Charlotte McGuire Discusses Future Plans

by Fiona Higgins – Staff Reporter

Senior Charlotte McGuire, a determined and dedicated student, is graduating this year with the achievement of maintaining perfect attendance for all four years of high school. From visiting Victoria in Freshman and Sophomore year for Kentlake Band to balancing difficult classes, she has certainly shown herself to be ready for the University of Washington, which she will be attending in the coming school year.
To incoming freshmen, McGuire’s advice is: “Try to be as involved as you can. I wasn’t very involved for a couple of years, but once I got more involved with activities, like going to games and all that, I was proud of myself that I did go. It gave me more of an experience because I’m not going to high school again.”
McGuire hopes to become a family psychologist or therapist once she graduates from college, because according to her, “I really like knowing how the mind works, and I want to help people with their problems.”

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