How to Survive AP Testing Season

by Fiona Higgins – Staff Reporter

For many juniors and seniors, as well as several sophomores, the dreaded time of the year has finally arrived: AP Testing season.
Try as we might to prepare for this nightmare, all our well-meaning arrangements can fly right out of our heads the moment we step into that testing room. Students may forget facts and figures, and more than a handful of students feel like they are on the verge of panic all day.
In light of that issue, here are a few ways to get ready and keep calm in the face of testing.
Study: This seems extremely obvious, but there are many people who feel like they already know the material and will not study as a result. Even if you do know everything you need to know, studying can give you a feeling of security that will help you feel more confident on test day.
Look at the Rubric: Every AP Test is graded on a detailed rubric. Frequently, your teachers will evaluate you on the same rubric. If you can figure out what you have to do to get all the points you need, you will be completely set to take the test.
Breathe: Again, an obvious thing to say, but very relevant. Many people have stopped breathing in the middle of tests and it doesn’t allow for clear thinking.
Care Packages: This can work if you make one for yourself, although your friends would likely appreciate these too. Little care packages can help tide you over through the stressful days before the test and the even more nerve-wracking hours during the test. While things like pens and pencils are a practical gift, other items like face wipes and a stress ball can help with other problems like fidgeting or stress-activated acne.
Most importantly, though, just remember: It is not the end of the world. There will be other chances to prove yourself. The only thing that matters is that you do your best.
Good luck to everyone this testing season.

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