Freshman Retreat Evokes Mixed Emotions

by Taylor Bailey – Staff Writer

The Freshman Retreat took place on Sept. 21 at Kentlake High School instead of Lake Retreat. The goal was for freshman to get to know each other, the staff, and the school. When students went to school that day, they first got into groups and took role. Freshman were then sent to the Preforming Arts Center for presentations on the Core values of a Falcon. They also listened to older student’s experiences at Kentlake. After that some students left to play games while the other students stayed and made a chant. Next, they had lunch and were sent back to the P.A.C. There they listened to more inspirational speeches and a pep rally. At the end, they were dismissed to go home. On their way out the got free shirts.

At first reactions to the retreat were mixed. Some freshman thought that the retreat was great, and some freshman thought it was terrible.

When asked if he enjoyed the retreat, Connor Runyon said, “No, all the games were just awkward ice breakers.” Then he said what was ironic was that, the day before the freshman retreat, Mrs. Pizzalato assured all freshmen that the games were not going to be just “ice breakers.” Pizzalato said, “I tried to warn everybody beforehand because I had talked to them in homeroom the day before and I told them the retreat is what you make of it.” While there were students who disliked the retreat, they did say that it had one redeeming quality: the free t-shirt.

Other students enjoyed the retreat. One of the main reasons student found the day enjoyable was because they liked their group members. Blue Woods said, “I enjoyed the retreat because I had fun with my friends and the leader was fun.” Additionally, Gavin Nicholson said, “Yes, [I had fun] because my group was really cool and made it fun.”

A big part of the freshman retreat is the games. Although all the games were popular, the one that everyone seems to love the most, was the sculpture building where students were supposed to choose a core value and represent it by building a sculpture. Students liked it because they had fun doing it with their friends, because they won, and because they thought it was funny. Adam Laws said, “My favorite event was the art activity because we made some cool artistic stuff with some junk.”

Another activity was the scavenger hunt which was an activity designed to help students know where things are located around the school. Gavin Nicholson said, “My favorite was the scavenger hunt because it was funny because of my teacher.” The gift activity was also one freshman liked. In the gift activity, freshman sat in a circle and nominated people to receive a gift, however, nobody knew what the gift was.

While students’ reactions were mixed, teachers thought the event was an overall success. Science teacher, Jessica Pizzalato said, “Actually, I thought it went really well, obviously it’s a loss to not be at Lake Retreat anymore, but having all the students in one day made it actually easier to feel like we could just go all out and have fun for one big day, rather than having it separated into two days.”

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