Soccer Team Sets the Bar High

by Morgan Marko – Sports Editor

The girls soccer team has started off the season competitively. With a two and two record, the girls have beat Kentridge, Kent meridian and many more. Those games going well for the tough teams they were lined up against, Captain and player, Alexis Newsom says, “The past games have been better than I thought they would be. Going up against KR, KW, Tahoma and Kennedy Catholic aren’t easy teams. For years we’ve lost and lost to them but this year we’ve hung in with them and that’s all that really matters; how we played, not the score on the score board.”

The team this year might just be the strongest we’ve had in four years, Newsom says, “Honestly, out of the four years I’ve played on varsity, this has to be the best team we’ve had. We’re strong, fast, positive, and all have great chemistry together. A lot of us grew up together so we know each other well enough to have fun and play the sport we all love.” Although every team has their weaknesses, the girls’ being more mental then physical, “Our strongest weakness is giving up, we tend to get in our own heads very often and it definitely sets the tone for usually just the first half.” Says Newsom

Each team has their goals and for our girls, it’s all about spirit. “For this team to succeed, I’d insure us to be organized and have the right mind set before we step on the field as well as throwing in a little pep talk to hold our confidence” says Newsom

They’re on the road to success, but the fight’s not over yet, they’ve got games on October 24, against Hazen and October 26 against Kent Meridian .

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