Spring Student Athlete Profiles


Kyle Combs: Senior, varsity Baseball player
Favorite color: red
Age: 17
Kyle hopes to attend college after senior year, ”I would like to go to Green river then central, I plan on continuing baseball there by trying out for their team.”
“My best game stats were 2-3 against KW with a triple.”
“What motivates me to play baseball is my teammates that push me to work hard every day.”
Kyle describes the challenges he faces during baseball season, “You go to school for 6-7 hours a day, then practice for 3-4 hours, an finally come home to eat, but you’re tired by that time it’s late and you’re tired, but now you have homework, it is hard to get motivated again to do homework.”
Kyle explains why people should join baseball, “People should join baseball because It is a great team to be a part of, everyone is supportive.”
Eric Riley: Freshman, varsity soccer player
Favorite color: blue
Age: 15
Eric is still considering his option for college, “Still deciding what college I want to attend, but I plan to play soccer if the school I go to offers it.”
“My best game stats are 2 goals and 2 assist.”
“What motivates me to play soccer is my love for the sport and the physical and mental benefits I receive from soccer.”
There are many challenges Eric faces during soccer season, “Sports take up a lot of time and so does school so the compete for your attention and devotion and often times when you comprise for school and sports it leads to very late nights and less sleep sometimes.”
Eric explains why people should join soccer, “People should join and play soccer because it teaches discipline respect hard work and teamwork while it is also great exercise. Soccer gets you out meeting new people traveling from place to place and learning new things.”


Hallie Fredricks: Junior, Varsity tennis player.
Favorite color: turquoise
Age: 16
Hallie also intends to go to college after senior year, “For college, I would like to go to BYU, and play tennis If possible.”
“My best game stats are from when I won, with my partner Amber, 6-2, 6-2.”
“What motivates me to play tennis is my love of the sport and the drive to keep getting better.”
Hallie describes the challenges she faces during tennis season, “It is hard to balance school and sports because you do not have a lot of time to do everything that you need to do.”
Hallie explains why people should join tennis, “People should join tennis because it is a lot of fun and we are always having a good time.”


Maggie Brach: Junior, Varsity fast pitch.
Favorite color: blue.
Age: 17
Maggie also plans to attend college after senior year, “I plan to attend Green River, and then move to a four year college, where I will play sports. “
“I do not know about my game stats yet.”
“My teammates and songs get me motivated to play fast pitch.”
Maggie describes the challenges she faces during fast pitch season, “It is hard to balance sports and school because you have to stay on top of your schoolwork and have to practice really hard for the sport. It takes a lot of time and effort.”
Maggie explains why people should join fast pitch “People should join fast pitch because you can make many new friends and learn things along the way.”

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