Submitted Texas Bill Proposes Outrageous Ideas


by Justice Etafo – Staff Reporter

Jessica Farrar, politician, submitted Bill 4260, defending women’s rights against restrictive abortion laws. This bill is outrageous, because if passed it would require males to pay a 100 dollar fine each time they masturbated.
The decision to target men with Bill 4260 is a direct result of the restrictive abortion laws placed on women. In this case, she is attacking male masturbation with the intent of protecting what she deems to be “unborn children.” Farrar knows that the bill will not make it far, but through this attention grabbing bill, Farrar said, she “hopes to wake people up” and allow men to experience for themselves the type of degenerative restrictions they so often try to place on women.
I see that Farrar is trying to make a point, but that does not excuse the fact that this bill is ridiculous. Recent bills have essentially undermined and chipped at women’s rights when it comes to their genitalia. Farrar said, “I am taking these measures because of the sanctity of life.”
Farrar also talked about women and their say in the matter of abortion. New proposed restrictions in Texas would force women to get permission from their sexual partner to allow them to have an abortion. The proposed bill described women as a “host” for the child, and Farrar found that insulting and said that such actions “treat the woman as an incubator.”
Such a bill is not plausible as it is almost incapable of being monitored.
Farrar’s argument that this would protect “unborn children” is invalid as well, women menstruate essentially getting rid of a chance at the cultivation of life but they do not have to cough up 100 dollars because of it.
The purpose of bill 4260 was to make people pay attention to the matter at hand, which was the restrictions on women’s rights. However, the attempt ultimately failed as Farrar received more backlash than anything. Next time, it would serve Ferrer well to write a bill with something more thought provoking that could actually be considered as a reasonable argument.

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