Assassin Begins; Rule Changes Hope for Climatic Ending

by Trenton Curtis – Staff Reporter

Paranoia, sprinting to class, and mass anxiety is upon us. KL Assassin begins May 15.
KLAssassin is a school wide hide and seek game organized by students where there ends up an ultimate winner. Tyson Wenger and Brandon Jessup organized the game this year.
In KLAssassin, each participant is given an envelope containing a sticker and the name of their target. In order to get a “kill”, you, not a hired mercenary or your friend, have to place the sticker on your target’s back without them noticing. If you are “killed” you must give your envelope to whomever “killed” you. Any “kills” must also be confirmed by entering the “dead” target’s ID. This is done by going on the website, or by simply clicking on the “report” tab on the KL Assassin website.
There are a few rule changes from last year in order to keep the game fresh. Jessup said, “This year, you must have two kills in the first week or be disqualified. In addition, a randomly selected day will be chosen as a ‘do or die’ day, where you must kill or lose. The conclusion to the game will be a surprise.”
Less experienced assassins should not be worried about how to do well. Jessup said, “People that are not in Kentlake Assassin are your best resource. Use them to help you find your target and the best spot and time to take them down.” Jessup also warned to not be too trustworthy with your allies however. He said, “…remember that these people could also be working for your assassin.”
The beauty in assassin is how each year’s game turns into something different. Jessup said, “In past years, the game ended anticlimactically because the school year ends before a champion wins.” However, this year, the rule changes are making sure the game will be faster paced with even more anxiety.
Jessup said, “There is never a clear predictor of a winner because people will let their guard down and lose. However, the vigilant and the lesser known have a real good chance.”


Rule number 1: You can only participate if you are enrolled in AT LEAST 4 CLASSES at Kentlake.
Rule number 2: “Kills” must happen on Kentlake school campus, during 7 to 7:35, passing periods, the TARGET’S lunch and between 2:10 and 2:30 PM
Rule number 3: “Kills” must be completed by the person who was assigned the target
Rule number 4: If you are inactive for one week, you will automatically be eliminated
Rule 5: Three absences from a school week will also result in an automatic elimination
Rule 6: the sticker must be placed on the target’s back without the target aware of the attempt until its completion
Rule 7: Any sticky note or sticker can be used if the one given to you has been lost
Rule 8: Contested kills must be reported within an hour or no consideration will be given
Rule 9: Any continued or aggressive conflict because of a contested kill will result in both parties being eliminated
Rule 10: There will be a “Do or die” day on an unannounced day after the first week of assassin. Everyone must get at least once “kill” or they will be eliminated
And finally, Rule 12: Have fun, chill. It is just a game.

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