Journalism Takes on Seattle; WJEA Convention

by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

The Journalism Production team, consisting of Delaine Mesier, Angel Terry, Anna Hartman, Morgan Marko, Maddie Marko, and Jillian Felker, produces the Kentlake Falcon Flyer and recently competed in a Journalism Convention called WJAZA. They work hard to get a quality Falcon Flyer issue out on time, and do even more than that. The Journalism editors often have to stay after school to make sure all the articles are edited and the paper looks just right. At the Journalism Convention, they competed against other school papers and authors in a writing competition.
Four people from Kentlake competed at the convention, although only one placed. The talented journalist who placed was Madison Marko. Morgan Marko, her sister, said, “Madison won honorary mention for news writing. She was the only one who placed and as her sister, I am very proud.”
The convention has inspired new changes in the paper. Marko said, “Kentlake should definitely expect some changes in the issues to come, we intend to make the pages more eye catching as well as maybe even change the style of the paper next year, which will probably be the most noticeable change.” For example, journalism would like to try the news magazine layout, which is more modern and eye-catching than the traditional paper layout. Even though the exterior of the Flyer may change, the quality of the articles within it will be the same great quality or better.
Marko said, “Kentlake students should read the Falcon Flyer because it is 100% designed, created, and written by students. It is something that we as a student body have complete control over. It also offers up different viewpoints on hot topics and updates you on news around the school and around the world.” Our Flyer is a component of Kentlake that not every school has the privilege to have.
The Journalism Production team already works hard at producing the Falcon Flyer, but The WJAZA has struck new motivation into the current editing and reporting team to make the paper as great as it can be.

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