• Delanie Meisner
  • Something Doesn’t Add Up… KSD Budget Cuts Affect After School Buses, Tutoring Availability, and Hiring for Next Year

    by Delanie Meisner – Editor-in-Chief As a consequence of underestimated revenues, overestimated expenditures, and other ‘converging factors’ over the past few years, on April 7, Kent School District instituted an immediate spending and hiring freeze for the rest of the 2016-2017 school year in order to reverse the proclaimed ‘budget crisis’. Here, department budgets not only […]

  • Justice Etafo
  • New Pepsi Commercial Mocks Importance of Public Protesting

    by Justice Etafo – Staff Reporter A major uproar was sparked when Pepsi a major soda company decided to air a commercial that is claimed to have inaccurately portrayed the relationship between protestors and the police. This particular advertisement featured reality star/model, Kendal Jenner and began with Kendal nodding and sharing fist bumps with her fellow […]

  • Feature
  • Featured this Month: The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

    by Jillian Felker The North West Immigrants’ Rights Project (NWIRP) works to promote justice by defending the rights of immigrants through legal services, systematic advocacy, and community education. NWIRP’s legal services help thousands of immigrants in Washington State and in the United States to navigate through legal systems and can them to apply for asylum […]

  • Angel Terry
  • Careers in Immigration Law

    by Angel Terry During conversations about foreign policy and immigration, those who are aware of their citizenship often feel as though there is nothing they can do to alleviate that situation. In contrast, many people do not take into account just how much immigrants affect their daily lives – and in turn are dismissive towards […]

  • Angel Terry
  • Immigrants: Know Your Rights

    by Grace Frunk, Jillian Felker, Madsion Marko, Angel Terry What is DACA? DACA is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA is designed to help undocumented youth, who meet certain requirements, obtain temporary immigration protections such as work permits, and protection from deportation. “Its really hard for people to get all this documentation if […]