Letter From ASB President Tyson Wenger

by Tyson Wenger Guest Writer

Thank you my fellow falcons, for an amazing 2016-2017 school year. I have been honored to be your ASB President this year, and proud of what we accomplished this year, this truly is one of the finest high schools in the world.

Growing up I lived in the Kentwood boundary (yes I know) and to say the least I was excited to be a Conk, but in middle school I found out that I moved into the Kentlake boundary. As a student at Mattson Middle, many of friends were preparing to attend Kentwood and we were all excited to go to school together and feed our friendships and finish growing up together. Coming to Kentlake was hard at first, I didn’t know many people and felt a little lost. I had a few other friends come with me which helped, but for the most part I was overwhelmed, and I know there are students every year that go through similar experiences.

It was when I started embracing who I am and getting out of my comfort zones when I started seeing real success at Kentlake, when I started to love this school.

This is a school of opportunity full of staff and administrators that want all of their students to succeed. I’m glad I figured that out as an underclassmen, because when I started to utilize these opportunities I blossomed as a student. Getting involved in clubs, sports, music, is the easiest way to find rewarding and lasting friendships and the easiest way to truly enjoy high school. It’s made me who I am today, and I know it can help anybody. If it wasn’t for amazing opportunities at Kentlake, I would never be the President, I would have never been Mr. Kentlake, and I would have never been a part of the second-in-state baseball team.

High school is what you make it, I would just like to thank everybody at Kentlake for helping it be an enjoyable experience for me, and for others alike. I don’t regret for a moment coming to Kentlake, it’s been an awesome experience. I wish all the underclassmen good luck in your future years, and good luck to the incoming seniors, enjoy it because it goes by quickly. Keep it classy, Kentlake.

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