How to Stay Focused Through the End of the Year

by Erin Bedry  – Staff Reporter

As third quarter ends, it can often be hard to find the motivation to finish the year strong. Thoughts of the summer time start to creep into the minds of everyone and distract from schoolwork. We all want to get out of school and sleep in, but it is important to stay focused and keep your grades up. To help you keep up, here are some tips to incorporate into your daily life.
1. Stay organized: After you clean your room, it helps you feel better in general. It is the same for your schoolwork. Use dividers in a binder and separate your papers into each class. This way, you will never spend too much time trying to find that certain paper and you will be less likely to forget about an assignment you were supposed to complete.
2. Set a schedule: All the teachers and all the parents tell their students not to procrastinate, but they do it anyway. At least a couple days before the due date, try to make a schedule. Know when you are able to work on an assignment and when you will be too busy to do it. If you play a sport or are in a club, this is especially important. Tell yourself when you are going to do the work and then just sit down and do it.
3. Be consistent: The best thing you can do to keep your grade up is just turn in your assignments. It can take forever to make up for just one F in the gradebook. Instead of giving up on an assignment and just tossing it to the side, do as much as you can and then turn it in. Try to have the same level of work throughout all your assignments. If you turn in inconsistent work, you will not leave a good impression with your teacher.
4. Remain positive: Self-deprecation can be your worst enemy. If you do not believe in yourself, then it will prove very hard to do all your assignments and finish the year strong. Always look on the bright side of things. Having a good attitude will make the people around you friendlier and easier to deal with. This way, if you really need an extension on something, teachers will be more inclined to grant you this. Positivity makes everything easier on yourself.
If you follow all of these tips, it can help you stay on the right track for your education. Stay strong and keep working hard.

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