale wondering what was going to happen to Fred Andrews, Archie’s father, who was shot at Pop’s diner by the “Black Hood.” The Black Hood, also known the Angle of Death by Pop Tate is Riverdale’s newest vigilante killer who is not afraid to get their hands dirty.

As Fred Pulls through from his injuries he is taken in a dream like state where he relives all the memories and major events he would’ve missed if he had died from his injuries. Many viewers however found it odd that he mainly fixated on Archie’s relationship with Veronica instead of those of his wife, or even his short term affair with Hermione Lodge. The fixation on his sons life with his high school girlfriend emphasizes the fact that without Archie Fred is incredibly lonely especially since he and his wife were separated for a majority of the first season.

On the other end of the hospital Penelope Blossom is recovering from severe burns across her entire body and acute smoke inhalation. Which she suffered from running back into Thornhill to save a family portrait after Cheryl Blossom set the house ablaze to restart their family. As Penelope was recovering from her injuries in her hospital bed Cheryl threatens her by grabbing her breathing tube and telling her that she is only alive because Cheryl allows it, and very clearly makes her understand that the abuse of power that the elder Blossoms have, is over.

On the other end of town Ms. Grundy is strangled by the “Black Hood” with her own Cello Bow immediately after the end of her music lesson with her new student who is the same person that she is having an affair with like she was with Archie at the beginning of the first season.

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