Little Change to the Office Main Staff Team

by Madison Marko – Head Photographer

Sue Little is our new main office secretary. With years of travel under her belt and honed skills in cardmaking, Little is more than prepared to take on the battlefield that is Kentlake High School. Oh, and her background in HR, finance, and communications certainly won’t hurt anything.

Little said, “I decided I wanted to come work here mostly because my kids attend this school and I wanted to be on the same schedule as them.” She has two kids, Evan Little (11) and Erica Little (10). Little said, “When I learned about this job opportunity, I checked with them first to make sure they were ok with it. I know some kids would say, ‘I do not want my mom working at my school’, but Evan is fulltime running start, and Erica gets a ride to school every morning. They both gave me the thumbs up.”

Not only did her kids give her the thumbs up, but so has the school. Little said, “Everyone has been helpful, welcoming, and friendly so far. What has impressed me the most is how respectful the students have been. It’s nice when I’m walking somewhere and I say, ‘good morning’ to someone and they actually respond.”

Little’s fondness for travelling is represented in her extensive country collection—which includes the likes of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Mexico, England, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Her favorite place in the world is Maui, Hawaii, and if she could go anywhere else, she would go to Italy.

Little said, “When I was staying in a youth hostel in Belgium, I had set up my bunk for the evening, and then I went out sightseeing for a few hours. I came back to find someone else sleeping in my bunk. I woke them up and told them that was my bed. The person said, ‘I’m sorry’ in very broken English and proceeded to move to a different bunk that was not already occupied.”

This year, she is looking forward to meeting more of the students and staff and excited to see how she can contribute. She said, “I know I can bring a positive attitude and be a knowledgeable resource for people to come to. I am excited to be a part of this team.”

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