Fastpitch Works Hard Despite Setbacks

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by Erin Bedry – Staff Reporter

Our fastpitch team is just kicking off their season, with one loss and . They already had to reschedule their first game that was supposed to be against Decatur due to rain. Our seemingly prolonged winter weather has not been the best for our baseball and softball teams. The forecast for March 28th is not looking good, but we are all hopeful that they will be able to compete.
Last year, Mr. Kaas led the team to 2nd in their league. With that great season, their new coach, Melissa Stanley, has a lot to live up to. The team is confident in her ability to lead and coach. Brooklyn Zanazanian, a junior, said in regards to Coach Stanley that, “she keeps us working hard every day and keeps us in shape!”
The team has high expectations for the outcome of this season. Whitney Baglien, a senior, said “I expect to get back to districts again this year and then state.” Their confidence is exhibited because of their ability to succeed in the past. Zanazanian said, “Our biggest competition is ourselves. As long as we come out prepared, physically and mentally, we’ll be unstoppable.”
The girls are working hard to back up their statements too. “The weather has not stopped our hard work and determination-we practice inside to work on our hitting or we go outside in the grass. Even if they rain out a game, we are still working hard. The weather will never slow us down!” said Zanazanian. This mindset shows the determination necessary in order to be successful for the upcoming season. We will all be hoping for a win on March 28th. Baglien said, “We just have to kick our butts in gear and kick butt!”
As Kentlake students, we should all make an effort to go out and support our fastpitch team this season.

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