Are You Too Old to Go Trick Or Treating?

by Elizabeth Gerken – Staff Writer

Trick or treating is a Halloween tradition for children across the country and it should end when we hit adulthood. As children age into teenagers, a lot of people find it hard to let go of things that were enjoyed in childhood like trick or treating, which is fine, so long as you do not do anything stupid or dangerous while surrounded by crowds of young children. However, once you turn 18 or 19 and enter adulthood it is inappropriate to go trick or treating because as you age, the Halloween traditions change. Once they reach young adulthood more people are drinking and partying. Going trick or treating at that point its wrong because no five-year-old wants to see a drunk 20-something in a sexy ladybug costume walking down the street with her equally scandalous friends trying to get candy from other adults.

Even though some people aren’t into going to parties and inappropriate costumes, as they get older their profit from trick or treating decreases. This is because most of society thinks that they are too old for trick or treating and they do not give you candy.

One big reason people use to justify going trick or treating is that they are going with their younger siblings or even children to supervise them. In this scenario, it is perfectly fine to go out and dress up but you do not need to take candy because like I said before, by the time you are around 18 people will not give you candy anymore anyway.

Yes, this may be just a weird societal norm that dictates what is childish and people can try to fight it all they want but not much is going to change. People will always find it odd seeing a group of 19-year-olds dressed up as zombies and ghosts going around asking houses for candy. Some people do go out with their little siblings and its okay if they do but don’t take candy for themselves. If people go out after they turn 18 or 19 by themselves or with friends their age it’s going to be weird regardless of whether they go out drinking or wear sexy ladybug costumes with their girlfriends because people are going to think it’s creepy for an adult to go around asking other adults for free candy. Besides, theyre not going to get anything out of it other than walking around a neighborhood surrounded by kids and maybe a few pieces of candy.

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