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Letter From ASB President Tyson Wenger

by Tyson Wenger Guest Writer

Thank you my fellow falcons, for an amazing 2016-2017 school year. I have been honored to be your ASB President this year, and proud of what we accomplished this year, this truly is one of the finest high schools in the world.

Growing up I lived in the Kentwood boundary (yes I know) and to say the least I was excited to be a Conk, but in middle school I found out that I moved into the Kentlake boundary. As a student at Mattson Middle, many of friends were preparing to attend Kentwood and we were all excited to go to school together and feed our friendships and finish growing up together. Coming to Kentlake was hard at first, I didn’t know many people and felt a little lost. I had a few other friends come with me which helped, but for the most part I was overwhelmed, and I know there are students every year that go through similar experiences.

It was when I started embracing who I am and getting out of my comfort zones when I started seeing real success at Kentlake, when I started to love this school.

This is a school of opportunity full of staff and administrators that want all of their students to succeed. I’m glad I figured that out as an underclassmen, because when I started to utilize these opportunities I blossomed as a student. Getting involved in clubs, sports, music, is the easiest way to find rewarding and lasting friendships and the easiest way to truly enjoy high school. It’s made me who I am today, and I know it can help anybody. If it wasn’t for amazing opportunities at Kentlake, I would never be the President, I would have never been Mr. Kentlake, and I would have never been a part of the second-in-state baseball team.

High school is what you make it, I would just like to thank everybody at Kentlake for helping it be an enjoyable experience for me, and for others alike. I don’t regret for a moment coming to Kentlake, it’s been an awesome experience. I wish all the underclassmen good luck in your future years, and good luck to the incoming seniors, enjoy it because it goes by quickly. Keep it classy, Kentlake.

Carmen Conforti Graduates as Valedictorian

Conforti, Carmen

by Symantha Edwards – Staff Reporter

Senior Carmen Conforti came to Kentlake from Rainer Christian school district her freshman year, and while we all know it can be hard to come to a school where you know hardly anyone, Conforti said it was one of the best parts of high school. “Coming from a different school district and not knowing anyone was great because I got to meet a lot of new people, most of which I am still friends with today,” Conforti said.
While she enjoyed all her years at Kentlake, if she could do one thing over again, it would be her freshman year. Conforti said “I know its cliché, but my freshman year I didn’t really get involved like I have the last 3 years, so I would want to do that over again.”
Along with keeping a 4.0 GPA all throughout highschool and being valedictorian, she is also giving a graduation speech. “I’m doing it with Haley (VonGoedert), who is so sweet and I love her, so it’ll be cool, it will be weird though because it’s the last time we will all be together.” Through all the goals she has accomplished throughout her high school, she said that she had one teacher that really helped her high school experience be one of a kind. “Ms. Rychlik is really funny and awesome, she’s like my mom, and I love her.” When asked if being valedictorian took away from having a fun and exciting 4 years at Kentlake, she disagreed. “Of course, there were times I had to miss out on things so I could study, but overall I didn’t miss too much.”
We at Kentlake will definitely miss Carmen and the whole senior class, and we wish them all luck with their future hopes and dreams.

Charlotte McGuire Discusses Future Plans

by Fiona Higgins – Staff Reporter

Senior Charlotte McGuire, a determined and dedicated student, is graduating this year with the achievement of maintaining perfect attendance for all four years of high school. From visiting Victoria in Freshman and Sophomore year for Kentlake Band to balancing difficult classes, she has certainly shown herself to be ready for the University of Washington, which she will be attending in the coming school year.
To incoming freshmen, McGuire’s advice is: “Try to be as involved as you can. I wasn’t very involved for a couple of years, but once I got more involved with activities, like going to games and all that, I was proud of myself that I did go. It gave me more of an experience because I’m not going to high school again.”
McGuire hopes to become a family psychologist or therapist once she graduates from college, because according to her, “I really like knowing how the mind works, and I want to help people with their problems.”

Haley Vongoedert Reflects on Achievements

by Symantha Edwards – Staff Reporter

Few students have reached the heights that Haley VonGoedert has in her time in high school. A member of numerous sports, clubs, and one of the two valedictorians of the 2017 class, VonGoedert has proven herself an integral member of the falcon community.
Reflecting on her time in school sports and clubs, VonGoedert said, “I’ve done volleyball for four years, I have done track for two years, I’ve been in The Sound of Music, I’m the president of breakfast club, I’ve done national honors society and I volunteer at Sawyer Woods every week.”
“I thought I could really relate to a lot of different students through these clubs. I really have loved that throughout high school. I don’t just have one small group of friends, I feel like I know a lot of people in different groups, so that’s what I love most about getting involved in school.” VonGoedert said.
Even though she was busy with clubs, VonGoedert also became one of the two valedictorians for the 2017 class, along with Carmen Conforti.
“…we’re hoping to give a speech about it. We just reflected on the fact that it’s not hard to do well in school. Well, I mean, we’ve worked hard in school, and that’s great and we’re proud of that, but the main thing we think is that we’ve had really good relationships with teachers and peers, and that has become the people we are.” VonGoedert said.
She also reflected on how she was able to do so well in school, even around her busy schedule.
“School is my top priority. I’m just really nerdy and I like that aspect of school. I like to be competitive about it a little bit, but most of all, it’s like a self-motivation. You have to want it yourself. More than your parents want it for you, more than your teachers, or your peers. You have to go for it.” VonGoedert said.
VonGoedert has been extremely successful in every facet of high school, and will undoubtedly go on to do incredible things with the rest of her life.