Legacy of Big Time Rush Deserves Global Recognition


by Cooper Lewis – Staff Reporter

The boys of Big Time Rush are our gods. In 2009, Nickelodeon brought to the world a masterpiece. Four boys: Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow, and Carlos Pena. Together they created Big Time Rush, the best boy band to have come out of their generation. The television debut began with them being discovered by a selfish manager and brought to L.A. to produce an EP and potentially more.
Before they completely formed a band, Gustavo Rocque, their manager, had to whip the boys in shape. Kendall became the leader of the group, Logan the smart one, James the handsome one and Carlos the goofy one.
When asked who his favorite member was, Noah Reitan (9), said, “Carlos because he has a helmet”. Carlos, unpopular with the girls was very favorited amongst male fans due to his child-like attitude and helmet he always wore. But, for many choosing a favorite has been proven impossible. Britany Torres (9) said, “I do not have one. That is like making me choose between my children.”
The show “Big Time Rush” was a hit. Kids around the world loved it. The television show was nominated for ten Kids’ Choice Awards and ended up winning four. To this day, the kids that have grown up watching “Big Time Rush” are still passionate about them.
Not only was their TV show so great, but they created amazing music and released four albums. They have made collaborations with some of America’s biggest artists such as Snoop Dogg, in their song “Boyfriend.” This song was an especially great hit and continues to make its mark on our everyday lives as you may often find yourself humming, “Your boy, boy, b-b-b-b-b-boyfriend.”
Then came the downfall of America entertainment. The television show ended. Marley Hattori (9) went as far as death to express her emotions. Hattori said, “I wanted to kill myself.”
As for the band itself, in an interview for CelebSecrets4U, Schmidt said, “Big Time Rush hasn’t ever broken up, so I suppose whenever a good tour comes around we will be there.”
It has been 4 years and the boys have not made a public performance. “I thought it was really sad but I mean you know all good things come to an end,” Charlie Zentner (9) said.
The four boys still keep in touch, but continue with their own life. As depressing as it might be, we should keep on supporting them and carry on their legacy by continuing to listen to their music and re-watch the episodes.
Big Time Rush has done many important things with their music career and television show. We look back at all their music, episodes and even The Beatles covers they did, trying hard to put it from our minds that nothing great will probably ever come from them again.

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