Featured this Month: The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

by Jillian Felker

The North West Immigrants’ Rights Project (NWIRP) works to promote justice by defending the rights of immigrants through legal services, systematic advocacy, and community education. NWIRP’s legal services help thousands of immigrants in Washington State and in the United States to navigate through legal systems and can them to apply for asylum or other forms of protection. Access to NWIRP can also be a major factor in providing economic and personal security. Without legal support, many clients would be unable to have basic services such as housing, medical assistance or even basic services, as many immigrant’s fear notifying the police for protection from violence and other crimes. The NWIRP’s principles are shown through their work, as they advocate for dignity, fairness, solidarity, Self-determination, safety and inclusion.
“We are the, I would say the largest services provider in Washington state. That Provides all different forms of immigration really for low-income immigrants and it ranges from Asylum to family services like family petitions, citizenship, Differed action for childhood arrivals, and then U-Visas, follow-up petitions. So there’s a lot of different types of forms really. We have four offices, one in Seattle, one in Tacoma, one in Wenatchee, which is eastern Washington, and Granger which is also eastern Washington.” Said Michele Suarez, Staff Attorney (DACA) at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. “You can think of the Northwest Immigrant Rights project as an immigration law firm, but all of our services are completely for free… We want to make sure that our community members are receiving excellent legal services, despite the fact that they might not be able to afford a private immigration attorney.” Said Tania Santiago, Legal Advocate (VAWA) at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.

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