Culminating Project Confuses Seniors

by Alicea Alford – Staff Writer

The senior project is everyone’s favorite part of senior year. With the ever-changing requirements, seniors are not sure what they’re supposed to do. With shorter homerooms, seniors will have to do the project more individually this year than ever. The increased individual amount of responsibility on seniors has done nothing but increase their confusion. Senior Amanda Ades said, “I wish they (administration) would give us more information on it. I have zero knowledge of what the new revised culminating project is. I just wish that I was less confused so that it would contribute to me being less anxious on that whole thing.” The project lacks the consistency that students need to really understand how to do the project. If information was more consistently distributed throughout the senior class, stress, anxiety, and confusion about the project would all significantly decrease.

When asked how about the project, Brooklyn Zanazanian said, “I feel stressed out. And I’m tired.” She is unaware of what specifically needs to be done which just adds unnecessary stress to something that should be straightforward. The senior project is supposed to benefit seniors but it seems to be only confusing and adding stress. For the most recent requirements, the Culminating Project section on the Kentlake Website is a great way to see what you have to do, now that you have got to do it alone for the most part because of the switch-up with the schedule. It seems like the way to go would be to get the harder requirements out of the way like community service hours and job shadows, so you cannot skate by with the easy stuff later on. But for now, if you are confused and stressed about the project you are not alone.

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