Whitening Strips: Are They Worth the Money?

by Morgan Marko – News Editor

Tired of your yellow, grimy, teeth? Journalism has the solution for you! Crest 3D Whitening strips, after just 30 minutes you can turn the grime to shine.
Although many people have said that sensitivity is a common side-effect to have after applying white stripes for 30 minutes. I experienced no sensitivity long term other than directly after. My teeth felt slight sensitivity though it quickly went away after about ten minutes.
While using a white strip the only pain I genuinely experiences was once, the very first use, when I accidently applied the strip too high and it touched a mass of gum tissue. I felt a quick sting and then I never felt much pain after that.
The thing that I noticed the most about the strips is that although the effect is satisfactory and I definitely felt like I had noticeably whiter teeth. All of it wears off. I honestly only felt like my teeth were whiter for the first two days after application and then I felt like I needed to apply another one to achieve white teeth again.
On top of that if you accidentally got a taste of the gel in your mouth it tastes awful. It tastes like unflavored dental fluoride. Take my word for it, it Is disgusting.
At the end of the day I cannot really decide if these strips are worth $40. The effect lasts maybe two days and though it’s nice to have white teeth, the nasty taste and uncomfortable wear make those 30 minutes not a pleasure. If you desire white teeth for an event I’d say they’re definitely a good route but if you’re looking for life long white teeth, the money you will be putting into the whitening strips on a monthly basis would just be too much. Though the box looks huge, you only get about 18 wears out of one box.

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