Rocky Start with Early Release Lunches

by Josh Manning – Staff Writer

It is safe to say that most of the students were not expecting lunches to be a problem for early release days, even after learning they would be scheduled at the end of the day. Most juniors and seniors were just expecting to leave campus during lunch and essentially get another 30 minutes knocked off an early release day. However, it was not nearly as easy as we were imagining.

Unfortunately, in addition to having all 3 lunches combined into one (which was a disaster waiting to happen), there were multiple security guards waiting for us just outside the courtyard. They greeted us with disappointing messages of how off-campus passes are not in effect until October and how school is still technically in session and we couldn’t leave.

Let us look at this issue from the perspective of the student. Sixth period ends and the students promptly must rush down to the commons if they want any chance of getting lunch since the lines are abnormally long. After they receive their lunch, they usually will not have any room in the commons so they are forced to eat in the courtyard or on the ground. If they manage to finish their food early they won’t be allowed to leave, even though all the instruction has been completed for that school day and they have nothing else to do.

Clearly this is an issue that was handled extremely poorly by the staff. It was forcing the students into uncomfortable situations and chaos was rampant. It was unnecessary to keep juniors and seniors on campus when they have off-campus passes. It should be treated as a normal lunch, in which people with off-campus passes can go eat somewhere else, or in this case go home because there are no more classes for the day.

Overall it was a situation in which I had to ask myself, “What did they think would happen?” Having all 3 lunches combined into one at the end of the school day in a school with over twelve hundred students is never a good idea. It led to several students lying about being in Green River to have an excuse to leave campus.

My point is that students should not be forced to stay at school for 30 minutes longer than necessary if they are not doing anything productive and no instruction is being conducted. It was a waste of time and could have been easily avoided had we just had two lunches or not had lunch on that day.

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