Boys Soccer Prepares for New Season


by Morgan Marko – News Editor

Though the weather may not agree, spring sports are now in full swing. If someone could let Mother Nature know, I am sure the soccer team would appreciate it. They have already been set back due to a snow-covered field. Varsity Coach, Barry Smith said, “The snow affected us more than other schools except maybe Tahoma. While we could not see our field under the snow, most other teams were able to practice. We are definitely behind. Mentally and physically, the team is ready but I wish that we had a few more days to prepare. Finally, when we get to the league schedule and all of our players are eligible we are going to be a much tougher and more experienced team. 10 of our 18 players were not on the Varsity or any team last year. It will take a little time to come together as a team.” Smith state that one of the new players to watch would be Freshman, Carlos Moate
Regarding the team this year, every player has their strength. “We have a good mix of guys and we should be pretty fast and competitive this year,” said Returner and Senior, Tyler Padilla. If there were anything to throw them off, it would be the amount of young players that came out to play this year, “We are young, so we may not compete physically with the other teams yet, but if everyone continues to come out we have an extremely bright future in the years to come,” said Padilla. Predicting a successful season (if not this year) in the years to come. Though their young age does have its disadvantages, it also has its advantages, sophomore, Tyler Hopp says, “We are a very young team developing to an even better team.”
One of the main differences between this season and last season would be the balance between each position on the field. Smith said, “We are better balanced between our forwards, midfielders and defenders. We will have a stronger attack this year and overall I think we are better skilled.”
As the new season takes off, the boys feel a mix of emotions, Hopp confident, “I am looking forward to this coming season and feel confident in our school and hope we get a good attendance.”
Both Padilla and Hopp agreed that a greater attendance from supported could help to push them through the season and hopefully into post-season. “We need more supporters from Kentlake to attend our matches.” Said Hopp.
Their next match is on April 10 against Kentwood

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